Book 2 Chapter 19.1

Book 2 Chapter 19.1 - Crushed

Smoke and dust surged around this fleet of over ten off-road vehicles. They departed from Victory Valley and headed southwest. Compared to her original command vehicle, the off-road vehicle Persephone was riding in right now was much simpler. Apart from the rear part of the car being sealed off, there wasn’t anything else special about it. The decorations inside the vehicle could only be said to be simple and neat. It couldn’t be considered luxurious at all. 

The command vehicle she had before was the one that was truly worthy of accomodating a general. It was graceful and luxurious with excellent performance. Its firepower was great, and the facilities installed on the vehicle alone were worth more than ten times that of the vehicle itself. However, that vehicle had been destroyed during the encounter with Rudolph. Afterwards, the Fabregas family and Rudolph himself had given her appropriate compensation to completely make up for Persephone’s equipment and loss of personnel. The lives of more than ten seasoned and loyal subordinates wasn’t something that could easily be assessed through money, but Persephone chose to accept the compensation and even seemed to forget about that matter. 

In reality, she didn’t forget about that event, nor did she forget about Rudolph and Fabregas. However, using this type of pretty method to settle things was the best choice at the time. Persephone, who lost her family’s support didn’t have the power to perform an in-depth investigation of the Fabregas family and Rudolph, while her opponents weren’t willing to have an unresolvable grudge with her either. After all, Persephone’s appearance was only second to her real self. Her young age, undeniable talent, as well as her rage that erupted once in a while were all reasons enough for others to feel apprehension. In addition, looking back, Madeline’s powerful intervention made others reconsider things as well. 

After all, the feeling Persephone gave others was more a mouth-watering temptation, while the bloodiness, cruelty, and madness that made up Madeline’s reputation only made others feel fear. 

Persephone sat within the completely sealed command vehicle. Her chin was propped up by her right hand as she was lost in her thoughts. The current her looked just like a helpless little girl. The environment inside the car couldn’t be considered cozy at all. Without the support of intelligent shock absorption adjustors, the off-road vehicle continuously jolted about, making it impossible for her to sleep. Persephone’s previous vehicle could maintain an absolutely smooth trip even when speeding through the most rugged terrain. 

After receiving the compensation, Persephone didn’t replace that vehicle and instead bought an ordinary off-road vehicle. After casually modifying it, it resulted in its current state. This vehicle’s price didn’t even reach the scraps of the previous one. The remaining amount was all used to repay her debt. Even though she had recovered her financial privileges and was able to get a loan from the parliament bank, the interest alone was a large amount. 

She had never planned out her expenses so meticulously since the moment of her birth. 

While she was in a daze, the old-fashioned display screen inside the vehicle lit up. What appeared was Helen’s never changing face. She gave Persephone a look, and then asked, “Was there trouble in Victory Valley?”

Persephone didn’t say anything and only nodded her head silently. 

“You killed again?” Helen directly asked. 

This time, Persephone revealed a bitter laugh and said, “He was quite young. If this was the olden era, he would just be a big child. I could tell that he didn’t have much experience, nor was he intelligent enough. When he jumped in during the worst time to speak, I had no choice but to kill him.”

“Those events will happen more and more. After all, at least a smaller half of your power as a general originated from the Arthur family. In all of the Black Dragonriders, you are the only one without any family backing them. That is why you need to kill, slaughter all the way until all those that look down upon you decide to change their mind.” Helen’s voice was calm and machine-like as she sentenced the fates of many people to death with these words. 

“You know that I hate doing this, and I hate killing.” Persephone’s long and thin brows were completely overcast. 

“It can’t be helped. Quite a few people have died under your hands too.” Helen pitilessly said, making Persephone feel even more pain and helplessness. 

Helen adjusted her glasses and then lowered her head to looked at the papers in her hands. Then, she said, “Your current situation is not great. There are at least two blockades between you and Su. One is bright, while one is dark. The ones that arranged this seems quite confident in their ability to separate you and Su, and then they will use him to subdue and capture you.”

After speaking up to this point, Helen gave Persephone a look and specially emphasized, “They refers to the men that want to turn you into a second Bloody Mary. They are rich and powerful, and their ages mostly high, though there might be exceptions.”

Persephone laughed and didn’t pay particular attention to Helen who provided her with this commentary that was a bit excessive. 

Helen continued, “Men that are interested in you, or perhaps the ones that want to try their luck are increasing. Some of them have even publicly declared that they wish to be your guardian, for example, that Colonel Renfell behind you. Nothing like this has ever happened before. I believe that this has something to do with you claiming Su to be your man.”

This time, Persephone’s smile seemed to carry a bit more ridicule. “Just because he is only captain rank?”

“If a captain can obtain you, why wouldn’t a colonel?” Helen answered right back with another question. 

“Idiotic logic!” Persephone became angry. 

“This is the type of logic most men would approve. Moreover, you are female, and in the eyes of males, the skills of females are all marked down with a discount. In other words, you are even less than a colonel.” As always, Helen was cold, machine-like, and ruthless. 

Persephone, who deeply understood this, had no intention of arguing against her, after all, arguments often resulted in her loss. She raised her hands in surrender and said, “Alright, alright, my dear Helen, you are correct. However, you didn’t find me just to tell me these things right?”

Helen said, “I wanted to give you two pieces of advice. The first is to be careful about the hidden blockade line, for not even I was able to find out who is in charge of that blockade line. However, regardless of who it is, the other party is confident in their ability to deal with a pincer attack from yourself and Su. The second is to do your utmost to develop a genuine, substantial relationship.”

Persephone cried out with an ah sound, seeming almost a bit like a startled kitten at this moment. She never expected Helen to give this recommendation, and as a result she involuntarily said rather carelessly, “Genuine, substantial relationship, this…”

“Means to go to bed. If you could send some fertilized ovum to me, then that would naturally be for the best.” Helen’s cold voice was extremely similar to stiff and ice-cold medical equipment, completely unlike the contents of what she said.

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