Book 2 Chapter 12.1

Book 2 Chapter 12.1 - Lightning

When he walked out from Black Dragonrider headquarters, Su was still feeling disbelief over the fact that he himself had already become a captain. The reward for Malim’s corpse totaled to 650 thousand. Not only did this far surpass what Su was expecting, it also placed his contributions close to the rank of lieutenant commander. 

After receiving the generous profit, Su was in a slight daze. While hovering between life and death, he didn’t expect that the reward would be so abundant. 

When he walked out from Black Dragonrider headquarters, his outer appearance wasn’t much different from when he entered, because the new custom-made captain uniform needed at least a day before it was completely finished. However, the authority Su’s tactical tablet possessed increased tremendously. Not only did he have access to more classified information, many more choices appeared on the list of formulated abilities. For example, fifth rank autonomous evolutionary formulations were something he couldn’t see before. The new formulations would allow one’s body to adjust itself based on its current situation, and from there on produce an ability most suitable for itself. The good thing about it was that through it, one often times discovered talent in abilities they previously weren’t aware of, and the abilities that were produced were similar to abilities one produced on their own. The bad thing was that this was quite similar to Su’s own situation, and the entire process was out of the formulation user’s control, with ability that will be produced being completely unknown. 

Su used fifty thousand to purchase a vial of the formulation for Li. As for Li Gaolei and Kane, they didn’t have enough evolutionary points right now for higher level abilities, so increasing the levels of the abilities they had right now was better. In addition, Su ordered two custom-made higher power rapid-fire pistols for Li Gaolei, as well as a multi-purpose clay rifle. In terms of the Black Dragonriders’ pricing, the clay rifle was a relatively higher mid-range rifle. Those that were better than it would be those ridiculously expensive custom-made firearms. What Kane received was a personal intelligence device that contained information on many popular firearms within the Black Dragonriders as well as a set of lightweight and portable armor. After improving the remaining sixty soldiers’ gear, 350 thousand of Su’s reward was gone in the blink of an eye. As for the remaining 300 thousand, just like usual, Su transferred all of it to Persephone’s account. 

That was why the Su who walked out from Black Dragonrider headquarters was once again penniless. Su was like a bank teller; even though large amounts of money passed through his hands, none of it was actually his. 

However, right now, Su still felt relaxed and cheerful. Paying off his debt was a type of joyous feeling. Even if he had to pay everything he had, he still felt this way. 

However, at this moment, Su thought of Malim again. His great reward indeed diluted his guilt towards Malim and Martham. When he suddenly realized this point, a hint of gloominess once again fluttered past his cheerful mind. 

Su followed the long street towards the military district. He still wasn’t used to driving. 

The military region wasn’t far. After walking ten or so minutes, he was already there. Apart from the Black Dragonriders’ arsenal, there were large numbers of weapon shops. Different companies were all displaying their newest models of weapons here. These shrewd merchants all knew that each dragonrider was equivalent to a small sized army. As for what type of weapons and equipment they usually needed, the orders were usually more than ten or even over a hundred. 

Su had encountered some problems here last time, and later on, he even fought against a Black Dragonrider captain outside the city. This time, Su hoped that he would have a bit of luck, hopefully picking out a few interesting items and not encountering any problems. However, his luck today clearly wasn’t all that great. 

Almost the moment he walked into the military district, Su saw that William family youngster and middle-aged captain that had pursued him previously. They also saw Su. 

Su immediately felt a headache coming. He knew that life was full of coincidences, but when the coincidences reached this level, it really was a bit ridiculous. 

The William family was an ancient family that had a large network of connections. This youngster had a group of friends around him both times they met. In addition, this time, apart from the captain, there were still seven or eight other individuals at the youngster's side, and from the way they were dressed, they didn’t look like subordinates. 

“Hey! Friends, guess who I just saw?” The youngster immediately shouted out. He slowly walked towards Su, and on his face was a smile filled with malicious intentions. 

The middle-aged captain’s face also became downcast. He walked towards Su with an expression that was a bit sinister-looking. The battle last time ended in all of his capable subordinates being slaughtered, which as a result caused his strength to greatly decline. Even though he did his best to cover up what happened, news still got out, turning him into a laughing stock. A captain with all of his subordinates chased after a newly promoted second lieutenant, yet in the end, they were almost completely wiped out. Even if they suffered an ambush, this type of result was a bit inexcusable. A captain, especially a captain that was already quite aged, should be much greater in strength than a second lieutenant. 

What made the captain even more resentful was that for the sake of paying financial support to the relatives of those subordinates that died, he ended up taking on a large debt that couldn’t be paid back in just two or three years. 

Su stood where he was. He only had the Glock pistol on him, but this situation wasn’t suitable for a large power firearm like this. Su recalled that he had blasted this youngster’s bottom apart, so he shouldn’t have recovered completely so quickly. As such, Su looked towards that youngster’s lower half, and sure enough, he saw that his movement was a bit abnormal, proving that his injuries hadn’t completely recovered yet. Only now was Su’s confidence in his own marksmanship restored. 

“Hey! Where are you looking?” The youngster immediately noticed Su’s line of sight, and a layer of redness immediately covered his face. He roared out furiously. He felt that this wasn’t enough, and as such, he added, “You pretty boy who relies on a woman!”

Su continued to smile, not taking his insult to heart at all. It seems like even though he already taught those that purposely came to him looking for trouble many lessons, it still wasn’t enough to make them remember them. 

One of the youngsters blew out a whistle towards Su and said with a loud voice, “Su, how long can you continue for on the bed? Can you even go on for an hour? I can continue for three hours! If you can’t satisfy Persephone anymore, I can help you out! I am extremely willing to have her pleasure me and then shoot it all on her face!”

There were already a few that had gathered around to watch this scene. Most of them were youngsters from various families. When they heard these words, they all roared with laughter. Even though Persephone was a dragonrider general, after losing the support of her family, she was constantly being tossed about by wind and rain, so these men’s apprehension had gradually decreased. They all became more and more daring and unconstrained. 

Almost every single male here was jealous, jealous of Su’s good luck. Even though they knew that Su was handsome to the extent he almost didn’t seem like a man, that his military successes recently could be considered splendid, and even that nothing good came from being his enemy, jealousy was enough to make women go crazy and men go blind. What was constantly on their mind was precisely that since Persephone could even go to bed with a man from the wilderness, then why couldn’t they themselves go to bed with her?

Su’s smile froze on his face. He raised his head and swept his gaze through this group of people. Then, he walked straight towards the William family youngster. 

The middle-aged captain immediately stopped Su. While brandishing his arms, he laughed nastily while saying, “Second Lieutenant Su… Oh, no, Lieutenant Su, what is it that you want to do? Fucking shit, you really advance quickly! Lieutenant, don’t forget military regulations. I am a captain, and I am higher rank than you, so I have the right to judge that you are showing malice towards me. As such, I need to educate you. Of course, you can resist, but I cannot imagine how a mouse that relies on the Perception Domain can resist. Right now, I am going to beat your face until it is swollen!”

Su could tell from his swelling muscles that this was a Combat Domain ability user. In addition, he should have at least five levels of ability. It seems like both his strength and defense reached five levels.

The middle-aged captain didn’t want to give Su any time to argue back, directly slamming a fist forward! This fist was so fast that it was almost impossible to see clearly. As a Combat Domain ability user, the captain was already used to knocking Perception Domain specialists unconscious with a single hit. What followed would be a slow and dramatic beating show. 

He was going to tear Su’s face they all greatly hated apart!

The captain’s fist did not land squarely on Su’s face like he had anticipated. His fist only managed to reach ten centimeters from Su’s face, but it wasn’t able to get any closer. 

Su suddenly backed up, his retreating speed even faster than the captain’s fist. When he moved out of the way of the fist, Su’s left hand struck the captain’s wrist, and his right hand made a fist. With lightning speed, it slammed towards the captain’s elbow!

As soon as he saw Su take action, the captain immediately felt a wave of coldness running through his mind. In that instant, a thought crossed his mind: Not good! I was careless...

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