Book 2 Chapter 15.2

Book 2 Chapter 15.2 - Dagger Aimed At the Back

Right now, even though Su already had eaten his fill, faint sensations of pain still continuously transmitted from various parts of his body, indicating that there were still large amounts of injuries that had not healed yet. For Su, these wounds that couldn’t immediately heal were all extremely troublesome. In addition, there were many places that didn’t show any response, indicating that the cells in that area had already died off and needed new tissues to replace them. It was clear that this was another process that wouldn’t be quick. 

Su’s current fighting strength was at most half of what it usually was. In addition, all of the firearms and equipment he carried on him, including the rifle Captain Curtis created for him, suffered the attack of Martham’s electrical strike, which lowered Su’s strength even more. 

Under this type of weakened state, Su definitely wouldn’t make the mistake of pursuing his enemy. Even though his desire for Pandora was exceptionally powerful, the main priority right now belonged to his army and healing his injuries. In the wilderness, Su was fully conditioned into learning the importance of recovery and rest. He could also be considered a master in choosing the battlefield as well as the most opportune time to fight. 

“We should return to the central area of control and reorganize our troops,” Su said. 

Ricardo expressed his complete agreement. From his perspective, the Scorpions of Disaster’s forward operating base was definitely a rock that was hard to chew at, and Martham left him with a deep enough impression. Ricardo was rather willing to watch as the other dragonriders test just how sturdy the forward advancing base was, while he himself wasn’t willing to do such a thing. 

Right when Ricardo brought out his tactical tablet to inspect the terrain, Su suddenly frowned. A hint of anxiety swept past his face as he said, “For some reason, I feel like something extremely troublesome is going to happen to us.”

Ricardo stared blankly for a moment. He didn’t understand why Su, who always spoke cautiously, would suddenly say these words. Right at that moment, the tactical tablet in his hands released a di sound and a message emerged. Ricardo only gave it a look, and then he immediately shook his head. With a bitter smile, he said towards Su, “Seems like there is trouble, not only for you, but also for me. That’s why you said ‘us’ just now. Honestly, I really dislike your crow’s beak.”

The tactical tablet in Ricardo’s hands released rays of light, constructing the image of a tall and sturdy man. This man was also wearing an eye-patch, only, it was completely opposite from Su’s, covering his left eye. Bulging muscles could be seen on his face and neck, and criss-crossed scars could be seen all over their surface. 

The man’s appearance was extremely sinister-looking, and his face carried a cruel smile. His left arm from the shoulder down all the way down to his wrist and fingers, was clearly a size larger than his right hand. On its surface was a dark black glove. He was also wearing a Black Dragonrider uniform on his body, and Su noticed that the insignia on his arm was two dark golden single-handed hatchets, representing the rank of lieutenant colonel. What was different from the normal insignia was that there were dark-red bloodstains at the edges if the single-handed hatchets.

“Lieutenant Colonel Kafen, nicknamed ‘sickle’, loves to kill his opponents sadistically, especially the younger ones, the younger the better. As for whether the opponent is male or female, he doesn’t seem to have a particular preference towards either. His ability domains are combat and mental, and his main abilities are all sixth level, while the details of his abilities are not quite clear. His left arm is an artificial arm that can have various types of weapons installed. Of course, due to his personal preference, he has a few more precise cutting tools installed on that left arm.” Ricardo’s voice was dull as he introduced this individual. However, just from the image alone, Lieutenant Colonel Kafen already brought one an incredibly bloody impression. 

Then, the light that was revealed by the tactical tablet changed, and a red-haired woman emerged. Her hair was completely red, and her appearance could be considered not bad, if one only looked at the left half of her face. Only, that was a wicked type of beauty that made others feel extremely uncomfortable, as if they were looking at a gorgeously colored poisonous spider. The right side of her face was completely hidden underneath a metallic mask. The area where her eye should be was clearly a multi-function electronic eye, and at the edge of the mask were clear screws, so it seemed like the mask was fastened to her face. The combat uniform covering her body was rather strange looking. Even though it was also mainly black in color and the golden patterns were in the style of the dragonriders, the materials that were used were made of both leather and metal instead of the standard battlefield cloth of dragonrider uniforms. On her chest were two curved metal plates, but what was a bit shocking was that there were also protruding rivets along the edges of these plates as well. 

“Bloodthirsty Maria, lieutenant colonel, thirty-one years of age. Main ability domain is the Combat Domain, and rumor has it that she has already reached the seventh level of ability. She enjoys dismembering the bodies of others and then raping them. She likes young people with delicate and pretty appearances, with both male and female acceptable. After satisfying her desires, she would directly dismember the other party and eat them. The person she hates the most is Bloody Mary, because she feels that she has lost the honor of all women. Rumor has it that her name is also related to this hatred.”

After introducing Bloodthirsty Maria, Ricardo tapped on the tactical tablet again, and the image shifted to a steadfast black individual. He had a half-gray beard, and his attire was completely dragonrider standard without anything unusual. 

“Lynch, lieutenant commander, nicknamed carrion crawler. Main ability is in the Mental Domain, a sniping specialist. His specialty is his patience, calmness, and ruthlessness. He is most skilled at searching for an opportunity to plunder from others. Rumor has it that he is connected to the deaths of at least two dragonriders, but no concrete evidence has been found.”

After introducing Lynch, Ricardo lowered the tactical tablet and said, “That’s all for now.”

Kafen, Lynch, and Bloodthirsty Maria; even though these three individuals made others feel vigilant around them, they didn’t bring Su any fear .These three individuals’ abilities all seemed to surpass Su’s quite a bit, and they all possessed battle related abilities unlike Su whose main abilities laid in the auxiliary fields like Perception and Mysterious Fields. However, battle wasn’t a game that was played on paper, nor was it a fair competition of skill. Higher abilities only represented a probability and oftentimes did not decide the result. As for the three individuals’ preference towards cruelty and fondness of slaughter, it wasn’t much of an issue either. On the battlefield, there was more of a likelihood that this would become a burden instead of a benefit. 

However, if these three were put together, that would pose a great problem, especially if the three individuals’ abilities could complement each other. 

“These three individuals are…” Su frowned and asked. 

“The people who are coming to provide support for us. In other words, they are vultures that have locked in on this side’s profit. However, these three vultures not only eat dead people. If they encounter weak people, they might choose to directly devour them as well.” Ricardo’s expression was extremely serious, and he chose his words carefully so that his current comrade could understand him clearly. This was a habit he had developed after many years. Normally, he acted without a trifle of respect and extremely carefreely, but when facing enemies, he had to be serious, or else he would be treating his own life as a joke. 

“Are we weak people?” Su laughed. A dangerous light flickered within his green eye. 

Ricardo suddenly felt a wave of numbness on his skin. However, he still nodded and said, “At least on paper, we are. I am a lieutenant commander with five levels of ability, while you are just a fifth level captain, in addition, five levels in the Perception Domain. Did you know that in the eyes of many dragonriders, even though the Perception Domain is an indispensable ability domain, those with the Perception Domain as their main abilities are all little thieves that can only peep around with fighting strength that could be completely ignored.”

“Perhaps.” Su gave an indifferent reply. Then, he asked, “For them to come at this time really is quite strange. I don’t believe I have much to fight over, right? Meanwhile, for you, stealing from you is the same as making the Fabregas family their enemy. Is your family already this weak? Could it be that even these people dare to plot against you?”

Ricardo shook his head and laughed with a special meaning. “It is exactly the opposite. This instead proves that the Fabregas family’s strength is strong and solid. For this type of lineup to come now means that I was most likely thrown into the list of targets as well. I am willing to bet that there are people from the Fabregas family involved in this affair.”

Su silently looked through the information on Ricardo’s tactical tablet and continuously flipped through these three people’s materials. After a period of time, he said, “They aren’t the trouble I was talking about before.”

Huh? Why would you say that now?” Ricardo was a bit confused. He then deeply thought things over a bit, but he couldn’t find any other possibility. From his perspective, the reward from the Scorpions of Disaster should already be great enough to attract three vultures. 

A peculiar paleness fluttered past Su’s face. He shook his head and said, “No reason, just a feeling.”

Even though it was just a feeling, any feelings felt by someone equipped with abilities from the Mysterious Fields needed to be treated with serious attention. When Su spoke these words, Ricardo could clearly feel large amounts of physical strength moving through Su’s body. This meant that Su had unknowingly activated some type of ability that wasn’t under his control, which was also a distinctive trait of a Mysterious Fields ability. However, these were all characteristics of high level abilities. Ricardo couldn’t help but begin to suspect what level Su reached in the Mysterious Fields. 

After thinking a bit, Ricardo immediately grabbed the core of the problem. “Let’s say your feeling was correct. That would mean that behind these three individuals should be another enormous power. Meanwhile, the two of us are just bait used to attract even larger fish. However, there aren’t any big fish behind me. What about you?”

The moment Ricardo Spoke, a beautiful figure already emerged in Su’s mind: Persephone. 


A red flush immediately covered Su’s face, and then it gradually calmed down. 

Without a doubt, no matter which angle one looked at it from, Persephone was a big enough fish. For Su who had already stayed within the Black Dragonriders for a period of time, he had long verified the authenticity of the words she spoke to him back then. There was never a lack of vicious and crafty wolves at Persephone’s side, and these wolves were all waiting for the moment she became completely exhausted or when her injuries reached the crucial point before they flocked over. 

The current Persephone was in her prime, and not only did she possess great wisdom and beauty, her strength was also at its peak. If there were already those scheming against her, then that meant that not only were these people strong enough, they already couldn’t wait any longer. 

If, just if Su ended up in these people’s hands or was imprisoned, even while knowing that it was a trap, how would Persephone act?

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