Book 2 Chapter 15.3

Book 2 Chapter 15.3 - Dagger Aimed At the Back

Su suddenly felt a huge wave of pain. The bone-piercing pain and chilliness made him suddenly break out in cold sweat. In that instant, a large portion of his strength that was gradually recovering was exhausted once again. 

She will come. A faintly discernible voice sounded in Su’s consciousness. 

“Su forcefully shook his head and threw this thought out from his brain. 

“No! She wouldn’t come!” Su roared inwardly. He did everything he could to convince himself and ignore the intuition he had always trusted in. 

Su hadn’t been acquainted with Persephone for that long. The reason they even met in the beginning was still a mystery for him to this day. At least to this day, Su still hadn’t really helped out Persephone, and protection was even more out of the question. He was just a burden for her, making her take on an enormous debt of tens of millions. If Persephone was willing to take on a loan to save him, then it meant that she still had the confidence in paying back...

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