Book 2 Chapter 18.3

Book 2 Chapter 18.3 - Conquering Through Fear

Inside of an unnamed little valley sat an ancient and somewhat decaying castle. The decorations and bricks on the outside were all eroded from the passage of time, and there were many vines and other plants coiling about its surface. Even during this extremely cold season, these plants were still green and replete with moisture as they grew robustly. However, because its growth didn’t match the season, these vines’ existence didn’t bring about a beautiful and heartwarming feeling, but instead made one feel even colder. 

A tall wall surrounded a spacious plaza and garden. The dark black, flower-patterned gates tightly surrounded this place. When the night wind blew past, wuwu whistling sounds would sound. 

Inside of the castle, there were many windows that were lit. The lights were bright and warm, but this was the only source of warmth in the entire valley. 

The decorations inside of the castle were rich with a late...

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