Book 2 Chapter 12.2

Book 2 Chapter 12.2 - Lightning

A clear and loud sound rang out from his elbow, and then his elbow joint began to bend upwards at an abnormal angle. Su’s fist was extremely fast, and its strength far surpassed the middle-aged captain’s expectations. How was this in any way a single level of dexterity and two levels of strength? That fist had at least four levels of power strengthening! Of course, there was another possibility, and that was that Su’s body’s fundamental power was extremely tyrannical, and so he was able to reach this type of power with just two levels of power strengthening. 

The middle-aged captain suddenly released a loud roar. His body suddenly expanded, and in spite of his right arm’s intense pain, his left arm, knees, and even forehead turned into weapons as they crazily smashed towards Su! The feeling of danger he experienced in in that instant caused him to use all of his power. All he wanted to do now was to strike his target to prevent something unexpected from happening. 

Su’s body seemed to almost be pressed up against...

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