Book 2 Chapter 18.4

Book 2 Chapter 18.4 - Conquering Through Fear

The burning fragment perfectly smashed down towards one of the veterans’ heads. After releasing a sharp and clear sound, it bounced off onto the ground where it jumped a few times before becoming still. This fragment couldn’t be considered small, and the terrifying impact made the veteran’s head move slightly downwards, making the cigarette in his mouth drop onto the floor. However, that veteran only released a curse before stooping down to pick up the cigarette. He tossed it into his mouth and began to chat as if nothing had happened. The others all turned a blind eye to this and didn’t stop their discussion at all, as if what had fallen onto the veteran’s head was just a leaf. 

In another corner of the valley, there were even more people crowding around, shouting and cursing noisily while moving their limbs about excitedly from time to time, creating quite a lively atmosphere. There were men and women here, all of them holding paper money in their hands while fiercely waving them about and hysterically screaming. They formed a large circle, and inside of this circle, a robust man with a fearless expression was currently standing on the opposite side of three northern violent bears that each weighed several hundred kilograms. This man was completely naked, and criss-crossed scars ran throughout his body, most of them looking like old scars left behind by explosions and bullet. The bumpy scars were white, but apart from this, there were also purple marks that were oozing out bits of blood. Those were new injuries created from whips, fetters, and handcuffs.

Unlike the brown bears of the olden era, the northern violent bears were larger, stronger, and more aggressive. The ashy white long fur covering their bodies were rough and hard, and the thick hair could easily block attacks from bladed weapons. On the violent bear’s shoulders and back were thin scales. As long as there was radiation, these extremely tough scales would continuously grow, becoming increasingly thick and hard until they killed the violent bear. An older violent bear could even resist the power of a heavy machine gun!

The violent bears could easily bite through rocks, and the hardness of its claws could tear through steel. Meanwhile, the three violent bears surrounded this male. Apart from his fists, he didn’t even have a piece of cloth to cover his body. 

There were already many claw injuries on the male’s body, but it didn’t affect his fighting strength at all. He carefully observed the violent bear’s movements and slowly moved about. Even though all three violent bears were roaring in a low voice, they didn’t attack. It was obvious that they had suffered quite a bit in the battle beforehand. Finally, the violent bear that was the largest in size couldn’t suppress its innate nature again, and with a roar, it stood up on its hind legs and slammed towards the man’s face!

This male instead took a step forward and reached out his hands, grabbing the violent bear’s palms like steel clamps, unexpectedly stopping the massive several kilograms weight of the violent bear! The violent bear roared frantically. It lowered its head, but right when it was about to tear through this man’s flesh, the man released a roar and raised its head towards the sky first! Then, like a mace, he fiercely smashed into the mouth of the violent bear!

The skin and flesh of the male’s forehead immediately erupted and blood flowed outwards, but the violent bear’s nose completely caved in and even four fierce teeth were knocked flying!

This violent bear whimpered, and it continuously rolled about in pain. However, every time it was about to smash towards the group of people surrounding this place, one or two robust men would always grab its fur before tossing it back into the encirclement. There was even someone that lazily kicked it, sending it tumbling back into the middle of the circle. 

Inside that circle, blood drenched the head of that naked man. However, he stood there proudly while sweeping his eyes over the remaining violent bears. Those two violent bears continuously growled under the smell of blood, but none of them dared to rush forward. When they shot a look at that man, they even began to back up. 

At this moment, a bald robust male squeezed his way through the crowd and shouted in a loud voice, “Enough! It’s clear that these three little sheep haven’t eaten properly! Why don’t we leave them behind and have them fight other weaklings? This round is my victory. Come, just throw all of your money out now!”

Most of the people around this place shook their heads while sighing and cursing. They all threw the paper money they were holding into the arena, and only a small amount of people were happy and excited as they collected the spoils covering the ground. They then gathered towards the big bald man to divide the money. 

Several robust men walked into the stage and used iron chains to bind the violent bears before dragging them away. The violent bears struggled about, but it was completely useless as they were brought away. The heavily injured violent bear was kicked to the side, slaughtered and skinned on the spot. It was going to be cooked and used as soup. 

The robust bald man was clearly quite satisfied as he counted the money. He walked over to this naked man and cracked open a large smile. While laughing, he said, “Not bad, white-skinned monkey!”

The naked man covered in scars stood there without saying anything. Only, from time to time, a flash of vague resentment could be seen. This resentment wasn’t directed just towards the bald man, but also towards everyone present regardless of whether it was the men, women, elders, or children. His height was close to 190 centimeters, and his build could definitely be considered tall and robust. However, the men and women here were all large and tall, and every single one surpassed two meters. As a result, he looked much weaker comparatively. 

Two men wearing uniforms walked over from the side. They didn’t look like subordinates or soldiers, but instead mercenaries or bodyguards. They attached handcuffs and fetters that had spikes in the center of them and carelessly sprayed a few medicinal substances over his injuries before leading him away. 

The bald man shouted towards the two bodyguards, “This monkey earned me quite a bit of money. Later, bring him a large plate of bear meat. The amount better be plentiful!”

“No problem!” One of the bodyguards replied. 

The two bodyguards quickly brought that man away. Under the illumination of the shining lightning, the man’s messy short red hair looked like a flame. It was unknown whether it was brought about by blood or if this was his natural color, but it made the bald man feel as if it was a bit harsh. He tried his best to remember what color this man’s hair was, but he couldn’t remember. In reality, this wasn’t that strange either, because in the eyes of this bald man, as well as most people, they all thought of this man as a toy that was no different from those three violent bears. The bald man shook his head and tossed that strange question aside. 

At this moment, a small disturbance broke out in the surroundings. Several men emitting light killing intent were escorting a woman that was like a pure white rose. They were walking quite quickly, and those men’s faces were all emotionless. Even the expressions in their eyes were a bit blank. However, those that had stayed in the battlefield for a long time all knew that many of those that had killed a lot of people on the battlefield only had two expressions. One was a freakish craziness, and the other was this type of blankness. 

When this group of people came, even the most cruel and wild veterans shifted positions to create a path. 

Apart from her appearance that could make one’s throat go dry, the woman at the center of this group wore a dark gray outfit. Her well-ironed pants beautifully drew out the lines of her long legs. 

Persephone suddenly revealed a look of surprise and turned to look at the group of people on the other side. Her eyes directly passed countless men who wished to be at the center of this attention and landed on that red haired man that was bound by shackles. The naked man that was covered in scars was also shocked and raised his head to look at this unimaginably beautiful woman. The hatred in his eyes decreased a bit, replaced with more shock and perplexity. 

After staring at him for a few seconds, Persephone collected her eyes and said to the subordinates beside her, “Who is that man? Tell his owner to give him some clothes instead of letting him run everywhere naked like that. Also, clean him up a bit. That kind of appearance makes me uncomfortable.”

After giving out this order, Persephone continued forward without giving that man another look. A subordinate stayed behind and only said ‘did you guys hear her’ to those two bodyguards before following Persephone into the distance. 

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