Book 2 Chapter 17.1

Book 2 Chapter 17.1 - Increasingly Lonely

A gunshot tore through the tundra’s peacefulness. 

This gunshots weren’t especially loud, nor did it possess the imposing manner of a sniper rifle as the bullet left the chamber. It clearly possessed the meticulous and refined characteristics of a new era firearm, as if a precise electronic instrument was being adjusted. However, its power definitely wasn’t weak. The miserable cry that rang through the tundra was the perfect commentary on the power of this weapon. 

A pretty youngster dragged his own left leg that only had a smaller portion remaining, tumbling about on the ground as he screamed with everything he had. Several meters out, most of his left leg was peacefully lying on the ground, occasionally even twitching a few times. The youngster crawled on the ground and reached out his hand to grab it back, but this...

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