Book 2 Chapter 13.4

Book 2 Chapter 13.4 - Rage

A few experienced veterans at Ricardo’s side already saw that something wasn’t right, so they immediately rushed up a few meters and aimed their automatic rifles at Martham. Another individual directly propped up an infantry tank armor-penetrating missile and took aim at Martham. Even though Martham wasn’t a tank, the size of his body was large enough, the distance was close enough, and it was quite likely to directly end his life. 

The smile of ridicule on Martham’s face became even more distinct. The automatic rifle bullets landed on his body, but they were completely useless. The armor plating continuously deformed, but it still wasn’t penetrated. His left foot suddenly stamped down heavily, and the soldiers in front of Ricardo were suddenly blasted high into the air from the power that was suddenly transmitted from the ground. Only Ricardo, due to his armored suit being heavy enough, managed to only rise a meter before falling back down. During this entire process, the rapid-fire machine cannon didn’t stop firing for even a single moment, and the stream of bullets never deviated from their target. It could be seen that Ricardo was able to become a lieutenant commander not solely due to his family and luck. His calmness and firing skills seemed far inferior to the heroic qualities a Magic or Combat Domain ability user should have, but together with suitable equipment, the practicality and power were far greater. 

Martham released a low roar. A formless sound wave immediately proliferated outwards, sending all of the soldiers in the air flying backwards. There were even some that directly gushed out blood while in midair!

Ricardo also felt as if his vision was suddenly darkening and as if there was an enormous boulder pressed against his chest. A fishy taste continuously surged into his throat, and as long as he opened his mouth, it would be spat out. The entire world was spinning back and forth, making it impossible for him to determine his current direction and position. He could only rely on his own instincts to shoot towards a certain position. 

The stream of bullets continued to accurately shoot towards Martham. 

Right when Martham was less than fifty meters from Ricardo, three ear-splitting gunshots seemed to sound at the same time, to the extent where not even Ricardo’s rapid-fire cannon could suppress this gunshot. The gunshots were all different sounds, but one could tell that they were either fired from a sniper rifle or a rifle that was adjusted to sniping mode, as well as the fact that they were special bullets fired from new era rifles. 

The moment the gunshots sounded, Marthem slightly adjusted his lower body and also lowered his head. Two flames erupted from his waist, but they still couldn’t break through the armored vest, and it was clear that he didn’t receive much damage either. Then, his head suddenly leaned to the side, and a depression appeared on his helmet. It looked like if he didn’t move the way he did, this bullet would have directly shot into Martham’s ear. Even though Martham’s defensive strength was powerful to a freakish level, his ear cavity was still a vital weakness. 

This shot was ferocious and cold, and the accuracy was just as hair-raising as Martham’s defensive strength. Martham had only experienced this type of sniping once, and that was the last time he was hit by Su’s sniper rifle. 

In addition, Su was bloodthirsty and unfeeling. Martham could feel a longing for slaughter from his body, a type of hostility towards all life forms that made it so others couldn’t help but tremble. 

Martham stopped moving. He turned around to look towards where the sniper bullet was shot from. He didn’t pay much attention to the two shots that landed on his body at all. 

Ricardo fell downwards on his back. Thin streaks of blood trickled out from his nose and mouth, and he momentarily couldn’t struggle to his feet. Many parts of the mobile suit were already damaged, and the machine gun cannon’s shells had been completely fired. The current Ricardo could be said to have no fighting strength whatsoever. The veterans under him surrounded him, and two of them pulled him out from the suit. The remaining six formed a new line of defense in front of him. However, everyone was quite clear on the fact that in front of the giant Martham that didn’t seem to be made of flesh, this line of defense was just as weak as a sheet of paper. Martham only needed to release a roar, and then all of them would die on the spot. 

“Martham.” Su appeared on the roof of a building a hundred meters out. In his left hand was a tactical tablet, and his right clung to his rifle. 

“Su.” Martham stretched his neck. His eyes that were focused on Su flickered with flames. 

“Do you want to know information on Malim?” Su calmly asked. He possessed a demon-like coldness and indifference.

“Tell me.” Martham’s reply was simple and direct. He knew that beating around the bush was useless against Su. He didn’t like to waste time, and Su was the same. 

Su’s left hand tapped on the tactical tablet, and then the back side of the tablet released several laser beams, producing a hologram in the air. Even though Martham was far from him, and the tactical tablet’s output was extremely limited and dim, Su believed that Martham could clearly see everything. 

Tong! Another muffled gunshot sounded, and then a blast of sparks erupted from the middle of Martham’s back. However, this giant’s body didn’t even seem to sway once. This gunshot originated from several thousand meters outwards, and from the gunshot sound, it should be a modified Barrett. For Li who only had elementary sniping abilities without any sniping expertise strengthening, accomplishing this was already quite a feat. 

Su spoke a simple sentence. “Li, do not shoot anymore.” He then didn’t say anything else. 

When he saw that Su didn’t show any concern or troubled expressions, as if he was talking to a stranger, Martham felt a bit disappointed. In front of this male that exuded icy coldness, Martham didn’t believe that he could use anyone to threaten Su. If Su didn’t pay any attention to the life or death of hostages, then the action of seizing hostages would only become an extremely foolish task. Martham would only be making himself into an excellent target for that inconceivably powerful rifle. 

At this moment, the hologram in the sky already began to take form. An experimental station in the center within a new era laboratory could clearly be seen from the display. Several researchers who were wearing sealed suits were busily moving about the laboratory. On top of the station platform laid the naked Malim who looked more like a monkey than a person. In addition, his body had already been dismembered into more than ten parts. The researchers continuously obtained small pieces of tissue from his body, carefully placing them inside of petri dishes and classifying them with numbers before loading them onto a cart. From this angle, one could see a roll of carts, and the carts were all filled with petri dishes of various sizes. One could imagine that the petri dishes most likely all contained tissues from Malim. 

This was not an unusual scene. When any valuable mutated creature ended in the hands of humans, they would always have this end. However, under this type of atmosphere, it was an especially horrible sight. 

“Malim…” Martham unexpectedly didn’t reveal anger, grief, or any other emotions. He only muttered Malim’s name a few times in low voice. Apart from Su, no one else knew about Malim and Martham’s relationship. After all, the difference between their appearances was just too great. 

Regardless of what type of reaction Martham had, Su remained completely indifferent as he coldly looked at this giant. He could sense a grief that was hard to detect within Martham’s eyes. He understood the significance of Malim to this giant, or else he wouldn’t have been able to use Malim to heavily injure this giant. When Martham rushed towards Ricardo, Su immediately brought up the images of Malim. At that moment, not even Su himself knew why he made this type of decision. However, it seemed like the efficacy of this image was quite obvious. 

Su wasn’t as cold and calm as he was on the outside. In reality, his body was full of craving, a craving for Martham. This was an instinctive type of craving that originated from every cell inside his body. In the middle of Martham’s snow white body was a bloody chunk of flesh that was still emitting heat. Meanwhile, right now, Su felt like a wolf that had starved through all of winter. 

“Eat it! Eat it!” Su could almost hear every cell inside his body shouting out. In the end, they formed a terrifying stream that battered against Su’s cold appearance. 

It was as if he felt an intangible type of intimidation. Martham’s expression became extremely sharp and cold. He said coldly, “I will tear you apart.”

“Is that so?” Su laughed. His smile seemed to contain a rather strange expression. He turned around and disappeared into the ruins. 


Martham released a world-shaking roar, causing the surrounding soldiers to once again collapse onto the ground. He then abruptly jumped outwards, covering several dozen meters of distance and chasing after Su with a speed that wasn’t any bit inferior to his. 

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