Book 2 Chapter 12.3

Book 2 Chapter 12.3 - Lightning

The William family youngster clearly recognized Ricardo, and immediately roared with anger. “Ricardo! You are insulting the entire William family!”

Ricardo began to chuckle. His face was filled with clear ridicule and disdain. “Is that so? I am familiar with all of the William family’s ranked inheritors, but there isn’t someone like you among them. Even some garbage like you from who knows what branch family dares to represent the William family?! You can only show off in front of people who have never entered Dragon City, but a piece of shit like you dares to try this against me? Don’t forget that this old one came from the battlefield, while you are a little flower that was grown inside of a greenhouse. Could it be that you want to try me?”

A wave of redness immediately covered the William family youngster’s face. He never thought that the Fabregas family’s first rank inheritor would be so vulgar, harsh, and ruthless. He stood there in a stupor for several seconds. Then, he said angrily, “Ricardo, don’t forget the words you said today! You will pay the price for these words!”

Rigardo tossed the cigarette butt that had already reached its end onto the ground. He took a breath and said, “is that so? I really can’t wait. Do you want me to pay the price right now? Please don’t treat...

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