Book 2 Chapter 17.6

Book 2 Chapter 17.6 - Increasingly Lonely

At this moment, a figure emerged from the darkness. It was Su. After receiving a few simple injections, he dragged Kafen and Maria towards the depths of the tundra and said that he was going to leave the enemy with a memory that was hard to forget. Kafen already died, but Maria was still alive. No matter how severe her injuries were, they were still flesh wounds. If she was treated, there was still hope for survival and maybe even hope for complete recovery. 

Su refused all assistance and insisted that he completed these tasks alone. Those that saw the state of Su’s injuries all found it hard to believe that he could move about freely in such a short period of time, moreover while carrying two heavy bodies. However, those that were affiliated with the Black Dragonriders all knew that those that came out of Curtis’ training camp were all freaks, and Su was no exception. 

“Finished what you wanted to do?” Ricardo asked Su. 

Su nodded. His face seemed extremely pale, as if there wasn’t any color. It seemed like the two hours of busy work had left him quite exhausted, and maybe even brought about more injuries. In fact, Ricardo was quite interested in seeing exactly what Su’s body was made of. If he was just a normal person, Maria’s floating blades could have easily sliced Su’s internal organs to pieces. Even though those injuries wouldn’t result in immediate death, without a few months of recovering, a normal dragonrider shouldn’t even think about leaving the bed. 

Ricardo lit another cigarette, and after taking a deep breath, he said, “I really want to see what kind of surprise you left for the enemy.”

“It’s best if you don’t. You’ll have nightmares.” Su’s tone was extremely gentle, as if he was just joking. However, from the depths of Su’s eye, Ricardo knew that Su was being serious. 

Ricardo shrugged his shoulders out of habit. He would rather choose to sleep well. For him who thought of himself to be getting on in his years and already fought on the battlefield for many years, he didn’t think that curiosity was all that important. 

“What is the plan now?” Hanlon asked. 

Su said, “I need treatment. Then, we will continue north.”

“North?” Ricardo cried out strangely, and then said, “Fine, I’ll listen to you. North it is! However, I have to tell you that there are quite a few formidable fellows we can’t provoke hiding there! When we leave the tundra, we might end up running straight into their weapons’ muzzles.”

“There’s also a chance that they might be stabbed from the rear.” Su smiled and said. 

Ricardo roared with laughter and then heavily patted Su’s shoulder. “Alright, if I didn’t guess wrong, there are definitely some fellows I dislike quite a bit. If I can give their bottoms a good beating, then that’s more than I can wish for!"

When the sky brightened a bit, Su and Ricardo set off, continuing north. This time, Su didn’t scout out ahead, and the one in charge of this task was Li Gaolei. Meanwhile, Su laid down on a stretcher while submerging himself in deep sleep. After having large amounts of medications and nutrients injected into him, he sank into a slumber. He slept rather peacefully, almost as if he wasn’t even breathing. Not a bit of vitality could be seen from him either. However, people like Ricardo, Hanlon, and Li could all feel that his temperature was astonishingly high. Under this type of temperature, even his body was boiling. They truly couldn’t understand how Su was able to sleep so peacefully. The surface of his body was ice cold, dropping below zero degrees. 

Peace returned once again to the tundra. 

It was still before dawn, so the tundra was still covered in an expanse of darkness. Inside this extreme darkness, the tundra’s chilly rocks instead released a weak glow. The sky was dark, yet the earth was bright. It formed an extremely strange yet beautiful world. 

When light shone on the great earth, one could vaguely see two figures. One was standing, and one was lying down. In the distant darkness, another figure was walking. He walked on the glowing great earth with a steady pace that wasn’t hurried or impatient towards the two figures. The tundra’s glow illuminated his face; it was Lynch. 

Lynch walked to the side of these two individuals in the middle of the tundra, silently looking at these individuals that had been his comrades for a short period of time. The one that was standing was sickle Kafen. He looked quite peaceful, and both his eyes were slightly closed, as if he was enjoying the rare peacefulness of the tundra. The moment he looked at Kafen, he knew that he had already died, and that he had been dead for a long time already. Kafen’s left leg, as well as his entire body’s posture was quite unnatural. Even though he was standing, what was supporting his body was actually a light alloy pole used to support a tent. Part of the pole was inserted into the hard tundra, while the other was inserted into Kafen’s anus all the way to his throat. This was how his body was propped up. 

Apart from the metal pole that supported his body, the only other humiliation Kafen suffered was that all of his clothes were removed. In Lynch’s eyes, this much couldn’t even be considered cruel. He had much more methods of treating the corpses of enemies, and these methods had much more creativity. If his mood was good, he didn’t mind conveying a bit of his experience to Su. 

However, right now, Lynch’s mood wasn’t that good, so when he saw Kafen’s naked body, he felt that it was especially offensive to his eyes. Lieutenant Colonel Sickle’s body wasn’t all that perfect, because there was even a bit of unwanted fat hanging about. There were some scars on his body, and there was thick brown hair covering it. Due to the coldness, his genitals had already shrunk to the extent where if one didn’t look carefully, they wouldn’t even see it.

With a pah sound, Lynch spat out a clump of spittle. When the lieutenant colonel that was known as sickle was stripped naked, he didn’t seem that different from a normal person. Those back at dragonrider headquarters that had had long bore resentment towards Kafen, if they saw this scene, would probably take a picture and properly store it, right? Lynch could even imagine that in ten years, Kafen would still be a topic of conversation among dragonriders. 

Lynch knew that apart from being the Lieutenant Colonel Sickle that drew fear in the hearts of others, Kafen still barely met the qualifications of being a husband, as well as being a rather okay father. This was a rarely known secret. Lynch suddenly felt as if this simple method of humiliation made him involuntarily think about what would happen if he ended up just like Kafen. This line of thought made him feel extremely uncomfortable. 

Lynch pushed these negative thoughts out of his head with difficulty, and then he looked at Maria who was lying flat on the tundra floor. He unexpectedly discovered that she was still alive. 

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