Book 2 Chapter 17.2

Book 2 Chapter 17.2 - Increasingly Lonely

Maria’s body suddenly swelled up slightly, and then screeching sounds continuously sounded on her body. The metallic armor covering her arms, shoulders, and legs exposed blades that were a centimeter thick and thirty to fifty centimeters long. The blades continuously vibrated, releasing an alarming buzzing sound. Under the dusky night, she felt as if there were long streamers fluttering about from her body. 

Maria suddenly displayed force. She began to sprint, and her running speed was bold and full of power, as if she was a wolf that was running through a barren field! Her intuition that was similar to a wild beast’s told her that Su was not too far in front of her. 

The speed at which Maria ran at was extremely fast. During the moment her subordinates were stupefied, she already rushed out several hundred meters. The subordinates immediately used the highest speed they were capable of to run after Maria, and in an instant, the only one left behind in this tundra was that young woman who had lost a leg. She stared blankly at the dark and cold wilderness that didn’t have a trace of life, and she was immediately frightened so badly that she began to scream. The sharp screams tore through the darkness and rang far into the tundra. However, not a single individual turned their head in the slightest. 

In the distant darkness, a figure suddenly sprung up from the ground, and then with an astonishing speed, he sprinted north in a fast and nimble manner. Maria’s mind was greatly shaken, and ripples even emerged within the depths of her pupils! The electronic eye on her mask quickly flew about, and all types of images emerged as it used different methods to match up and lock in on that figure. 

The intelligent system hidden beneath the mask immediately compared it to the information stored. It was Su. 

Maria took a deep breath, and then she released a howl like that of a wild wolf! Her cry possessed incomparable penetrative force, and in this ice-cold tundra’s night, it could easily travel several dozen kilometers. As if incited by the crying sounds, the several dozen blades on Maria’s body began to screech in response. Her speed increased again and again, quickly closing the distance between Su and herself. 

In the upper right corner of the electronic eye’s field of view, there was a small map of this region. Three specks of light were quickly moving on the map. The blue light at the very front was Su, and the red light that was quickly closing in behind him represented Maria. Meanwhile, several kilometers outwards, there was an orange speck of light that was quickly closing in towards where Su was heading to cut him off. Maria knew that this was sickle Kafen. 

As for Lynch, he always liked to hide within the darkness and would never expose his own location to Kafen or Maria. 

Maria felt a deep loathing for Kafen. With their current speed, even if she caught Su, she would only have less than five seconds of time to end the battle. If it lasted over five seconds, Kafen would reach a place where he could interfere. At that time, the situation would become extremely complex and unpredictable. There was no way of knowing for sure whether Kafen’s first attack would be aimed at Su or Maria. As for her subordinates, they had already been left a kilometer behind, so there was no way for them to catch up. From Kafen’s speed, it didn’t seem like his subordinates could catch up either. The two of them should be in roughly equal situations. 

Maria’s speed had already been raised to her peak. She bent her body at the waist, and the intelligent system hidden behind the mask was frantically calculating the result of a battle to the death with Kafen. 

This short period of calculations immediately made Maria’s intelligent system become burning hot from overload. It was because it had to calculate Su’s speed that would suddenly fluctuate between fast and slow, as well as consider Ricardo and the others that were together with Su. The calculations became increasingly difficult, and in an instant, it already surpassed the ability of the intelligent system, forcing Maria to end this task. However, this also reminded her that Su wasn’t by himself. 

Su’s speed was also gradually rising. When the distance between himself and Maria reached a thousand meters, even though the distance was being pulled closer, catching Su was still not an easy task. What made Maria inwardly rejoice was that based on the current speed, Su had a high chance of rushing past Kafen’s point of interception. In addition, Su’s speed of advance already wasn’t slower than Kafen’s. 

Kafen seemed to have realized this point as well, and as a result adjusted his path of advance. He made an even greater detour to cut off Su’s path of advance from another side. 

Maria released a sharp hiss. With a flip of her hand, she removed two drifting blades from her body and flung them towards Su. The blades flew swiftly through the air like two willow leaves. They fluctuated sharply and moved erratically, making them seemingly impossible to avoid. 

Su seemed to be unaware of the two deadly weapons flying towards him and continued to run perfectly straight. Only when the distance between himself and the floating blades reached a few meters did he suddenly turn and shift to the side. The fluttering blades seemed to have followed the airflow of his evasive movement and turned around as well, piercing towards Su one after another! Su seemed to be a bit surprised. He suddenly stopped where he was, and the military knife in his hands flashed outwards. Ding ding sounded as the two blades dropped to the ground. 

However, due to this delay, the distance between Su and Maria was pulled even closer. Maria released a few cold laughs, and with a turn of her hand, she pulled out seven or eight blades and continuously flung them towards Su. The floating blades winded about in complex patterns as if they were a cluster of willow leaves. However, these willow leaves were closely fixated on Su, following his movements as they advanced. There was no way to break free from them. 

Su continuously changed directions, and his speed also changed from being suddenly fast to suddenly slow, yet there was still no way of breaking free from the floating blades shooting at his back. He knocked down four of the blades one after another, but Maria then sent more than ten blades over! The number of blades chasing after Su was practically half the blades on her! There was no way for him to avoid all of the floating knives, so several wounds quickly appeared on his body. 

An excited and cruel smile emerged on the corner of Maria’s lips. The distance between Su and herself was now only two or three hundred meters. It seemed like there was no way for Su to escape. The only thing that could disrupt things was Lynch. There was no way Lynch would willingly watch Su fall into Maria’s hands, and the only thing she could wish for was that the carrion crawler’s weaker speed caused him to fall behind. She had chased after Su for over ten kilometers, so it was possible that Lynch had already been left far behind. 

However, no matter what era it was, nothing was guaranteed. At this moment, what Maria didn’t wish to hear the most was gunshots, especially the single gunshot of a sniper rifle. 

Then, what she heard was precisely a gunshot. 

However, it wasn’t the clear and resounding gunshot of a sniper rifle, and were instead gunshots that were much more frightening. 

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