Book 2 Chapter 14.3

Book 2 Chapter 14.3 - Berserk Lightning

When Pandora’s image appeared, Su who was originally lying on the ground without moving suddenly opened his eyes! He could still only open his left eye, but unknowingly why, Martham felt as if there were two incredibly powerful powerful beams of light. However, upon closer inspection, the giant found that Su’s right eye was still tightly shut, and his left eye still only had a faint green radiance, so he didn’t know where the two beams of light came from. Could it have been his own hallucination? But Martham had never hallucinated before. 

Su’s eye completely reflected Pandora’s image. In his eyes, this cute little girl who looked to be around ten years old wasn’t just an image, but a projection that possessed countless bits of data and information. This image possessed an extremely powerful aura of life on its own, and the temptation it brought to Su was practically fatal. 

However, Pandora was in the end still a projection. No matter how lifelike she looked, there was no way she was a real person. Su didn’t understand why his body would feel such an intense desire for some beams of light. 

Su knew that his current injuries were extremely heavy, but by relying on his fine control of his body that was detailed down to every muscle fiber, Su could still move away from Martham’s attacks. He didn’t need to open his eyes, and instead released an intangible field. In addition, by relying on the many waves that diffused from his body, he could detect all living creatures within this field. Not only did it reveal the surface of these living creatures, Su could also rely on different waves to construct an image of the other’s internal body. That was why every movement Martham made was monitored by Su. This was Su’s newly developed sixth level Perception Domain ability, transparent surveillance. The newly formed transparent surveillance only had a range of ten meters, which was why even though Su was moving about, he didn’t move too far from Martham. 

From a certain perspective, transparent surveillance could also be considered an evolution of long-range sensation. 

Pandora’s image wasn’t only an image. As his body activated almost all of his perception abilities, the projection formed from rays of light formed countless pieces of data within Su’s consciousness, and this data made Su’s body develop an unsuppressable desire from the depths of his body, a desire to ravage, oppress, and smash apart this image, as well as the fleshly body behind this image, and then finally, absorption and assimilation. This was the final and most important part, a complete domination. 

The data from Pandora’s image revealed rich information, perfection, balance, as well as the abundant potential and limitless possibilities. What laid behind this data were likely the characteristics of a higher life form, as well as a genome that was completely different from ordinary humans. This was what attracted Su. 

However, just from the image alone, he could tell that Pandora’s original body was definitely exceedingly powerful, at least much more powerful than the current Su. Of course, his desires to ravage, oppress, and merge with Pandora were undoubtedly wishful thinking. If Su ended up in Martham’s range of control right now, he would definitely be heading straight for death. 

Su, who was currently heavily wounded, relied almost completely on his instincts for his movements and decision making. His body’s desire for survival was extremely strong, a characteristic all living creatures shared. 

When he finally suppressed his urge to throw himself at Pandora, Su struggled to his feet. Countless waves were released towards Pandora’s image, greedily trying to plunder all of her data. 

Pandora immediately sensed Su’s rudeness. Her eyes that were like black gemstones shifted over from Martham’s body over to Su, and even though he couldn’t see the slightest fluctuation of mood from them, not was there any emotions on her little face, Su could still clearly feel her anger. His naked eye couldn’t see anything, but inside Su’s consciousness, the data that made up her image was quickly changing, carving her fury directly into his consciousness. 

Pandora’s black gemstone-like eyes flickered with a radiance that was hard to perceive. In Su’s eyes, these specks of radiance were all formed from the gathering of countless data, so many that Su’s calculation abilities couldn’t even distinguish much of it. However, just being able to see this data itself already made Su so excited he began to tremble. This was an excitement similar to when a wolf saw a mountain of flesh. 

The fluctuating radiance within Pandora’s eyes finally became still, and she opened her mouth. This time, it was no longer the pure and sweet voice of a young girl, but instead a deep, machine-like, and difficult to describe male voice. 

“Su, I see you.”

Su didn’t open his mouth. Instead, through the vibrations around his body, he released a similar deep and resounding voice. “I can also see you.”

These were two similar sentences, yet they contained meanings that were quite different. 

At this moment, Martham’s eyes closed tightly, and the depths of his throat released waves of deep roars. His body couldn’t help but tremble, and between his bright red muscle fibers, wisps of golden liquid began to seep out again. It seemed like he was suffering from great pain, but he endured it without uttering a sound. A drop of liquid seeped out from the corner of both eyes that might have been a tear, but it was also golden. 

Pandora’s right hand suddenly reached out, and her five white and slender fingers opened up in front of Su. From the center of her palm, a dull light shot out that completely surrounded Su’s body. 

When he was surrounded by the radiance again, Su closed his eye, and the areas that were charred black also closed on their own, covering all of his body’s tissues underneath. His tissues and muscles shrunk as well, causing the scorched black parts to be sealed even more tightly and not allowing Pandora’s complex probing rays to seep through the slightest crack.  

Pandora revealed a sweet smile. Her small hand reached forward, and then the ray of light that was released by the palm of her hand began to fluctuate intensely. A faint black mist immediately emerged on the surface of his scorched black body, and the area that was shone on by the rays began to quickly deteriorate!

Su never expected this Pandora that was clearly just a projection to possess such vicious attacks! However, his reactions were also extremely fast. His limbs moved about quickly, immediately sending him behind a half collapsed wall. In addition, the disintegrating rays only removed a thin layer from the surface of his charred body. 

Pandora didn’t expect Su’s reaction to be so quick and precise. Even though her face didn’t show any changes in expression, the radiance in her eyes was still flickering. His right hand formed a fist, and then it struck out towards Su who was hiding behind the wall! The radiance that was being released from her small hand suddenly gathered in a strange manner, turning into a graceful classical long handle spear of light before shooting outwards!

The seemingly completely harmless spear of light silently hacked through the wall and the abdomen of Su who didn’t have time to evade! The spear of light wasn’t an intangible item like it should be as it nailed him firmly onto the ground. The end of the spear stretched all the way back to Pandora’s small hand. 

Su’s entire body was shaken. His body wiggled about in pain, but the spear of light suddenly became incomparably tough and durable, making it impossible for him to escape. Su’s left hand grabbed the spear, and then his right hand rose high into the air before forcefully hacking down on the shaft of this spear of light! The edges of his palm ruptured, and a smear of blood dyed the surface of the spear. As soon as the blood landed on the light, it suddenly boiled and vaporized, releasing a shrill sound like the whistling sound of sharp objects converging. 

The blood was like an army of ants that continuously eroded the spear of light, ultimately causing it to snap apart. When the spear of light broke, the front portion immediately flickered a few times before growing dim and disappearing. Meanwhile the other half continued to extend out from Pandora’s small hand. 

Su didn’t hesitate for a single moment, immediately moving through the ruins while sticking close to the ground with unimaginable nimbleness to escape to a further and safer place. The drops of blood on the ground converged into a bead of blood that was full of elasticity, and after bouncing a few times on the ground, they already caught up to Su and landed on Su’s body. Su’s body seemed to have sensed something, and the area where the bead of blood landed on his body immediately opened up, allowing the drop of blood to return to his body. 

As Pandora’s small hand steadily grasped the broken spear, she never expected that she wouldn’t receive the data transmission she expected, and instead that during that short instant, Su had already broken free. She immediately raised her head and gazed through the walls and abandoned buildings. Even though Su had already eliminated all of his aura and hid himself, Pandora’s eyes still accurately landed on Su’s body as if there wasn’t anything between the two. 

At this moment, another overcast and husky groan sounded from Martham’s throat, and the projection of Pandora also began to turn unstable, flickering between bright and dark. It was to the extent where there were even distortions from time to time. It seemed like the giant already couldn’t persist for much longer. 

Pandora shook her head in a rather helpless way. She was just about to say something, but she suddenly heard Su speak using the vibrations from the surface of his body, “You can’t escape. Sooner or later, you will be mine!”

This was originally what Pandora wanted to say, but she never expected that Su would be the one to say it, without a single word being different no less. However, when Su spoke these words with his current situation, it really did sound as if he was overestimating himself. However, his voice still contained a bizarre confidence and power, as if the day when what he said really would play out in the future. 

In that instant, Pandora changed her mind. Her voice returned to the voice of that sweet little girl. However, her intonation was still machine-like and precise. “Fine, I’ll be waiting.”

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