Book 2 Chapter 17.5

Book 2 Chapter 17.5 - Increasingly Lonely

‘Sickle’ Kafen was a Combat Domain ability user with six levels of ability, and his entire body’s strength was even a bit higher than Hanlon’s. It was only due to a moment of carelessness that resulted in being knocked down by Ricardo, Li, and Hanlon’s joint attack. However, his retaliation before death still heavily wounded Hanlon. Li’s blood had long soaked through half her body, and the only reason she was still able to stand was purely due to her great willpower. Meanwhile, Ricardo’s contributions were definitely not as small as it seemed. Ricardo’s shots were incomparably accurate, and if Kafen revealed even the slightest negligence, he would have been heavily wounded by Ricardo’s marksmanship. No matter how powerful his body was, even if it was weak firepower, if it bombarded him continuously, he would still be wounded. This was especially true since ‘sickle’ didn’t excel at defense, and the type three dragon automatic...

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