Book 2 Chapter 2.2

Book 2 Chapter 2.2 - Profit

Li’s mouth opened. The cigarette that was only half smoked slowly fell, bouncing on her voluptuous chest before falling reluctantly onto the ground. However, Li who was addicted to smoking didn’t seem to realize what had happened. She only stared at the figure that gradually closed in without saying anything. 

Li Gaolei continuously rubbed his chin that was full of stubble. Using a voice only he could hear, he muttered, “I knew that it was definitely this fellow. Only someone like him would use a sniper rifle to such a freakish level…”

“Hand over a smoke!” Li suddenly reached out her hand towards Li Gaolei, her eyes still focused on Su’s figure that gradually closed in. 

Li Gaolei silently placed a cigarette into Li’s palm. Without even giving it a look, just from what she felt from her palms, she threw the cigarette back at Li Gaolei and said fiercely, “Don’t try to fool me with those cheap things! Hand over your secret stash!”

“From today on, there’s only this.” Li Gaolei spoke in a rather meaningful and tired manner. He then handed the cigarette back to Li. 

Li was suddenly startled....

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