Book 2 Chapter 19.4

Book 2 Chapter 19.4 - Crushed 

Her body suddenly bounced up, as if her most sensitive area was forcefully pinched! This time, she truly felt it, as if her body had been physically touched. Her body twisted around as if there were no bones in her waist and pressed her lower body firmly against the floor. She didn’t use the long and large sniper rifle, nor did she use a pistol. Instead, she directly flung out several small and lightweight flying blades similar to the ones Su was struck by previously. 

The flying blades were fast to the extreme. The area they shot towards were Su’s eyes and the surrounding areas, and they were moving extremely accurately. When he was killing the first person, Su was caught off-guard by one of the blades. 

However, this time, all of the blades only made contact with empty air. That female assassin stared at this empty area in disbelief and continuously threw out blade fragments that sparkled brightly....

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