Book 2 Chapter 19.3

Book 2 Chapter 19.3 - Crushed 

While borrowing the cover of twilight, Su quietly distanced himself from the corpse that was slowly turning ice cold. He found a place that was relatively hidden and hid himself. Su curled up his body into a sphere inside the gap between two rocks, and then his body temperature began to rise uncontrollably. Intense pain was transmitted from every part of his body, and it felt as if his entire body had been set aflame. 

For Su, this was an extremely dangerous signal. The injuries inside his body were extremely severe. He hadn’t recovered from them at all, and under the effects of the poison, the slight injuries that had already started to close began to show signs of splitting apart again. For the sake of recovering from his injuries, the corresponding parts of his body were frantically operating and carrying out a rate of recovery that was ten times that of ordinary people’s. However, when doing so, there was no way to keep his body temperature the same as the surroundings. If he couldn’t control his temperature in this ice cold mountain...

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