Book 2 Chapter 17.3

Book 2 Chapter 17.3 - Increasingly Lonely

What rang beside her ear was a symphony of various sounds that range from the oppressive and heavy sniper rifles to the much more frequent automatic rifles, rapid-fire machine guns, and continuous explosions that howled like a great storm. The intensity of the firepower left Maria feeling as if she had the illusion of facing an army! Even though she knew that Ricardo and Su brought their subordinates with them, it was only on the scale of ten or so individuals, so how could they possess such great firepower? This could only mean that they had made meticulous preparations and deployed with corresponding weapons. It seemed like in this tundra where danger lurked everywhere, the hunter and the hunted didn’t always assume the same roles. Maria felt extremely annoyed when she realized this fact. 

Gunshots sounded from two different sides, and there was a bit of distance from Maria’s current position. Judging from their locations, it seemed like it was aimed straight at the subordinates behind Maria and Kafen. Miserable screams seemed to have sounded at the same time as the gunshots, immediately proving her judgment correct. Meanwhile, those familiar shouts told Maria that those that died were all her own and Kafen’s subordinates. The intelligent system provided also confirmed this point. After gathering samples of the sounds and comparing them, five names among Maria and Kafen’s list of subordinates became gray. 

A light screech sounded. Four blades extended out from the back of each of Maria’s hands. Her body bent forward slightly, and then she continuously fired over ten floating blades from her back towards Su who wasn’t far away. Meanwhile, her body suddenly swelled up, and ther eyes revealed a rich redness that completely hid her pupils until there was only a muddled redness! Maria’s hands pointed at the ground as she forcefully leapt up. Her body expanded and coiled together repeatedly, as if she was a crazy and vicious wolf. 

After changing postures, Maria’s speed increased once again, this time by close to half! The distance between herself and Su quickly shrunk. Upon seeing this scene, Kafen clearly became worried, and while roaring, he also increased his speed. 

Regardless of whether it was Maria or Kafen, the feeling of danger immediately descended!

In the darkness, two figures suddenly emerged from the tundra. They were half squatting on the ground, and the type three dragon automatic rifles in their hands released faint flames. The concentrated stream of bullets joined together and directly blasted towards Maria and Kafen.

Almost the instant those figures emerged, Kafen immediately began to move irregularly, and a thin shield even extended outwards from his left arm to protect his upper body. The stream of bullets landed on the metal shield soon after, sending sparks flying everywhere!

The type three automatic rifle that was rather popular among dragonrider officials was something Lieutenant Colonel Kafen normally looked down on, but it now immediately made him realize how wrong he was. The reason why he showed contempt for automatic rifles was because it was difficult for the firing speed and precision to threaten him. Even if he took a hit or two, his fighting strength still wouldn’t be affected that greatly. However, the situation before his eyes was completely unlike what he expected. Regardless of how Kafen dodged about, the shield in his hands still suffered the same great pressure, and the legs exposed outside the shield transmitted back sharp pain from time to time. Even though Kafen’s legs were hidden behind tough light armor, there were still some unavoidable injuries. 

The type three dragon automatic rifles could receive ammo from an ammo chain. Its firing speed was extremely fast, and it was mainly used for suppressive fire instead of prolonged accuracy. However, in the hands of that person, the bullets seemed to have grown eyes, and even though there were over three hundred meters between them, they still accurately landed on Lieutenant Colonel’s body. Apart from the excellent marksmanship, the way that person predicted Kafen’s movements was what was truly terrifying!

Under just a few seconds of work, Kafen was hit by several bullets. Kafen’s nickname was sickle because he was an expert at fighting with cold bladed weapons, especially cutting tools and electric saws. Dragonriders that dared to fight with cold weaponry were definitely experts at dexterity and speed, and avoiding bullets was an even more important fundamental skill. However, when facing over a hundred rounds of bullets, Kafen could only avoid a small portion of them!

Just as Kafen’s movements were stalled by the hail of bullets, two individuals hurriedly closed in from the front left and right. The one who came from the left was the maroon haired Li. Her sprinting motion was full of explosive power, pouncing towards Kafen like a cheetah. From the right was Hanlon with his mountainous body. He didn’t excel at speed, so he was similar to Li to a certain extent. 

Kafen seemed to have made a decision almost instantly. His body swayed, and then he rushed towards Li. Even though Li possessed a beauty and sexiness that was enough to make Kafen drool, he was currently feeling a great danger, so he wanted to immediately get rid of the weakest looking Li. Hanlon from the left and Ricardo in the distance who had already withdrawn his gun and was quickly closing in were Kafen’s true opponents. Meanwhile, even though Li was weak, he could tell with a single look that she had four levels of combat ability. This type of opponent rarely had a chance to land a direct blow on him normally. However, if he acted carelessly and was restricted by two other individuals right now and was forced to take a direct hit from her, the explosive power that would instantly erupt could still heavily injure Kafen who had six levels of defensive ability. 

Kafen and Li seemed to immediately collide. His left arm moved out horizontally, and the edges of the shield carried an ill wind before smashing towards Li with terrifying power! Li’s maroon hair was immediately blown perfectly straight by the strong winds. No matter how explosive and daring her temperament normally was, she still knew that a Lieutenant Colonel’s power was at least two levels higher than her own. If she forcefully took on this blow from the shield, her bones might be immediately shattered. At this moment of imminent danger, Li displayed her comprehensive ability and excellent combat techniques. She suddenly leaned to the side and dropped down, barely avoiding this strike from the shield. Then, her left hand pressed down on the ground, and when her body suddenly sprung up again, she had already rushed behind Kafen’s shield. 

However, Kafen wasn’t flustered in the slightest, and what appeared on his face was instead a sinister smile. He felt that it was quite a pity, because this woman was truly excellent. Her body and temperament all suited his tastes, but before he even had his fun with her, she was going to die under his hands. Kafen’s right hand flickered with a cold glint, and a blade that was less than ten centimeters long had unknowingly emerged. This was the weapon he excelled at using. If Li was trying to fight him in agility, dexterity, and close-combat, she was simply courting death. 

Kafen’s movements were extremely fast, to the extent that he still had the time to reach the blade through the cracks of her arms that were struggling to put up a defense. He drew out a cross in front of her chest, and then retracted his right arm. With a blocking motion, he stopped the fist that she was smashing over. Her hand was covered in a glove with metal on it, and on top of it were sharp boxing edges. Unfortunately, her strength was far inferior to Kafen’s, so a single block was able to easy shake her off. 

Kafen watched with satisfaction as the leather clothes ripped apart together with the tactical vest inside, exposing a large portion of her well-rounded breasts that were full of elasticity. On top of her breasts were two slender and long bloody lines that intersected to form a cross. Kafen’s left hand moved inwardly, smashing the protective shield ferociously down on Li’s back and sending her towards him. Meanwhile, the little dagger in his right hand had already entered between the cracks of Li’s ribs from the right!

Based on Kafen’s calculations, Li’s attacks should still have follow up movements, while his own attacking speed was incredibly fast, so she shouldn’t have time to stop or change her plan, to the extent where she shouldn’t even have sensed that she had already suffered a deep wound! Following her movements, her full chest should completely burst out from the gap in her clothes, and at that time, he would add another attack to her left side to pierce her heart. 

This young and beautiful girl that was full of explosive power should die with her chest exposed. If one didn’t look carefully, they wouldn’t even find scars on her body’s surface. This was a death that fit Kafen’s sense of esthetics. If the battle ended quickly enough, and there weren’t that many injuries on this little girl’s body, then before this corpse became rigid, it could still serve to slightly alleviate his sense of regret. 

However, what Kafen expected to see did not play out. Li’s next movement wasn’t a continued attack, but rather to grab Kafen’s right arm with all her strength! Even though this made the dagger in his hands sink even further, it made it so that he temporarily couldn’t escape. Meanwhile, at this extremely unsuitable moment, Kafen found that his earlier deduction was correct. If Li who had four levels of powers erupted with strength, not even him could hurriedly free himself!

From the other side, a slight wind blew towards Kafen. The wind didn’t seem to be that great, but it made the corners of Kafen’s eyes twitch. When he turned around, what he saw was a body that was imposing like a mountain. Hanlon had already rushed to his side! Hanlon’s left fist brandish about and directly smashed down on Kafen, and for some reason, when he saw Hanlon’s fist, Kafen felt as if what was flying over was an enormous mountain peak! There was already no way for him to escape, so he could only face it head on. However, his plentiful combat experience informed him that if he blocked this fist, even if he used the protective shield, thing would only end badly for him. However, Kafen already didn’t have a choice. The only thing he could do was turn the small cut in Li’s body into a badly mangled bloody hole. However, precisely at this moment, his left calf that was exposed outside suffered a few more stabs of pain. Ricardo had unexpectedly shot a few more times! The concentrated and abrupt shots made the armor on Kafen’s leg deform. Not only did it blast apart his skin flesh, it even pressed into his leg’s bones. The shots this time threw off Kafen’s center of gravity, and the wounds made his left leg slightly weakened as well. However, under Hanlon’s mountainous fist, his center of gravity’s unsteadiness was already enough to make Kafen’s situation extremely unfavorable. 

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