Book 2 Chapter 18.1

Book 2 Chapter 18.1 - Conquering Through Fear

Lynch walked walked over to Maria’s side and quietly looked at this woman who had previously been known for her viciousness. 

Maria was still wearing the Black Dragonrider style suit made of leather and metal, but it was clearly only loosely worn over her body, as many of the leather buttons were still unfastened, and the belt wasn’t tightened. A horrifying purplish black color could be seen beneath her body, a mass that was formed from congealed blood. Maria’s complexion looked quite good, with rosiness alongside her clear white skin. Her lips were also moist and glossy. The state of her body looked extremely well, as if she was a noble lady that was taken good care of. 

However, her eyes were full of fear and helplessness, completely unlike the fearless, vicious, and ferocious blood-thirsty woman. Could it be that Maria also knew fear? What was she scared of?

Maria also saw Lynch, but her reaction was clearly slow and sluggish. Only after a long time had passed did she show a bit of vitality and slightly move her lips. It was as if she was trying to say something. 

Lynch squatted down by Maria’s side and carefully listened to her voice. Even with his sharp senses as a sniper, he could only barely make out what she was saying. 

“Help… help me…” Her voice was extremely soft, and the words she spat out were stammered. It seemed like this Maria who looked like she was full of life didn’t even have the strength to speak a complete sentence. 

What was he supposed to help her with? Lynch gave her curvaceous body a look, his eyes not containing any good intentions. He originally didn’t have any good impressions of Maria to begin with. She was cruel, domineering, and she feasted on men, women, and mutated creatures alike, making it so that others couldn’t even see her as a woman. However, with the opportunity right before him, Lynch found her temptation to be simply irresistible. The enticement didn’t come from the half of her face that could still be considered pretty, nor did it come from her rather sexy figure, but instead because of her reputation and from her lieutenant colonel rank.

Having his way with a lieutenant colonel was definitely going to be a memorable moment for Lynch. Perhaps this was only the beginning, because his age wasn’t that great, and he hadn’t realized all of his evolutionary potential. There was a chance for him to improve a step further in the future, and who knows, there might be a day where he could fuck a general, for example, the one that was currently north. 

Almost every male in Dragon City had some sort of fantasy towards Persephone. Lynch knew that it would likely only ever be a fantasy as well. He was a rather practical person and wasn’t someone to place hopes on something that was simply impossible. 

Even if he wasn’t able to get his hands on the high and mighty general, playing with a lieutenant colonel was still not a bad choice. 

Lynch’s breathing became more and more rough. His left hand had already reached into Maria’s leather clothes and began to fiercely rub her smooth skin. Then, he firmly moved it downwards, inserting it into her leather pants. However, he unexpectedly touched a few things that shouldn’t belong to a women. However, he didn’t seem to mind and continued to descend. As expected, what a woman should have was still there. 

If they were judging by olden era standards, every single dragonrider could be considered a master of the human anatomy and biology, and Lynch was even more so an expert in this field. If one wanted to fully experience the joy of torture, then it was absolutely essential to possess enough knowledge and skills in this field. After carefully stroking about, he didn’t even need to look to know that Maria definitely added these parts that shouldn’t belong to a woman artificially to satisfy her strange interests. 

This didn’t change Lynch’s interest much and instead stimulated him even greater. He felt as if there was a flame that had ignited on his lower body, and it had already been quite some time since he had felt such a powerful urge. There were many times when he had to hide for more than ten days and nights in a row during his long sniping career while smelling ammunition and smoke, so his lust had been greatly affected. 

Lynch panted heavily, and with a single motion, he tore apart Maria’s leather clothes, laying her body completely bare. His fierce movements shook Maria’s body violently, making her reaction speed that was a bit sluggish become quite a bit sharper. Maria didn’t seem to be able to move a step. She could only look at Lynch’s eyes that seemed to contain a hint of madness and ridicule, as well a type of liberating satisfaction. The complicated expressions in her eyes were almost completely captured by Lynch. 

Lynch was inherently someone who enjoyed to be on the offensive. He constrained the burning passion within his mind and gently caressed and examined Maria’s body. She possessed an unnaturally exuberant vitality, yet she didn’t have the strength to lift a finger. When he touched her soft, warm, and flexible body, Lynch had a strange feeling that this wasn’t real, as if what he felt wasn’t Maria herself. 

He muttered to himself. He looked at the blood that had frozen over on the ground and lightly reached out a hand to touch the nape of Maria’s neck. He felt a bit of roughness that seemed to bring him a bit of a prickling sensation, as well as a moist and warm feeling. When Lynch pulled back his hand, as expected, there were faint traces of blood. He reached out his tongue and then licked the blood on his hand, carefully separating the taste at the tip of his tongue. There was a strong medicinal smell in Maria’s blood, most of them being Black Dragonrider standard medications. There were stimulants, medications used to preserve the body’s vitality, blood thinners, substances that raised metabolism and body temperature, as well well as large amounts of compounds designed to resist cold and radiation. When these medications were mixed together and in such large amounts, it was enough to explain why Maria looked good on the surface, as well as why Maria was still alive after lying in the cold and desolate tundra full of radiation for more than half a night. 

However, these special medications dragonriders used on the battlefield were extremely powerful, and there were even some whose strength rested behind activated genes. When a doctor prescribed these medications, they would always give strict counseling, telling their patients that unless it was to rescue one from the brink of life and death, the prescribed dosing regimen must not be exceeded. Maria couldn’t handle this much medicinal substances even if her body was at her most flourishing state, let alone her currently weak state. From her body’s current state, it didn’t seem like the side effects immediately surfaced. However, in a week, or maybe several weeks, once they erupted, it would definitely be fatal. 

But she was currently weak? When this thought entered Lynch’s mind, he immediately understood what was wrong with Maria. The fact that there were armor plates within Maria’s body was already public knowledge, but her body was currently extremely soft and full of elasticity. Even if he pinched it with a bit of force, he still couldn’t feel any traces of armor plating. Then where did all of her armor plating go?

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