Book 2 Chapter 14.4

Book 2 Chapter 14.4 - Berserk Lightning

Pandora turned around and looked at Martham whose upper body was almost completely golden in color. She gave him a new order. “Activate return mode.”

When the order was given, Pandora’s image then disappeared. 

Martham’s body trembled in response. His eyes gradually grew dim, turning into an empty dark red color. The skin and flesh of his back opened up, from which extended out several precise mechanical components. The mechanical components formed streak after streak of complex trajectories in the air, and then they moved about on the uneven ground. Together with these new components, Martham leapt up and then sped towards the Scorpions of Disaster’s forward operating base. His running speed was still extremely fast, and a single step crossed more than ten meters. However, this time, what supported his body was not just his flesh, but also these mechanical components outside his body. Six nozzles opened up on the back of the giant’s body, and right now, they were spitting out azure flames to continuously propel this enormous body into the distance. 

With Martham’s speed, in less than an hour, he would return to the forward operating base. However, even though his body was powerful, Helen’s biological bullet was similarly overbearing. It was unknown if this giant could persist until he returned. 

When the giant left, the cries and urges that continuously occurred deep within Su’s body immediately disappeared, and control over his body once again returned to his consciousness. At the same time, the intense pain that was transmitted from every area of his body entered Su’s consciousness, and in that instant, he almost fainted. In addition, under his severe injuries, his continuous movements that passed his body’s limit brought about large amounts of fine injuries to the insides of his body. At the same time, there was also an enormous wound by his abdomen. Even though the wound was already almost closed and the flesh around the wound was quickly growing to fill up the injury, this activity seemed to be sucking the nutrients within Su’s body dry. In addition, their unnatural activity brought about unendurable suffering on its own. 

Su took a deep breath, and then he had no choice but to send over a hundred signals to various parts of his body to seal up most of his sensation of pain. Only then did the crazy pain that would make others feel suffocated decrease a bit. However, what followed was a great fatigue and an even more uncontrollable hunger. 

Su turned his body over, but even this simple movement made him release a low groan. He used both his hands, and his body stuck to the ground as he began to move about like a lizard. He crawled over to the corpse of a Scorpions of Disaster soldier he had noticed a long time ago. It looked like she had been shaken to death by the blast waves of the explosions. Her body didn’t contain many outstanding injuries. 

Su removed her combat uniform and pants that still appeared to be relatively intact. Then, after taking a deep breath, he focused all of his body’s strength to stand up. All of the muscles on his body lightly trembled, shaking off the charred black skin covering his body and revealing light pink skin that was similar to a newborn baby’s. There was still a finger-sized hole by his abdomen, but this wound that was originally over ten centimeters wide was already close to closing. In addition, the flesh inside of the wound was repairing at a speed that was visible with the naked eye. 

After struggling to cover himself with the Scorpions of Disaster female soldier’s clothes on, Su finally managed to temporarily cover his own body. He did not wish for anyone to see the changes that were happening to his body. 

After completing these tasks, his body’s emptiness, hunger, and fatigue finally overwhelmed Su. Everything in front of his eyes became dark, and after swaying a few times, he slowly dropped onto the female soldier’s body. Before losing consciousness, Su seemed to have heard clear shattering sound within the depths of his body, as if a bottle was smashed to pieces. Then, a wave of ice-cold ripples covered his body.

This was the last thing his consciousness registered. 

When Ricardo found Su, what he saw was Su lying unconscious on the corpse of a female soldier with only her undergarments on. The clothes Su wore clearly wasn’t the Black Dragonrider’s army uniform, and it was clear that there wasn’t anything under his current clothes. Su’s white and exquisite skin was not only completely superior to the female soldier beneath him, it even made Ricardo feel so jealous that he felt pain. 

When he saw the short, light blonde hair on Su’s head that was less than a centimeter long, Ricardo developed a thoughtful look. 

Regardless of whether something happened or not, or if this female soldier was alive or dead, if something did happen, in Ricardo’s eyes, it wasn’t something to make a fuss about. In the northern battlefield, Ricardo had seen things that were far more bizarre than what he was looking at right now. Even if Su really did have a few special desires, that was still his personal matter. 

The current battle had already completely ended. When Martham fled, the Scorpions of Disaster’s final defense fell shortly after. These soldiers that had their emotions suppressed by the computer chips didn’t have any intention of surrendering, so almost every single one of them fought to the death. However, this wasn’t early stages of the olden era anymore, and pure willpower couldn’t overcome the great disparity in tactics and equipment. Once the main resistances of the Scorpions of Disaster were defeated, the search for the remaining defeated enemies proceeded stably as well. Under the overwhelming detection and battlefield assistance systems, the fragmented Scorpions of Disaster soldiers’ resistance couldn’t produce any threat to Su’s or Ricardo’s soldiers. They would all be met with concentrated firepower, so all that awaited these soldiers was annihilation. 

Ricardo had long detached from the mobile suit. He stood at Su’s side and stared at him for an entire minute. At least from the outlooks of it, Su’s body didn’t have any glaring injuries. He was still breathing and didn’t seem to be gravely injured, so Ricardo felt that he likely went unconscious after exhausting too much strength. 

Ricardo tossed the the cigarette that had almost been completely finished onto the ground. He then lifted Su up and slung him over his shoulder. He then gave the dead woman on the ground a look before ordering, “Deal with her. What you just saw never happened, understood?”

The ones here were all veterans that had followed Ricardo for many years. There was no way they wouldn’t have understood what Ricardo meant. 

After walking just a few steps with Su on his shoulder, Ricardo suddenly frowned and said to himself, “Strange, why did he become so much lighter? Or was he always this light?”

He shook his head and no longer thought about Su’s weight and insteads carried him towards the rendezvous point they had scheduled in advance. 

When Su opened his eyes, what he saw was an extremely pretty face. A head of blonde hair scattered down, and together with the snow white nurse uniform, it brought about a hint of temptation. 

After discovering this extremely unfamiliar environment, Su’s mind was immediately adjusted to its highest alert state. His accurate memory immediately determined this female nurse’s identity; she was one of Ricardo’s subordinates, one that should also double as one of his lovers. After determining her identiy, Su’s tense state gradually relaxed. He then looked around him, discovering that this was a temporary military station. There were many installations with the Black Dragonrider symbol on their corners. These should all be equipment Ricardo purchased from headquarters .

“Heavens, your eyes are so pretty.” The female nurse looked at Su and then seemed to be whispering as she spoke this sentence. 

Su stared blankly at first, and then he discovered that both his eyes were opened. Only, his right eye still couldn’t see anything, and there were waves of sharp pain being transmitted from it. This was the feeling he felt when light entered his right eye. 

Su immediately closed his right eye. If it was exposed to light long enough, his right eye would even ooze out blood. Su thought for a moment, and then he said towards the female nurse, “Are there any standard dragonrider military bands?”

“Of course there are. However, what do you need it for?” Even though she was asking this question, the female nurse brought out a band that was mainly black with golden patterns from the cabinet on the side and handed it to Su. 

Su wrapped the military band around his head in a slanted manner, completely covering his right eye. He then stretched out his body, feeling that even though there were still countless injuries deep within his body, he should still be able to move about. From how his body was moving, he reckoned that after six or seven days at most, he would completely recover. This recovery speed was far faster than what Su expected, and the liveliness of his body was far greater than in the past. Could it be that his body was changing again?

However, right now, Su couldn’t worry about these things. He lifted up the blanket and got up from the mobile bed. He casually grabbed the military uniform next to him, and then he looked at the female nurse whose eyes were shining and asked, “Where is Ricardo?”

Five minutes later, Su and Ricardo were sitting together. Ricardo gave the military band around Su’s head a look and couldn’t help but say, “You really are cool, you playboy!”

Su didn’t pay that statement any attention. 

Ricardo also felt the topic he just brought up was a bit lackluster, and as he was searching for another topic to talk about, he suddenly said, “You are finished eating again? Hey, Su, what is going on with you? You have almost finished your own weight in food!”

“It’s nothing. I’m hungry.” Su casually opened up a military can and immersed himself in eating. His way of opening the can was quite barbaric, and after slicing open the lid with the composite dagger, he gulped half a can each time. 

In front of Su, all types of empty containers, meal cases, and empty plates were piled high into the air. Su had eaten enough rations to last more than ten people for an entire day, but there was still no sign of stopping. As Ricardo watched Su whose body didn’t seem to distort at all, he inwardly wondered where all the food went after entering his mouth. 

Maybe he should find a chance to dissect Su and take a look. This was a somewhat sinister thought that emerged in Ricardo’s head. 

The two of them were currently outside the camp. Several soldiers were carrying platefulls of food while rushing over. 

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