Book 2 Chapter 17.4

Book 2 Chapter 17.4 - Increasingly Lonely

As Kafen entered a desperate situation, Maria had no time to be happy. She was similarly being continuously shot at by someone who similarly used type three dragon automatic rifles. Even though her movements were already as fast as lightning, the stream of bullets didn’t leave her sides, and some of them even landed on her body. Maria’s body definitely wasn’t as weak as she looked on the surface, so the damage these bullets brought to her was extremely limited. However, even though this shooter’s marksmanship wasn’t comparable to Ricardo’s, he definitely reached the level of a dragonrider officer. Even though Maria was confident in herself, she still didn’t wish for another officer to tip the balance when the power of both sides were at an equilibrium, even if it was just a second lieutenant. In that instant, the corner of Maria’s eyes flitted across this...

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