Book 2 Chapter 19.4

Book 2 Chapter 19.4 - Crushed 

Her body suddenly bounced up, as if her most sensitive area was forcefully pinched! This time, she truly felt it, as if her body had been physically touched. Her body twisted around as if there were no bones in her waist and pressed her lower body firmly against the floor. She didn’t use the long and large sniper rifle, nor did she use a pistol. Instead, she directly flung out several small and lightweight flying blades similar to the ones Su was struck by previously. 

The flying blades were fast to the extreme. The area they shot towards were Su’s eyes and the surrounding areas, and they were moving extremely accurately. When he was killing the first person, Su was caught off-guard by one of the blades. 

However, this time, all of the blades only made contact with empty air. That female assassin stared at this empty area in disbelief and continuously threw out blade fragments that sparkled brightly. Could it be that she experienced a misconception just now?

A forty centimeters long military knife that had its handle removed deeply pierced into her neck, all the way until the tip came out from the other end. This horizontal stab through her throat also sliced through most of her cervical vertebra.

Su continued to hide within the darkness, not revealing any signs of life as he coldly watched this enemy carry out a helpless final struggle. Even though he had flung out the military blade, it landed extremely accurately. This blade alone had already deprived her of almost all of her mobility and a large portion of her vitality. 

However, Su still didn’t show any sign of walking up to check the result. He only continued to observe silently. In reality, there were only five meters between the two, a range where Su could perfectly use his transparent surveillance ability. Inside of his eyes, the woman’s body was backed with developed muscles, and not only were many parts not slowly dying, they were still waiting to erupt with power. He had no interest in having a taste of a strike from this type of enemy and instead waited patiently for her to die. 

Su waited an entire five minutes, and only then did the woman fall down and no longer moved. The blood inside of her body had already stopped moving. She should be completely dead now. 

Su arrived by her side like a specter and easily removed her face mask and protective goggles. The outer appearance of this woman was rather ordinary, but the vicious expression she carried from not being able to see her attacker before death made her look rather sinister. Su’s face didn’t carry any expression as he grabbed the tip of the military blade and slowly pulled it out. Then, he sliced through the woman’s skintight jacket. The clothes were extremely tight, and when they were cut apart, they immediately sprung to both sides, completely exposing her entire chest. Her skin was extremely white and rather exquisite. It looked rather soft and smooth, as if it was vaguely shining. Even though she had a rather mediocre face and body, this type of skin was still extremely enticing. In addition, even though her face was rather ordinary, as a woman who was rather slender, her chest was still something that was worth seeing. 

Su lightly tapped the military dagger on her chest, and her breasts immediately formed a ripple. Then, her nipples suddenly split open, revealing two holes that were filled with sharp teeth. Several dozen dark purple stingers immediately shot out from these holes!

Even though this happened rather suddenly, Su had long sensed the strangeness of her chest’s composition. As such, with just a slight movement backwards, he avoided these poisonous stingers. Without any investigation, Su could sense that the organs of her lower body were also filled with retractable stingers. If those hornier men truly entered inside of her, even if she had already died, the instinctive reactions of her muscles would still fire these stingers and crush that man’s penis. 

Su had no interest in her, to the extent where he didn’t even treat her as a person. He just wanted to see for himself what kind of things his enemies were and their style of doing things. In addition, his probing and intuition told him that the dangerous parts weren’t transplanted but more like innate parts. This meant that she had been raised purely for the sake of being a weapon of war. 

Su left this corpse that was gradually growing colder and continued towards his next objective. When he was fighting her just now, Su sensed someone’s eyes sweeping through this place, but it didn’t stop at this location, implying that what had taken place here hadn’t yet been exposed. However, the source of this sweep had already been locked onto by Su. After continuously dealing with several enemies, Su had confidence in being able to take down a few more similar fellows. 

The situation of the battle was becoming increasingly critical as the gunshots became more and more concentrated. More and more wolves were drawn towards the cave, and they began to display probing attacks. Even though Su had already eliminated several opponents, it clearly wasn’t enough to change the battlefield’s situation. However, there was stll Hanlon protecting the cave, which made Su feel a bit more at ease. Combat Domain ability users usually possessed higher levels of poison resistance than normal people, and Hanlon was no exception. The terrain inside the cave was deep and complicated, which was quite suitable for Hanlon to display his strength. Su believed that Hanlon could stick it out for a period of time, and there was still Li Gaolei and a subordinate that could offer their assistance. 

As Su was advancing while debating whether he should eliminate the hiding enemies first or try to outflank the group that chased them into the mountain, several balls of flame suddenly erupted from the distant mountain ridge. Then, pillars of flames rushed into the heavens and even lit up a smaller half of the night sky! Only a vague rumbling from the explosion could be heard from that mountain ridge, and balls of spheres shot into the sky one after another. Large amount of rocks flew upwards together with thick smoke. The fiery light lit up that mountain top, making it flicker between bright and dark. The frozen tranquilness of night was immediately shattered in these mountains. 

The battle from the distance was abrupt and incomparably ferocious. The attack was just like the artillery barrage often prepared in advance during the olden era, even though it was now directed at new era people equipped with abilities. Several hills immediately became no longer suitable for human survival. 

Su straightened his body a bit and gazed into the distant flames of war. From the smoke, flames, and intense explosions, he felt a somewhat familiar feeling. 

However, the distance between himself and the distant battlefield was quite far, even if it looked much closer in the darkness. Even with Su’s speed, it would still take half a day for him to rush over through these hills. For a battle as intense as this, by then, it would be long over. 

Su suppressed his heart rate that had started to speed up and carefully proceeded towards his next target. 

Meanwhile, on the other end of the battlefield, Renfell gazed towards the peak covered in blazing flames from the foot of the mountain in a stupefied manner. 

Persephone’s subordinates had divided into three groups: a firing group, an advancing group, and a support fire group, with the three groups taking turns. Powerful explosive shells and miniature guided missiles delivered a continuous and ferocious bombardment towards the enemies’ pre-planned firepower. An explosive shell the size of an olden-era battery didn’t have power weaker than that of heavy artillery!

Persephone’s subordinates continuously adjusted the angle and direction of the firing through the coordinates that were continuously sent back. When several highly explosive shells descended, several meters of the surrounding terrain would be completely removed. Under this type of saturated bombardment, forget about defensive structures, even naturally created deep caves would be collapsed from the explosions!

The sudden bombardment of these dozen or so subordinates seemed to exceed even that of a heavy artillery group! No wonder the enemy on the mountain top didn’t show any type of defensive strength. 

The batch of equipment Persephone seized were formally called Superior Tactical Modules, with each set having a price tag equal to several main battle tanks. However, only when others personally witnessed their power would they understand their value. 

If it was just this group of subordinates, it would still be impossible to suppress all of the enemies on top of the mountain, to the extent where it would be difficult for them to even obtain an advantage in firepower. The reason why the battle became so one-sided right from the start was because of the faint figure that was rushing through the smoke and flames. Not even Renfell’s eyes could completely see Persephone’s movements, and he only knew that while giving orders for the attack, she was rushing towards the mountain top, leaving behind a series of beautiful afterimages in his pupils. 

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