Book 2 Chapter 12.2

Book 2 Chapter 12.2 - Lightning

A clear and loud sound rang out from his elbow, and then his elbow joint began to bend upwards at an abnormal angle. Su’s fist was extremely fast, and its strength far surpassed the middle-aged captain’s expectations. How was this in any way a single level of dexterity and two levels of strength? That fist had at least four levels of power strengthening! Of course, there was another possibility, and that was that Su’s body’s fundamental power was extremely tyrannical, and so he was able to reach this type of power with just two levels of power strengthening. 

The middle-aged captain suddenly released a loud roar. His body suddenly expanded, and in spite of his right arm’s intense pain, his left arm, knees, and even forehead turned into weapons as they crazily smashed towards Su! The feeling of danger he experienced in in that instant caused him to use all of his power. All he wanted to do now was to strike his target to prevent something unexpected from happening. 

Su’s body seemed to almost be pressed up against the middle-aged captain’s as they opposed each other with equal harshness in this close combat battle. Under this type of distance, even fists were useless. The two men used their heads, shoulders, knees, elbows, and every area of their body that could attack to carry out a life and death struggle. It was an incredibly intense and splendid fight!

They had just begun to fight, yet Su’s elbow slammed fiercely towards the captain’s ribs! Even though his body had five levels of defense strengthening, he still couldn’t defend against the power and speed of this fierce attack, so it still landed on his rib cartilage. Even though he only felt a sharp pain and not even his bones were injured, the captain’s movements still became a bit sluggish due to this abrupt and fierce attack. 

The short moment of sluggishness allowed Su’s crazy barrage of attacks to land on the captain’s body. In addition, Su’s strikes were fierce and deadly, and most of them landed on the captain’s already broken elbow. In addition, a knee slammed ferociously into the captain’s tailbone. This attack caused the captain to hear another bone cracking sound!

The intense battle only persisted for several seconds, but the captain already crashed onto the ground. This was not the type of battle he was used to at all! The two of them were just too close, almost sticking to each other, making him completely unable to display his strength. However, Su’s attacks were fierce and accurate, with every strike feeling extremely heavy. It was as if he wasn’t affected at all, and his vicious attacks seemed to almost be a bit lowly. Even though the captain had five levels of defense strengthening, his body’s weak points still couldn’t endure attacks that were so numerous and heavy. 

Of course, it wasn’t like Su didn’t suffer any damage himself. Large blotches of purple could be seen on his face and neck, and the corners of his mouth had also swelled up. A line of blood trickled out from it. 

However, Su was standing. 

When the captain fell, he still wanted to struggle to his feet, but Su slammed his Black Dragonrider military boots firmly down on his face! The clear sound of the captain’s nasal bone breaking sounded. The captain once again fell onto the ground. 

There were quite a few youngsters in the surroundings that felt their blood boil. Without thinking too much, they flocked over and sent fists and legs flying over to move Su away from the captain. However, they forgot the huge difference in strength between the captain and themselves, and as such greatly overestimated their own strength. Su moved through them like a demon, and these youngsters’ consciousness immediately blanked out from the intense pain! Su’s power was great, simple, and seemingly perfect, but it didn’t seem to match his body that wasn’t all that robust at all. In just four seconds, five individuals were put down by Su. Each individual didn’t even take up a single second from him. 

Su’s vision was excellent, and his memory was outstanding as well, so he had long noticed the youngster that had spoken crazily about shooting on Persephone’s face among the five individuals on the ground. Of course, during the battle, he already taught him quite the lesson. When he passed by this youngster, he shattered the bones in his hands and then conveniently trampled one of his legs to pieces. 

The captain climbed to his feet with great difficulty, but what greeted him was another kick from Su to his face. When his face made contact with the sturdy boot, a muffled sound could be heard. His body flew out horizontally and heavily slammed into the wall of a store on the side!

After the captain’s body flew out, he saw several teeth that were covered in blood lying on the ground. They were still rolling around. 

Su swept his eyes over the youngsters that were still standing around. Without even adding any deliberate intimidation, this look alone was already enough for their bodies to continuously take steps backwards. 

When he saw Su walk towards the captain, the William family’s youngster’s response wasn’t slow. He immediately cried out with a trembling voice, “Su! The battle between the two of you has already ended. He is a captain, and in the Black Dragonrider regulations law, beating up a captain has severe consequences!”

Su didn’t stop his footsteps and instead revealed a beautiful and fiendish smile. “I am a captain now as well, so he is humiliating a colleague! Right now, the authority to end this battle belongs to me. It will end whenever I decide it ends!”

In front of these dumbstruck youngsters, Su squatted down by the captain’s body and sent a fist slamming into his face. His upper body that had only barely managed to get up was blasted back onto the ground. Then, Su slammed his fist down in a simple and direct manner again and again on the captain’s face. The delay between every single fist was exactly the same. 

Those youngsters could only hear the sound of leather being beaten. They could only see blood continuously fly out between the captain’s twitching body and Su. 

Su’s beating was accurate and highly effective. In just half a minute, not a single chunk of perfect flesh could be seen on the captain’s face. He stood up and then walked over to the five youngsters that were collapsed on the ground. Apart from the youngster that spoke rudely about Persephone, none of the other youngsters’ bones received injuries, yet none of them could climb up. Those that were still standing had already lost all of their courage. Not a single person dared to come over to support these five individuals, let alone walking up to stop Su. 

Su smiled and gave the youngsters that could still stand a look. Only then did he break apart the hands and feet of the five youngsters on the ground one after another. The sounds of bones breaking rang through the air again and again, making those present feel their teeth ache. 

One of the youngsters shouted in a loud voice while shaking, “I am the fifth rank successor of the Erzi family! Su, I am warning you, don’t touch me… Ah!!”

The price of threatening Su, was that after all four of his limbs broken, he had half of his mouthful of teeth sent flying by the military boot. 

Only when he finished this did he walk over to the youngster that had already fainted with a smile. “I’m sorry, what did you say? I didn’t hear you clearly.”

“You… you…” The William family youngster pointed at Su and didn’t seem like he could even finish a complete sentence. “You are making our families your enemy!”

Being able to say these words in front of Su who was like a demon showed that he was still quite brave. After all, there were still five living examples lying on the ground. However, Su didn’t seem to hear his words and heavily stamped his foot down on the rude youngster’s genitalia. 

Practically everyone here could hear a sound that was similar to a water sack rupturing, and as result, the muscles at the corners of their eyes all began to twitch. They all understood that this youngster might never be able to put the bold words he stated before to practice. 

With a pah sound, Su released a clump of spittle onto the face of that youngster that had long lost consciousness. He then raised his head to look at the surrounding youngsters. In an indifferent voice, he said, “Even things like you all dare to have ideas about Persephone?”

The faces of all those that met Su’s gaze went completely pale. They subconsciously turned their face away out of fear that a careless movement might provoke this demon-like Su. 

Even though they had some strength backing them due to their families, in this era where only the powerful had the right to speak, it wasn’t easy to use their family’s power. Moreover, this matter wasn’t particularly righteous. A Black Dragonrider captain, even if it is one without backing like Su, was still definitely not a small fry that anyone could deal with. Even the William family’s dragonrider captain was beaten senseless, so with the small families behind them, they definitely couldn’t make Su feel any apprehension while they were dealt with. 

“All of you better get lost!” Su’s voice was flat and just as relentless. However, those youngsters all released a breath of a relief before dispersing in disorder. They didn’t have time to worry about their seriously injured companions at all. Only the William family youngster still gathered the courage to stay behind. He looked at the captain on the ground with deep concern, but he only saw a bloodied face that was still unconscious. In reality, from the angle and technique that Su’s fist slammed downwards, the captain’s injuries should only be terrifying on the surface and should not have affected his bones. Together with his robust body that had five levels of defensive ability, there was no reason for him to be unconscious for so long. 

It seems like Su’s vicious beating not only attacked the captain’s face, but also shattered his dignity, self-confidence, and future prospects. 

Pa pa pa! A wave of sharp and clear claps suddenly sounded from the street corner. To that William family youngster, these claps sounded just like repeated slaps to his own face. His blood red eyes shifted hatefully towards the source of these claps, but what he saw was the swaying sloppy figure of Ricardo who walked over while smoking a cigarette. 

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