Book 2 Chapter 2.1

Book 2 Chapter 2.1 - Profit

With a ka sound, a magazine landed on the ground, and in the blink of an eye, a new magazine was already inserted into the gun. While holding the rifle, through the tactical lens on top, he once again aimed the cross at the battlefield. Under the light green field of view, small frames continuously located various parts of the tanks, exposing their weakest parts. However, the two tanks both had additional protection in traditional weak points, and Su wasn’t going to test an armor penetrating bullet from a rifle on a tank, even if it was the Black Dragonriders’ armor penetrating bullet. Due to the great effect it had on the Blue Scorpion soldiers’ body armor, Su’s armor penetrating bullets were all used to deal with the Blue Scorpion soldiers. The power of the Black Dragonriders’ armor penetrating bullets could easily penetrate armored soldier transport vehicles, so the bulletproof armor of these Blue Scorpion soldiers was naturally not an issue. Even if they were directly struck by a normal bullet, the powerful force would still leave them heavily wounded. 

Su’s special incendiary bullets were obviously effective against olden era tanks. The chemical flames produced by these bullets that were 400 yuan a round reached over two thousand degrees, easily capable of melting through normal alloy metal. Even though it only burned for a minute, this was still enough to force everyone inside the olden era tanks out. However, the Blue Scorpion troop’s tanks clearly possessed abnormal wall-to-wall defensive measures. Even though Su fired a bullet at each vehicle, their movements became orderly, retreating one after the other. It seemed like the inside of the vehicle was not affected by the raging flames burning on the outside. 

Su’s green eye moved away from the tactical lens. As he watched the two tanks that gradually increased in speed as they fled towards the north, his face revealed a hint of worry. 

Li coughed violently a few times, and then she suddenly gasped for air, her chest fiercely rising and falling. As she laid on the ground, almost every single bone on her body was broken. She didn’t even have the strength stand up. Fortunately, her hand still had enough force to grip the grenade. If she let it go, then half her body would be lost at the very least. 

Li Gaolei limped over. He fetched the grenade from her hands and then forcefully threw it below the hill. With a bang, the anti-infantry grenade exploded several tens of meters away. It released a green smoke that rose into the sky in spirals. 

“Dammit! Pull me up, I can’t move.” Li shouted. 

Li Gaolei walked over. He lowered his body to grab Li’s left hand and slowly pulled her to her feet. After Li stood up, Li Gaolei suddenly felt as if his palms were extremely wet and uncomfortable. When he spread his palm to take a look, only then did he notice his palm was covered in blood!

“You…” Li Gaolei looked towards Li. 

“I’m fine. It seems like I’ve broken a few bones and was cut a few times.” Li didn’t seem the least bit concerned as she spoke. However, her eyes focused on Li Gaolei and she suddenly asked, “How many levels did you end up getting in the Mysterious Fields?”

Li Gaolei was completely baffled. “Mysterious Fields? I never spent a single evolutionary point on something like this! Who would advance such a useless thing?”

“You never practiced the Mysterious Fields, and neither have I, so how could we have such good luck? Someone would actually save us in such a timely manner? I don’t think the two of us have done anything particularly good for that god of heaven, whose existence no one truly knows is real or not to help us.” Li spoke these words that were rather profane. 

Li Gaolei shrugged his shoulders and said, “Who knows! Maybe our luck really is that good. Let’s wait patiently. The one that saved us will definitely make an appearance. However, you should first treat your injuries a bit. You’ve been bleeding for quite a while.”

“It’s not a big deal. This small injury still can’t do anything to me.” Li tore apart the collar of her skintight battle clothes and brought out a small packet of powder before swallowing the contents. As for her broken bones, with her fourth level Combat Domain’s ability to control her body, as long as she didn’t move too violently, she wouldn’t affect her broken bone injuries. 

Roxland soldiers began to emerge from the hills surrounding them, and according to what was previously planned, they would cover this area with fire. Meanwhile, Li and Li Gaolei would either hide inside the cave to carry out their final defense, or borrow the cover of the other party’s tanks to hide themselves. However, the two of them didn’t expect the Blue Scorpion soldiers to be good at close quarter combat as well, all of them having around three levels or so of expertise. The one in the lead even had four levels, and the defensive equipment he wore far surpassed Roxland’s level of technology. As such, Li and Li Gaolei only managed to persist a bit over a minute. Only because Li fought with her life on the line did they eliminate four individuals from the enemy’s side, but this was the limit of their skills. 

The Roxland soldiers climbed up the hill with the intent to die. They were about to fire when they noticed that the demon-like Blue Scorpion soldiers were already lying on the ground, and their two leaders were casually standing among the corpses while talking and laughing cheerfully. The two tanks that were burning with flames quickly fled the battlefield, already beyond pursuit. 

Even though these soldiers were full of confidence in their leaders, they clearly saw Li and Li Gaolei blasted into a sorry state by the other party’s overwhelming firepower. How could a battle they previously thought was going to be intense and decisive become such an easy affair?

Under the tactical binoculars, Li and Li Gaolei’s smiles and way of speech were completely displayed. Even though Su’s vision had experienced much strengthening, it still wasn’t comparable to the new era tactical lens. He knew that using it too often would actually be disadvantageous to the evolution of his sight, but right now, he still wanted to clearly witness this scene. 

Even though he saved Li and Li Gaolei’s lives, thinking back, Su never really owed them anything. He only fought that intense ‘battle’ with Li, and even that was just the result of a chasing game. On the contrary, this time, Li and Li Gaolei owed Su much more. 

However, was this enough of a reason to make them his subordinates? Su felt a bit of a headache. 

In reality, Su wasn’t particularly good at dealing with other people. During his ten or so years of living in the wilderness, the amount of time he spent facing mutated creatures far surpassed his dealings with people. He often roamed through the wilderness alone for months on end without coming into contact with another person. In fact, Su liked this type of solidarity. It gave him a sense of peacefulness, as well as a feeling of safety. The only thing that held him back was that when he was lonely, he would always wonder how that little girl with the beautiful hair and eyes was doing. 

However, whenever he thought about how she should be living much better at that Lanaxis’ side than by struggling for survival in the wilderness with him, Su would always feel at peace. 

Su lowered the tactical lens and threw these disarrayed thoughts aside. He stood up and looked over the peak. Then, he walked towards Li and Li Gaolei.     

Li’s face was pale white. She lit a cigarette and hatefully took a few hits of it. The strong smoke slightly eased the great pain her body was experiencing. Even though the amount of pain it alleviated was extremely limited, she still felt rather relaxed. Within the dense smoke, she suddenly saw an individual emerge from the hill. This type of figure was extremely familiar, but even though she couldn’t see his face, and that individual wore a uniform that clearly possessed the technology of the new era that didn’t seem any bit inferior to Blue Scorpion’s, for some  reason, the moment she saw him, Li immediately associated this individual who possessed such advanced technology with that destitute and disappointing fellow who could only use a modified rifle made of scrap iron. 

Was it because both of their bodies were brimming with unseeable radiance?

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