Book 2 Chapter 17.4

Book 2 Chapter 17.4 - Increasingly Lonely

As Kafen entered a desperate situation, Maria had no time to be happy. She was similarly being continuously shot at by someone who similarly used type three dragon automatic rifles. Even though her movements were already as fast as lightning, the stream of bullets didn’t leave her sides, and some of them even landed on her body. Maria’s body definitely wasn’t as weak as she looked on the surface, so the damage these bullets brought to her was extremely limited. However, even though this shooter’s marksmanship wasn’t comparable to Ricardo’s, he definitely reached the level of a dragonrider officer. Even though Maria was confident in herself, she still didn’t wish for another officer to tip the balance when the power of both sides were at an equilibrium, even if it was just a second lieutenant. In that instant, the corner of Maria’s eyes flitted across this shooter, but she wasn’t able to determine this stranger’s identity. She obviously wouldn’t recognize Li Gaolei. 

As soon as Maria’s movement was restricted, Su who was cutting a rather sorry figure suddenly stopped, as if his body was nailed into the tundra. Su already turned around, and his deep green eye stared firmly at Maria. The berserkness and fury within his eye made even this bloodthirsty woman feel worried!

Su suddenly moved, rushing back towards Maria! His upper body leaned forward, and it was as if he was moving while sticking to the ground. This short distance was covered with a speed that was even faster than Maria’s! His sudden stop and reverse rush immediately left the floating blades behind him, but this was at the cost of rushing straight through the floating blades. More than ten wounds emerged on Su’s body. 

At this moment Su had long tossed the rifle and all unnecessary ammunition equipment aside. Each of his hands clasped a thirty centimeter long military dagger, and then like an artillery shell, he smashed into Maria! When these two high speed individuals directly collided, the oppressive sound of flesh colliding made even Li Gaolei’s face distort! He lowered the muzzle of his gun and silently watched the tangled figures of Su and Maria. There was already no place for him to interfere. 

When Su and Maria collided, they didn’t bounce backwards like how one would normally expect and instead directly stuck together like a magnet. Within that small area, the two individuals frantically attacked, dodged, and blocked each other’s attacks at unimaginable frequencies. Maria’s floating blades all shot into Su’s body. Her left arm was tightly wrapped around Su’s shoulder, while her right arm coiled around Su’s waist. If the image had been frozen just like that, then she looked just like a passionate lover. However, in reality, this movement allowed all of the blades in her arms to pierce into Su’s body. 

The instant they collided, the short blades in Su’s hands also pierced into Maria’s body. Maria sneered inwardly at that moment, because even though her armor was formed from metal and leather with most of it being leather, the true armor was hidden inside her body. Even if she completely stripped naked, one would still only see a naked woman with her body parts remodified. No one would expect that plates of metal armor were actually hidden underneath the flexible looking skin, and from her outer appearance, it was simply impossible to find out where they were. Su’s blades would at most pierce onto her armor and slice apart some flesh on the surface. Meanwhile, Su’s inner organs were already wounded by the floating blades. However, the toughness of Su’s body far surpassed Maria’s expectations. The slender and thin blades didn’t have any trouble entering his body, but once they entered his flesh, they were tightly bound, making it extremely difficult to even widen the injuries by twisting the blades. 

The blades in Su’s hands seemed to enter Maria’s body at the same time, and they penetrated deeply until there wasn’t even shaft left! The blades unexpectedly pierced accurately through the gaps between two sheets of armor and directly entered her internal organs. Then, when they were pulled out, they made a horizontal cut along the edge of the armor. Not only did they slice open large amounts of flesh, they left behind damage on the internal organs that was much greater than the injuries on the outside! These two cuts that Su made were accurate like a surgical operation, and they were made as if he knew the composition of Maria’s body and the positions of the armor plating like the back of his hand! Not even Maria’s most beloved subordinates and lovers understood her body this well. 

Maria suddenly felt her body’s abnormalities and released a high shriek. It wasn’t due to the pain, but due to how terrifying the injuries were! Perhaps Su might be more injured than her, but that wasn’t important. What was important was that her injuries right now surpassed her original expectations!

The screeching sounds came to a sudden stop!

Maria looked as if she had gone mad. She suddenly hugged onto Su tightly, and then pushed him away. At least ten floating blades entered Su’s body and were then pulled out. Meanwhile, Su was completely silent as he pulled out the two blades, inserted them into Maria’s body again, pulled them out, and then inserted them again. In that green eye, not a single ripple of light could be seen; there was only a deep calmness, a calmness that was enough to make Maria go mad. It was as if what was happening between the two of them wasn’t a desperate struggle between life and death, but instead an insignificant, once a day routine task. 

The two individuals moved as fast as lightning, so fast that Li Gaolei couldn’t see what they were doing clearly at all! At this moment, all evasive and blocking actions were meaningless, and the only thing left was to attack non stop and do everything possible to insert more blades into the other party’s body. It would only end when either the other party fell or when you fell yourself!

In Li Gaolei’s eyes, there was already only one spinning, blurry figure of Su and Maria together. A thin bloody mist suddenly appeared on the surface of its skin, as if what he was looking at was a faint rolling sphere of blood! The two individuals inside of this bloody mist were currently carrying out a deadly and crazy dance!

On the other battlefield, Kafen already couldn’t tend to Li who was tightly grabbing onto him. He was like a vicious beast that had fallen into a trap as he crazily roared. All of his body’s strength was transferred to his left arm as he waved the shield to face Hanlon’s fist!

Immediately after, Kafen felt the weight of a mountain on the protective shield!

The alloy shield couldn’t endure this type of weight at all. It continuously caved inwards, and soon after, a fist-sized imprint was formed. The mountainous weight was transmitted from the shield to Kafen’s arm, and then towards his entire body before landing on his legs. At this moment, all of the bones in this lieutenant colonel nicknamed ‘sickle’ were groaning and struggling, shaking and fracturing under this enormous pressure. His left leg that had been injured was even more lacking in power. A string of kacha sounds were released, and then the bones in that leg cracked apart! Kafen released a painful cry. Both knees went soft and he knelt down onto the ground. 

Hanlon camly retracted his left fist that was badly mangled and even had bones exposed, and then he took a step forward. His right elbow flew out and smashed onto Kafen’s shield again! This time, when the shield caved in, an even more concentrated bone fracturing sound could be heard. Lieutenant Colonel Kafen’s hand loosened, dropping the alloy shield whose shape had long been distorted onto the ground, and then he fell weakly onto the ground. The vicious sickle lieutenant colonel known for his viciousness in the Black Dragonriders collapsed just like that, left with only enough energy to gasp for air. With every breath, large amounts of blood would surge from his mouth. 

Li could still stand, and she was standing perfectly straight. Even though the rather large cross shaped cut completely exposed her prominent chest just like how Kafen predicted, unfortunately, Lieutenant Colonel Sickle could only stare absentmindedly at the night sky right now, unable to appreciate this wonderful scenery. Even if he clearly saw this scene, he wouldn’t have any thoughts of excitement. 

A dead person couldn’t feel anything. 

Li whistled towards Kafen and coldly said, “You want me? Seems like I will be wounded at most, while you seem to be at the end of the line!”

Hanlon silently turned around and didn’t stare at Li’s chest. Even though this type of ancient etiquette and respect was practically nonexistent in this era, Hanlon still maintained this basic level of respect towards women. As soon as he turned around, his wide face suddenly flushed with bright redness, and then a mouthful of bloody mist sprayed out. 

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