Book 2 Chapter 14.2

Book 2 Chapter 14.2 - Berserk Lightning

After lying on the ground for half a minute, Martham released a low roar. He supported himself with his arms and then slowly sat up. With this motion, the charred skin on his body fell off chunk by chunk, revealing the orderly muscle fibers underneath. In addition, those muscles were still wriggling about; it was a rather horrifying sight. 

Martham forcefully opened his eyes, and what was revealed was only a muddled yellow-white sphere. However, he still seemed like he could see something, and as such, he struggled to his feet before walking towards Su while staggering about. The first few steps were extremely slow. It was clear that most of his attention was focused on keeping his body’s balance to avoid falling down halfway. Only after two or three steps did his movements become more smooth and unhindered. By now, most of the charred skin on Martham’s body had already fallen off, making him look like a giant with his skin peeled off. The squirming muscles and moving blood vessels were clearly exposed to air. 

Su still sat there peacefully, as if he had already lost his life. However, Martham’s heavily damaged eyesight did not notice that under Su’s cracked and charred black skin, all of Su’s flesh was frantically wriggling about. The frequency and speed at which they moved was at least several dozen times faster than Martham’s!

If one observed him with strengthened sight, one would even notice that the tiny blood vessels were crazily growing and extending like tentacles. They formed webs one after another that covered his body’s’ tissues, and then on top of themselves, a new layer of tissue was created. This type of newly formed tissue was like soil where countless buds grew. When these buds grew larger, one would find that these had become new blood vessels!

Martham already walked to Su’s side. The sharp and intense pain continuously hacked at the tips of every single nerve, making him feel as if he would fall at any time. In his opinion, forget about someone as small as Su, even an armored dinosaur couldn’t survive his powerful electrical net. However, for some reason, there was always a hint of worry within Martham’s heart that made him feel great danger from this human in front of him. In addition, this feeling of danger did not disappear after his opponent fell. 

The effectiveness of Su’s bullet was utterly terrifying, and not even someone with Martham’s body could resist it. He had to cover himself with his own electrical web, and even then, that only slowed down its effects, not completely stopping the special biological lifeform bullet’s strange effects. Martham needed treatment, but until then, he needed to completely eliminate the anxiety within his heart. 

Martham finally reached Su’s side. He raised his enormous leg and heavily stomped down towards Su’s chest!

Even though his body was seriously injured, Martham’s attack was still full of unstoppable power. Under his foot, even if it was the head, it would still easy crush it flat. 

However, when Martham’s foot descended, he didn’t feel the feeling of stepping on a water pouch and instead landed sturdily on the ground. The powerful recoil force caused his body that had lost its skin to once again release large amounts of blood. Martham did his best to widen his eyes, and after releasing a low roar, he barely managed to see that Su’s scorched black body had somehow managed to shift position. He had moved three meters away, somehow avoiding this life-threatening attack. 

Under Martham’s field of view, Su was still lying with his head facing upwards, and his body was still covered with scorched black skin. His eyes already couldn’t be opened, and it was possible that his eyes had already been burnt into coal from the high voltage strike. 

Martham raised his right leg and then heavily stomped down again! However, Su suddenly moved, shifting out several meters again to avoid Martham’s trample. 

This time, Martham was able to see it extremely clearly. The joints of Su’s limbs seemed to be able to casually change directions. His arms were bent in reverse, allowing him to move about like a lizard and once again avoid the giant’s stomp. 

“This fellow isn’t an ordinary human after all.” This thought suddenly appeared in Martham’s mind. However, if Su wasn’t human, what was he? If one only looked at it from how his body behaved, he was like a mutated creature that was completely different from that of a human. However, almost all special mutated creatures or humans looked quite different from pure humans, so why did every part of Su look exactly the same as a pure-blooded human?

These questions that instantly flashed through Martham’s mind immediately made him feel a mysterious sense of chilliness. He no longer trampled down, because Su’s movements looked extremely nimble, while Martham was struggling to stand still. No matter how many times he tried, he wouldn’t be able to stomp Su to death. 

Only after exhausting almost all of his body’s strength did Martham lift up a rock that was several dozen kilograms in weight, and then he aimed at Su. If he was struck by the rock, Su would still receive a life threatening injury. 

However, another strange event happened. 

Su moved again. Even though his movement was extremely fast, it still appeared extremely strenuous, and the surface of his charred black body continuously flowed out blood. However, he still continued to move about, avoiding the area where Martham aimed at. He even moved between Martham’s legs! However, during this process of moving about, Su’s eyes never opened, so how was he able to detect where Martham was aiming at?

The rock that was raised high into the air had no chance to descend. This weight that he normally wouldn’t care about at all felt tremendous at this moment. Martham felt as if he was carrying a mountain with his arms. The bones of his arm began to groan, and the world in front of his eyes became darker and darker. The worst part was that the terrifying golden liquid began to seep out from his body again. 

Martham already detected his body’s abnormalities. With a roar, he sent the rock he was carrying high above him smashing towards Su. This attack that was released without locking onto a target was done so completely out of luck, but it was evident that Su’s luck today wasn’t bad, while Martham’s wasn’t all that great. The rock slammed heavily into a building’s stone stairs. Not only did it completely blast them apart into pieces, the front wall of this building collapsed as well. 

Even though the descending point was only a few meters from Su’s body, only a few pieces of the flying debris landed on Su’s body, so he didn’t suffer many injuries at all. 

After throwing out the enormous rock, Martham was already on the verge of collapse. Even though Su was right in front of him, Martham still couldn’t kill him, making the giant feel as if his nerves were on fire. He stood in his original area and looked around everywhere with a face full of pain and hesitation. Su was still lying at the edge of his vision, as if he had never moved before. His eyes had still never opened. However, as soon as Martham made any movements, the seemingly dead Su would show some type of reaction. 

Seeing Su’s strange method of response and movement, Martham who had never felt fear before couldn’t help but feel a great chilliness deep down. The giant had seen mutated creatures of all different types before, and even he himself was much different from ordinary humans. However, Su was different; he made Martham feel an instinctive type of fear, hatred, and loathing. These negative emotions were actually completely related to Malim. 

Martham’s hesitation laid in the fact that if he chose to flee now, there was still a good chance that he could return to the forward operating base. As long as he could return to the base, he could live, and living meant that anything could happen. However, Su was right in front of him and had no way of retaliating. If he gave up like this, it was truly a bit hard to accept. In addition, the next time they met, he didn’t know what Su would become. 

The time left for Martham to be hesitating was great. Every second he remained standing was incomparably precious. When the scorched black skin on his forehead cracked apart, it revealed an oval shaped metallic object. The surface of the metal object was extremely bright and clean. It quickly shone, and then several streaks of brilliant light were released. The image of a cute little girl appeared in front of Martham’s body. 

It was Pandora.

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