Book 2 Chapter 2.1

Book 2 Chapter 2.1 - Profit

With a ka sound, a magazine landed on the ground, and in the blink of an eye, a new magazine was already inserted into the gun. While holding the rifle, through the tactical lens on top, he once again aimed the cross at the battlefield. Under the light green field of view, small frames continuously located various parts of the tanks, exposing their weakest parts. However, the two tanks both had additional protection in traditional weak points, and Su wasn’t going to test an armor penetrating bullet from a rifle on a tank, even if it was the Black Dragonriders’ armor penetrating bullet. Due to the great effect it had on the Blue Scorpion soldiers’ body armor, Su’s armor penetrating bullets were all used to deal with the Blue Scorpion soldiers. The power of the Black Dragonriders’ armor penetrating bullets could easily...

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