Book 2 Chapter 14.1

Book 2 Chapter 14.1 - Berserk Lightning

Su sped through the alleys between the houses of the ruins with a speed greater than he had ever used in his entire life. Countless houses and withered trees elongated by his side. His speed had already reached such a great velocity that he could borrow its momentum to spring ten meters along the side of a wall. 

All of Pendulum City’s terrain quickly flashed through Su’s consciousness at extreme speed as he formed one potential route of advance after another. Su knew this city like the back of his hand, and as such, he could use every corner of favorable terrain and avoid every obstacle, allowing him to continuously maintain the highest speed of sprinting. 

Unlike Su’s cheetah-like dexterity, Martham was just like a heavy tank that was overflowing with power. A single step covered more than ten meters, and every time his feet descended, the ground within several meters would cave in. Martham’s way of advance was also different from Su’s; if there was a house or a wall blocking his way, towards those that were just a bit more frail, he wouldn’t even decrease his speed at all and would just directly smash through. Almost all obstacles immediately collapsed, unable to slow him down in the slightest. If one looked down from overhead, they would be able to see a dragon made of smoke wreaking havoc through Pendulum City. Meanwhile, the larger scaled obstacles never appeared in his path even once. It was clear that this giant who didn’t look that smart actually possessed astonishing instantaneous calculation ability. Every ten seconds or so, Martham would always find a new suitable route to pull the distance between himself and Su closer. 

After several minutes of high speed pursuit, Su still possessed the initiative. He cleverly made his way around the other side’s soldiers, bringing Martham rushing into the Scorpions of Disaster’s army. 

Normally, a war between several hundred people shouldn’t be a big deal in a city as large as Pendulum City, but due to both sides’ firepower greatly exceeding that of the olden era’s, explosive sounds continuously rang through the air, as if over a thousand people were fighting an intense battle. 

Many times, Martham and Su directly rushed past the center of fire from both sides. The difference was that Su used the buildings and terrain’s corners to block the stream of bullets, while Martham directly rushed through the rain of bullets. He didn’t even fear rapid-fire machine cannons, so why would he even bother with these automatic rifle bullets?

After running through them several times, the Scorpions of Disasters’ battle formations had already been completely thrown into chaos. When commanding smaller troops, Li Gaolei and Kane were truly outstanding, let alone the fact that there was still Li commanding the overall situation. At the same time, the roaring of machine cannons sounded again on the battlefield. When the mobile suit was repaired and the weapons reloaded, Ricardo once again became a moving human fort, a nightmare for the Scorpions of Disaster’s soldiers. Soon after, the Scorpions of Disaster’s army was split up into several groups, and most of them were surrounded. 

The cost of this battlefield situation was that the distance between Martham and Su became closer and closer. Su seemed to have sensed that the situation was taking a turn for the worse, so he no longer weaved through the center of the city and instead headed straight for the outskirts of the city. When he ran in a straight line like that, Martham couldn’t make use of shortcuts, so Su’s superiority in speed was finally displayed. 

However, Martham wasn’t dejected at all. A slight sinister smile suddenly emerged from the corners of his lips. 

When the distance between the two was pulled to almost 200 meters, Martham leapt up again. This time, he jumped much higher and further than in the past. In addition, a large hand was raised high into the air, and at the center of his palm was actually a blue electrical flame!

Right when Martham was about to display his abilities, Su suddenly stopped, turned around, and then placed a yellow, semi-transparent bullet into the gun’s barrel before aiming it at Martham. Every single movement he made was fast to an inconceivable level, but Martham was still able to see everything clearly. 

The giant in the air suddenly dropped down in a perfectly straight manner, as if he had been dragged down by several invisible chains. When he landed and stood firm, the distance between Martham and Su was already less than a hundred meters. He looked at the pitch-black muzzle, and then he looked towards Su’s eyes. What was regretful was that he still couldn’t see the slightest bit of emotion from Su’s eye. However, the special bullet Su pressed into the barrel left Martham with a great coldness, a feeling a creature felt when facing its natural predator. 

The bullet was a strange semi-transparent one, with flickering light yellow radiance visible inside. A fine line of text was engraved on the side of the bullet, and in that instant before it was loaded, Martham’s exceptional sight was still able to engrave those characters into his consciousness.

Special biological lifeform prototype bullet, Helen.

Even though he didn’t know what special biological lifeform meant, he still knew that this was definitely not an ordinary bullet. As a prototype, its effectiveness was unstable. It could be extremely harmless, but it could also be absolutely crazy. The giant didn’t know who Helen was, but those that liked to sign their names everywhere were all lunatics, and lunatics oftentimes had astonishing items. 

Martham’s fists were tightly clenched together, and then both his hands curled with flickering electricity. The giant no longer held anything back, and what was brewing was definitely a thunderous strike. 

Su’s eyebrows frowned slightly. He said coldly, “You want to have a taste of this thing?”

Martham replied with a loud laugh. “Why wouldn’t I? I might not necessarily die, while you are definitely dead!”

The battle immediately erupted!

Martham’s head suddenly leaned backwards, but even though he immediately shifted directions and avoided a strike to the throat, Su’s shot still landed in his mouth. Even though there was a force field there, a shot under such close distance seemed to have completely shattered Martham’s lower jaw. What was even more strange was that the wound was immediately infected with a layer of golden color, as if what was filled inside of the bullet was a liquid of this color. 

Meanwhile, things on Su’s side weren’t going that well either. The giant’s hands pressed forward, and then the electric flames interweaved into a net that stretched several meters wide and two meters tall. It flew outwards and completely entrapped Su within. A high voltage stream instantly burned Su’s combat uniform into charred coal, and even the skin under his uniform was burnt black!

Even though he already had a feeling that the strike from Martham would be great, the power of this electrical web still far surpassed Su’s imaginations. The moment the electrical web covered his body, half a centimeter of his skin was completely burnt! Meanwhile, when the electrical net’s dazzling blue color reflected from his eye, Su already felt like he took a step through the gates of death!

With a plop sound, the completely charred black Su fell down on his back. Under the electrical shock, the charred black outer shell of his body cracked apart inch by inch, revealing the tender and slightly red flesh inside. Light yellow and red blood continuously flowed outwards. When he fell down, Su no longer made even the slightest movement. This type of injury, if inflicted onto anyone else, was already beyond fatal. However, Su’s chest was still slightly rising and falling, seemingly still left with a hint of life. 

However, Martham’s situation wasn’t much better. He wasn’t killed with a single shot, but at this moment, he didn’t even have the strength to walk up and see if Su had completely died yet. Both his hands held his face as he continuously released great roars of pain. His enormous body rolled back and forth on the ground, while his body that was loaded with power and sturdiness continuously collapsed the buildings around him. 

Golden liquid continuously flowed out from the cracks of his two fingers, and the longer this continued, the more liquid that flew out. In the end, his palm couldn’t support it at all as it gushed out between his fingers. The skin that was dyed by the liquid quickly became a golden color at once, and then it began to spew out similar golden liquid. Martham’s hands quickly became golden colored, and the fingernails on his fingers quickly fell off, revealing the half liquefied muscle tissue, as well as the completely yellow finger bones!

Martham released a crazy roar. His back, shoulders, and chest all began to protrude outwards, and then they released strand after strand of metal points. Following a roar, the tips of his fingers immediately released azure electrical flames. Then, all of the electrical flames connected together, forming a terrifying net of electricity that covered most of Martham’s body. 

Martham took a deep breath, and then he released a world-shaking roar. The various sharp needles all over his body immediately shrunk, and as a result, the electricity also retracted. The brilliant radiance that covered his body continuously dissolved the yellow oil-like liquid covering his body. 

Just like Su, most of Martham’s body immediately became charred black. The leather covering his body had long been burnt into coal, but the chain of armor flakes underneath were still perfectly fine. However, when they lost their base, they also scattered down onto the ground. 

When Martham fell onto the ground, his enormous body once again made the great earth tremble. The scorched surface of his body continuously cracked apart as well, and the flesh underneath was similarly revealed. However, due to his body being much tougher than Su’s, the degree to which Martham was charred was only a third of Su’s. For this enormous giant, even though his injuries were severe, it still wasn’t fatal. In addition, the terrifying golden liquid that was spreading over his body had temporarily been replaced by the charred blackness. 

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