Book 2 Chapter 18.2

Book 2 Chapter 18.2 - Conquering Through Fear

The expression in Lynch’s eyes changed. He changed the sight mode and lit up a two centimeter long glowstick. When the purple lighting lit up Maria’s body, he was finally able to see many criss-crossed traces. These were wounds that had just healed, and most of them were extremely fine and orderly cuts. With the medicinal effects, they’ve already closed and became extremely flat and smooth. It was almost impossible to determine whether these were the skin’s natural texture or scars. A few of them were messy, likely left behind during a fight. It seemed like all of the armor in her body were extracted, and during this process, Su fully displayed his masterful technique. 

Lynch took a deep breath and forcefully suppressed his feeling of uneasiness. Both of his hands lightly felt Maria’s entire body, but this time, it wasn’t for the sake of satisfying his desires. He activated the various Perception Domain abilities he possessed to carefully fondle, touch, and explore about. Information regarding the status of Maria’s body appeared one after another in his consciousness. The internal organs of Maria were already scattered and smashed, but due to the stimulating effects of the medications, as well as the binding of biological glues, she was still able to stay intact and miraculously function. The biological glue was used during battlefield operations to seal internal wounds and would normally be absorbed by the body’s tissues in a week, becoming nourishment for the internal organs. However, all of Maria’s inners were practically chopped up and only relying on these biological glues to function. Under the stimulating medications, all of her internal organs were already relying on borrowed strength to maintain the activity of her cells. In this state, there was no way for her injuries to naturally heal. As soon as the biological clue’s week long effects wore off, all of her internal organs would completely break apart into pieces.

Lynch also noticed that many of Maria’s important nerves and tendons were cut and removed, but there was still a small part that was left behind. In other words, Maria’s body still maintained the most basic ability to respond, for example, when Lynch stirred her sensitive areas, the corresponding body parts would tremble. In addition, her expression would also similarly change, proving that her ability to feel was still there. However, the removed nerves were all related to control over her body, so Maria had already completely lost the ability to control her own body. 

This result seemed to be quite good, because at the very least, when she was being played with, there could still be some fun to be had. This was what Lynch optimistically thought, but his mood only became more gloomy for some reason instead.

He then looked at the blood covering the floor. He thought back to the slight prickling sensation he felt at the back of Maria’s neck. Lynch carefully turned her body around and had Maria lie on her side. Her neck, back, buttocks, and thighs all had extremely small drops of blood. These were all areas that had been penetrated by an extremely thin syringe, and only a tiny bit end was left on the outside of her skin. As for the abnormal life force inside of her body, Maria’s blood had already completely lost the ability to coagulate, to the extent where it was leaking out from the syringe ends drop by drop onto the tundra floor. With Maria’s sharp senses as a dragonrider, she could definitely feel all of the blood in her body slowly flowing out from her body.

Lynch gently returned Maria to her original position. Only now did he see everything Su had set up. Maria had already laid here alone in the darkness for half the night. In the short period of time, she couldn’t do anything. She could only sense the abnormally exuberant vitality inside of her body in the cold and desolate darkness, as well as her blood and life slowly disappear. This process was extremely long, and if Lynch didn’t appear, she might have continued to suffer in despair for more than ten days, and only when the medicine that maintained her life disappeared would the side effects erupt. Lynch’s appearance only served a single purpose, and that was to end her life, freeing her from this suffering. Only at this moment did Lynch understand what Maria was scared of, and why she uttered those two weak words: help me. 

Even if he immediately sent Maria back to the Dragonriders’ large scale medical system, only her life would be preserved. The condition of her body couldn’t be changed at all. Should her life be saved like this, her loss of control over her own body, as well as the damage to her nerves and movement systems, were both permanent. 

Lynch was silent as he looked at Maria, and he began to analyze everything that Su did. This was a large-scale, complicated, and meticulous operation process that involved every part of the human body. Regardless of whether it was his knowledge regarding the anatomy, his precision in using the blade, ingenious plan, or the ruthless implementation, it was all enough to make one sigh in admiration. Given the amount of time he had, Su had to complete this enormous procedure within a time frame of a bit over an hour in this tundra. All of his movements had to be precise, and not even the slightest mistake could happen during this process, and only then would this type of masterpiece be created. Lynch could even imagine the fear and helplessness Maria felt as Su worked. 

The more carefully he thought about it, the colder Lynch felt the tundra’s winds were tonight. 

He suddenly felt extremely irritable and cursed fiercely, “Fucking shit, what am I thinking about so much for? None of this has anything to do with me in the future anyway! I’ll just play with this lieutenant colonel now first. Who knows when I’ll have another opportunity like this. Maybe Su left her just for me. Since she can still feel, then it’s still better than a corpse in the end!”

Lynch suddenly stood up and forcefully undid his belt before removing his combat trousers. Then, Lynch stood there in place in a daze. His thing wasn’t passionately erect, but instead unknowingly when became a small lump, seemingly not much different from Kafen’s. 

Lynch stared blankly for a moment, then he suddenly roared! When Maria saw his expression, she felt extremely happy at his disaster. However, this look of hers suddenly made Lynch change his mind. He put on his uniform, and then he eliminated all of his own traces. He gave Maria a cold look and then turned around to leave, disappearing into the darkness of night as if he didn’t notice Maria’s eyes that were changing from despair, to panic, and then ultimately begging for mercy. Lynch felt that for this woman, lying there quietly in the middle of the tundra and experiencing the process of slowly creeping towards death for more than ten days was perhaps a suitable conclusion. He decided to keep everything the same as before until someone from the Black Dragonriders found this place. Maria’s tactical system didn’t seem to suffer any damage, so when she truly died, an automatic signal would be sent to dragonrider headquarter. At that time, everything that happened in the tundra would be exposed. 

The deaths of two lieutenant colonels, even for the Black Dragonriders was a major event. The location where they died, the way they died, and the cause of death would all be recorded in detail and become classified information. Those that wanted wanted to find out more information would find these files, and this was the warning Su left for them, an extremely powerful warning. 

From Lynch’s perspective, Su was like a mad dog. As long as you gave him a kick, he would turn around and bite you endlessly until either you were torn into pieces, or he was blasted to death. There were only two ways to deal with this type of mad dog. One way was to not provoke him, and the other was to kill him immediately. 

Lynch was quite glad that he wasn’t the one that released that kick.

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