Book 2 Chapter 19.2

Book 2 Chapter 19.2 - Crushed 

When she saw Persephone’s distressed expression, as if to increase her persuasiveness, Helen added, “With Su’s nature, if you have this type of substantial relationship, then he will shoulder the duty of protecting you on his own regardless of whether you need it or not. This is the most simple and direct way, as well as the least costly way of obtaining him. I’m going to use a phrase from the olden era here. Su, this person, is rather sensitive and overly sentimental.”

Persephone was a bit stuck between laughter and tears. She displayed a charming expression and said, “My dear Helen, let’s not talk about those men. The one I like the most is you.”

Helen revealed a rare smile and said, “My dear Persephone, your charm is effective against men and women, so how do you know that I don’t have other thoughts about you? If you want to play, then you can’t be scared of playing with fire! You know that I frequently give your body examinations. I can change this into an extremely enjoyable process…”

Persephone’s smile...

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