Book 2 Chapter 13.3

Book 2 Chapter 13.3 - Rage

When the machine cannon in Ricardo’s hands stopped, the soldiers behind him immediately rushed forward and occupied the advantageous positions. Then, the Scorpions of Disaster were covered in firepower. 

Su was inwardly shaken when he saw this. Ricardo’s coordination with his subordinates was extremely skilled, clearly not something that could be accomplished in just one or two days. Ricardo’s mobile armored suit was extremely powerful. If it was equipped with suitable weapons, for example missiles with power comparable or even greater than the bronze dragons, it might not be any inferior to a reaper. The surface of the mobile suit’s armor flickered with ashy green radiance. The corners were sleek and glossy, and on the chest area was a black eagle picture. Su recalled that this wasn’t the Fabregas family’s symbol, so it seemed like this was Ricardo’s own crest. From time to time, stray bullets from the Scorpions of of Disaster’s soldiers would land on the mobile armor suit, but they would all draw forth large amounts of sparks before bouncing outwards. It was to the extent where two high powered sniper bullets struck against the mobile suit, but they only left behind two unremarkable traces. They couldn’t pierce through the armor at all. 

Su began to think to himself. Even though the power of his own rifle was far greater than that of a normal sniper rifle, he still didn’t feel confident in being able to pierce this mobile armor suit made of unknown materials. However, Ricardo’s armor suit didn’t cover all of his body, and his head was still exposed with only a helmet acting as a simple defense. Under 1500 meters of distance, Su had 80% certainty in being able to hit Ricardo’s head. Even if it only hit that helmet, the offensive power of the bullet should be able to snap his neck bone apart, so that was why Su didn’t fear this type of mobile armor. However, if this mobile suit covered his entire body, how was he supposed to deal with it then?

Su frowned inwardly. He didn’t understand why he suddenly developed this type of thought. After all, Ricardo was his battle comrade right now, and scheming against a comrade-in-arms was not his style of doing things. 

With Ricardo acting as the frontline of assault, Su’s advance became extremely quick. He directly infiltrated into the central plaza and tore the remaining Scorpions of Disaster apart. According to the tactical tablet, the dragonriders’ side already occupied absolute advantage. As soon as they entered the battlefield, Ricardo rushed to the very front. This type of berserk and icy cold killing intent was completely different from his typically undisciplined outer appearance. 

Just as Ricardo and his soldiers were crazily breaking in, a bleak and enormous roar sounded from above Pendulum City! When the whistling sound tore through the air, the entire city seemed to tremble lightly. It was as if a wounded ancient colossus was roaring and displaying its might!

The sky suddenly grew dim!

A several meter wide chunk of concrete flew over in a slanted manner. It covered almost a hundred meters of distance, carrying powerful winds with it as it slammed towards Ricardo’s face!

Su wasn’t the only one; Ricardo’s face also greatly changed. He released a strange shout, and then the gears at the joints of the armored suit began to spin crazily. With a crouch and jump, the armored suit jumped over ten meters and barely avoided this enormous chunk of concrete that appeared unexpectedly!

Ricardo’s nimbleness in his side step was about the same as that of a Combat Domain middle level ability user, so it could be seen just how superior the armored suit’s mobility was. Even though he had long grown accustomed to battlefields, Ricardo’s face was still a bit pale. If that several dozen ton chunk of concrete had landed on him, not even the mobile armored suit would be able to stop that force, and it would without a doubt be flattened into a flat metal sheet. As for Ricardo, who was inside, there was naturally even less of a need to talk about his conclusion. 

Ricardo gazed towards the direction where the enormous rock flew from, just in time to see a tall and imposing figure standing within the ruins. When he saw this appearance that wasn’t angered but rather self-confident, he immediately thought of the giant Su was talking about: Martham.

Martham strode over with large steps. His speed wasn’t that fast, but there was already a mountainous pressure that made it hard for others to breathe. Right at this moment, another tall figure appeared in the ruins from another direction that faced Martham. This was Hanlon. 

He looked different from how he looked before. Today, Martham wore a thin armored vest that had thin paper-like flakes of armor sewn under the leather. It looked more like it was worn for decoration than for its defensive capabilities. In addition, he also wore an old style helmet that didn’t seem to match the vest on his body at all. 

Martham began to take large steps outwards, rushing straight for Ricardo as if Hanlon, who stood in his way, was just an insignificant ant.  His movements looked rather clumsy, but in reality, a single step crossed ten meters. His charge was fast and powerful, and each time he landed on the ground, Su could even feel the great shaking of the great earth! 

Ricardo controlled the mobile suit and rolled on the ground. He then assumed a half-squat position, but he didn’t activate the machine cannon. Hanlon had already completely stopped Martham’s path of advance. If Ricardo opened fire, Hanlon might be accidentally injured. 

When he saw that the ant in his way wasn’t willing to move out of the way and seemed to be obstinately keen on challenging him, Martham erupted with anger and suddenly released a furious roar. His body immediately swelled up in response! The two meter tall Hanlon looked like he barely reached Martham’s chest in height, so his originally incomparably robust body now seemed rather frail in comparison. 

Martham roared again. An elbow flew out and smashed towards Hanlon’s head. Hanlon released an explosive shout, and all of the muscles on his body swelled up. Even though his height didn’t change, he still became much sturdier. With both feet planted on the ground, he used both of his elbows to smash towards the elbow the towering Martham was slamming down on him from above!

The moment the two individuals’ arms collided, what entered everyone’s ears was a thunderous muffled sound, as well as pipi papa sounds as if wood was fracturing. The buildings, ground, and even the skies seemed to have swayed back and forth. Many soldiers even began to doubt if they had developed some kind of misperception, because even though both Hanlon and Martham were locked in a stalemate in their original position without moving, it was as if they were getting further and further away from everyone else. Only Su, with exceptional perception, immediately knew that his feet had long left the ground and that his body was pushed floating backwards by an extremely abrupt and ambiguous force.

Su reached out his left hand and grabbed onto the wall of the room, causing his body to hover in the air. His right hand held the rifle, and the muzzle aimed towards Martham outside the window. However, Su didn’t pull the trigger. The power that erupted between Martham and Hanlon far exceeded Su’s expectations, so he still needed to observe for a longer period of time. 

The ground around Hanlon and Martham’s feet suddenly sunk, caving in at least half a meter! A shallow pit over ten meters wide was instantly produced, causing the buildings nearby to immediately lean over, collapse, and then crumble apart. However, when the scattering bricks landed on their heads, the smaller chunks directly broke up into pieces, while the larger chunks were sent flying backwards. It was as if there was an invisible force field around these two individuals. 

Martham’s face became more and more imposing. The corners of his mouth continuously dropped, and the wrinkles extending from the corners of his eyes were as sharp as blades. The stalemate between him and Hanlon had lasted an entire second!

During this exact second, Hanlon’s hair were standing straight up one after another, and veins emerged on his forehead one after another. The leather clothes on his body were already completely torn apart by his body’s swelling muscles!

A mocking smile was revealed from the corners of Martham’s lips. He suddenly released a loud shout, and then his free hand clenched into a fist before smashing towards Hanlon’s chest! When he slammed outwards with his fist, Su heard the pipi papa noise ring through the air again. 

Hanlon’s eyes were completely bloodshot. With a mad roar, blood vessels all over his body burst and over ten thin streaks of blood shot out. Borrowing this sudden force, he freed up his right hand and stopped Martham’s fist! Then, Su heard a muffled bone fracturing sound. Hanlon couldn’t stand firm anymore, and his enormous body was blasted backwards by Martham’s fist. From the way he was sent flying, he was was going to shoot out several dozen meters before stopping.

Hanlon with at least six levels of power and defensive ability only managed to persist for three seconds in front of the giant Martham. 

After blasting Hanlon flying, Martham released a deep breath and then turned around to rush towards Ricardo. With how great his strides were, he only needed three or four steps before he would reach Ricardo. 

Only when Martham directly locked onto him did Ricardo feel that mountainous pressure. However, as someone who had immersed himself on the battlefield for many years, he revealed how he stood out from the masses at this moment. Ricardo didn’t act in a rushed or sloppy manner, nor did he try to dodge or flee. He instead continued to crouch in his original location, and the machine cannon in his hands roared, covering Martham with the fastest stream of bullets it was capable of. 

When the machine cannon’s bullets reached several meters away from Martham’s body, their speed quickly declined. In addition, the materials of that armor vest were clearly special. When the machine cannon landed on the thin flake style armor, it didn’t penetrate it, only making it a bit distorted. Under the armor, Martham’s muscles were also moving up and down to absorb the impact of the bullets. His body’s level of flexibility and independence seemed to be about the same level as Su’s. 

Countless bullets landed on Martham’s body and then continuously landed on the ground. It was as if a carpet made of metal had appeared in front of Martham’s body. Under the attacks of the machine cannon, Martham’s advancing speed finally decreased again, but it was still astonishingly fast. 

Ricardo’s face was pale, and large drops of sweat continuously rolled down his forehead and cheeks. However, his hands were still stable as he pressed down on the rapid-fire mechanism to send an unending stream of bullets down on Martham’s body. 

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