Book 2 Chapter 13.3

Book 2 Chapter 13.3 - Rage

When the machine cannon in Ricardo’s hands stopped, the soldiers behind him immediately rushed forward and occupied the advantageous positions. Then, the Scorpions of Disaster were covered in firepower. 

Su was inwardly shaken when he saw this. Ricardo’s coordination with his subordinates was extremely skilled, clearly not something that could be accomplished in just one or two days. Ricardo’s mobile armored suit was extremely powerful. If it was equipped with suitable weapons, for example missiles with power comparable or even greater than the bronze dragons, it might not be any inferior to a reaper. The surface of the mobile suit’s armor flickered with ashy green radiance. The corners were sleek and glossy, and on the chest area was a black eagle picture. Su recalled that this wasn’t the Fabregas family’s symbol, so it seemed like this was Ricardo’s own crest. From time to time, stray bullets from the Scorpions of of Disaster’s soldiers would land on the mobile armor suit, but they would all draw forth large amounts of sparks before bouncing outwards. It was to the extent...

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