Book 2 Chapter 19.3

Book 2 Chapter 19.3 - Crushed 

While borrowing the cover of twilight, Su quietly distanced himself from the corpse that was slowly turning ice cold. He found a place that was relatively hidden and hid himself. Su curled up his body into a sphere inside the gap between two rocks, and then his body temperature began to rise uncontrollably. Intense pain was transmitted from every part of his body, and it felt as if his entire body had been set aflame. 

For Su, this was an extremely dangerous signal. The injuries inside his body were extremely severe. He hadn’t recovered from them at all, and under the effects of the poison, the slight injuries that had already started to close began to show signs of splitting apart again. For the sake of recovering from his injuries, the corresponding parts of his body were frantically operating and carrying out a rate of recovery that was ten times that of ordinary people’s. However, when doing so, there was no way to keep his body temperature the same as the surroundings. If he couldn’t control his temperature in this ice cold mountain range, that was the same as a brilliant flame that was as eye-catching as it could get. If he made a circle around the top of the mountain like this, who knew how many bullets would whistle over. 

Even though Su had received standard anti-sniping  training from Curtis’ training camp and his own extraordinary Perception Domain and Mysterious Fields abilities were of great help towards sensing snipers, no one liked to be the target of a sniper. 

Su curled up inside of these rocks, his entire body trembling the whole time. The amount of pain he felt was about to reach the limit of what he could endure, but he continued to endure it instead of choosing to cut off his sensation of pain. After experiencing countless injuries, Su noticed that cutting off his sensation of pain was just like using anesthetic. Even though it could alleviate the amount of pain he was currently facing, the neural network that was cut off would become more sluggish afterwards. Even though the difference was extremely minute, to the extent that Su wouldn’t even be able to sense it without his precise self-analysis means, Su decided to never sever his sensation of pain again unless it was under an extremely intense battle. The higher he raised his abilities in the Perception Domain, the more sensitive he became towards pain. This type of pain that came from within his body was omni-directional, a pain that was impossible to avoid or hide from. After being magnified several times, it already long exceeded the limit of what a normal person could endure. This type of suffering was enough to make one’s rationality instantly collapse!

Right now, Su’s body was no longer listening to his will and was instead recovering from his injuries on their own. This meant that the injuries were already severe to a critical point, and without treatment, there was a high chance that it would result in his body system’s collapse. 

Su’s trembling became more and more intense. His body even began to bounce up from the ground and continuously collide against the rocks’ surface. Fortunately, the crack between these rocks was extremely narrow and Su had to specially change his body’s composition to fit inside. This was why even though the trembling was intense, he still hadn’t sprung out from the crack. His body was currently releasing astonishing levels of heat. If not for the thick stones blocking it and the tundra that had been temporarily piled up, Su would be no different from a lighthouse in this darkness. As a result, it was still quite hard for others to find the hidden Su. 

Fragmented gunshots sounded from the distance again. 

The gunshots were muffled and disjointed like a battle between refugees involving sparse firearms and extremely limited bullets. However, the gunshots immediately affected Su’s mental state. His ears slightly moved and listened to the surrounding noise. For him, every single gunshot seemed to strike at his mind. 

Every single person that was lying in ambush here were vicious and crafty wolves. When these wolves saw their prey, they would all reveal their fierce fangs. Since there were gunshots, it meant that there were people Su recognized who had entered the eyes of this group of wolves. 

To the northeast of this tundra was an endless mountain range. As soon as Su and Ricardo entered this area, their group suffered a surprise attack. Bullets poured down from all directions. Even though they weren’t that concentrated, they were extremely accurate and deadly. 

When the sudden attack arrived, Su was still asleep on top of a stretcher. However, their group was made of seasoned veterans, so they reacted as soon as the bullets left their chamber. They separately dodged and hid themselves. Hanlon, however, released an angry roar and used his body to block the most deadly bullets. When the bullets landed on his body, their kinetic energy was quickly exhausted under his flesh that was like steel wire. They didn’t reach past two centimeters before stopping. With a low roar, all of his body’s muscles moved, and the bullets bounced out on their own. 

When the first barrage ended, practically no one was injured. However, at this moment, Su suddenly woke up from his slumber. His body bounced up like an artillery shell, and in a stern voice, he said, “It’s heavy artillery! Hurry and move away!”

When his voice sounded, everyone immediately scattered in different directions. Li Gaolei grabbed Su’s arm in one go to bring him away, and almost at the same time, his other hand was grabbed by Ricardo. Li was a step slower, but there was already no place for her to grab.

Su’s body that had been asleep for quite a while trembled lightly, and then the power he erupted with was just enough to break free from Ricardo and Li Gaolei’s grasp. Then, after shouting ‘head in that direction’, he rushed out first. Everyone there had a deep understanding of Su’s perception abilities, and as such, Ricardo, Li, and Li Gaolei immediately scattered before following Su’s charge. 

Several seconds later, over ten rounds of heavy artillery roared past. The places where the artillery shells landed were extremely accurate, and the terrifying explosive power seemed to completely cut off the troop’s possible escape routes!

The moment the blast wave arrived, Su immediately laid on the ground and curled up his body. The blast wave itself wouldn’t bring Su too much damage, but the shrapnel or crushed rock might bright about serious injuries. 

When the blast wave passed his body, Su felt as if a rock weighing several tons crushed down on his body. Meanwhile, the ground was also shaking, continuously striking against his chest. Su had to use all of his strength to barely stick to the surface of the ground. This was the first time Su suffered the attack of heavy artillery, as well as the first time he was deeply shaken by its power. However, this type of shock was still not as powerful as what Su had anticipated. 

As soon as the blast wave passed him, Su stood up and turned around. His mind immediately became tense. He could only see Ricardo lying on the ground without moving, blood continuously flowing from his vest. Li Gaolei was kneeling on the floor with a terrifying hole in his right leg. Li’s face was covered with filth as she made her way out from a pile of earth, but she didn’t really seem to suffer any injuries from this attack. 

The jumbled memories flashed past his mind. The vibrations of Su’s body gradually stopped, and his body temperature slowly declined. Then, like a lizard, he quietly crawled his way out from the crack between the rocks. He laid down on the ice-cold rocks and slightly raised his head into the darkness to look at the mountains’ rough silhouettes. Soon after, Su locked onto a new target, and this time, he was truly like a lizard as he began to slowly make his way into the darkness. 

Gunshots continued to sound from time to time, meaning that Ricardo’s group was still in danger. Despite the bit of restlessness he felt deep inside his heart, Su still maintained his precise and stable movements. He controlled his breathing, making it quiet and drawn out as he slowly moved while sticking close to the ground. During this game of ambush and counter ambush, patience was the most essential factor. 

The night was extremely cold. Under this extremely cold temperature, even time seemed to have frozen. Su’s movements were extremely slow, but it wasn’t due to the cold inhibiting his movements. Even though every single change in position could be calculated by the second, the way they linked up was so fluent and natural that he seemed to become a part of the surrounding environment. 

Su finally closed in on his target. It was a delicate silhouette that was hidden in the gap between two rocks, and this individual seemed to have almost merged with the rocks. There wasn’t any skin exposed from her entire body, to the extent where even the eyes were hidden behind protective lens. Like this, her body temperature wouldn’t leak outwards, nor would she be detected by instruments or ability users. 

Correct, it was a woman. Even though there was no way to determine her age or appearance, from the outline that her skintight combat suit drew out, her body was fine and powerful, enough to make one’s heart stir. Many snipers had a habit of using the aiming lens to look at the world. Upon discovering her, quite a few people’s gaze would rest on that full bottom for a moment to assess the lines, elasticity, and how thick the skintight pants were. Her pants truly were quite tight and also seemed extremely, extremely thin. It was as if what was sticking to her body was just another layer of skin. That area’s curves and details were completely exposed. 

Su appeared from her rear flank and continued to move silently. He gradually closed the distance between the two. Ten meters, five meters...

She seemed to have sensed something and slowly turned her head to look at her surroundings. However, there was only endless darkness, as well as the outlines of mountains, rocks, plants, and dead objects. The place where Su emerged from was at the corner of her line of sight. However, she wasn’t too worried, because there were other people watching the area behind her. Even though every one of them could change their position at any time and maybe even expose an unmonitored area, this would still be a web that was only slightly loose. In addition, she had her own way of alerting herself. 

When there were three meters between them, Su stopped. His eyes finally landed on her firm bottom, and they began to burn passionately. 

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