Book 2 Chapter 11.5

Book 2 Chapter 11.5 - Disappointment

At this moment, a screen lit up. Helen’s expression immediately became cold. She originally wanted to immediately shut off communications, but when she saw that it was Su’s image that was flashing, she picked it up. 

“What is it?” From Su’s perspective, Helen always looked the same. Seeing her once was the same as seeing her ten times, or even a hundred times. 

Su aimed the screen of the tactical tablet onto the damaged recording components in his palm and said, “Someone installed spy devices in my room, and these are the components. I wish to ask you to help me look into these things, see if you can find out who placed them in my room.”

Helen only gave those components had been damaged to the point where it was almost impossible to make out their original form before saying, “These devices are quite high-end, but they’re not hard to come by. The ones that installed them might have come from some great family or some high-rank dragonrider. What do you plan to do when you find out who installed them?”

“Make them hand over the data, or perhaps get revenge.” Su’s tone was perfectly normal, but for those that were familiar with his style, they definitely wouldn’t doubt the resoluteness behind his words. 

Helen made a near undetectable frown and said, “Both do not seem likely. You should understand that this is politics.”

“Politics isn’t necessarily always effective.” Su replied. 

Helen’s middle finger adjusted her glasses. “Alright, send them over. I’ll look them over, but I can’t promise that there will definitely be results.”

Su smiled, and his smile was as brilliant as the sun. “But I believe in you.”

Inside the parliament’s central biological laboratory, Dr. Connor sat in his own office while watching the busily working researchers in the central hall through the glass french window in front of him. For some unknown reason, his mood today was a bit bad. The snow white lights in the laboratory seemed especially harsh as well. 

On the wall next to Dr. Connor hung a special long and narrow screen. Displayed on top were countless rings and specks of light that revolved around an image that was splendid and mysterious. The image wasn’t stagnant, and instead revolved at an extremely slow rhythm. The swirling rings of light were divided into inner and outer layers. They seemed entirely separate, but the outer ring of light continuously tried to enter the inner region, but it was continuously forced out. The outer ring of light’s movements were in fact already extremely slow, and the inner light didn’t seem to have any signs of moving. 

Dr. Connor turned around to look at this mysterious image. After looking at it for a long time, he shook his head. 

The brilliant pillar of light at the center was actually formed from countless rings and specks of light; they were Su’s gene lock. The outer layer of light represented the large scale computing backbones that were trying to decipher the gene lock. From the lower right corner, there was a row of low-key question marks. This represented the amount of time needed to crack the gene lock, but due to the fact that they weren’t able to calculate when they would have the ability to break inside, there was only a series of question marks displayed. 

When he saw that long string of question marks, Dr. Connor’s mood became even more downcast. This result really wasn’t that strange. With the star computing centers that were an entire generation behind, it would be a miracle for them to make any progress on this gene lock within several hundred years. However, Dr. Connor could only transfer over star systems, and only two of them at that. The best computing backbones were all fully occupied with various important missions. There was no way they would be used on this completely hopeless deciphering project. 

However, the gene lock was like a gate, a great gate that separated man and god. Even though he knew that the chances of opening this door were extremely slim, with the door right next to him, Dr. Connor couldn’t control his mood at all and still ended up using a star computing center to try to decipher the gene lock. With the star computing center’s speed, cracking the gene lock was simply an impossible task. However, before he obtained more powerful and more advanced computing backbones, he could use the star to at least carry out some preliminary data collection. 

Under this type of temptation, Dr. Connor was just a normal person. 

Just as the doctor’s mood became more and more depressed, a sweet-sounding ringing sounded from within the office. The doctor’s middle-aged assistant walked over and said, “Dr. Connor, the specimen that had just been sent over has undergone an initial inspection. We’ve discovered two genetic sequences of abilities that are at the sixth level or higher. Apart from this, there is also a genetic segment of an unknown ability. Based on our analysis, this might very well be a new ability that has not been recorded in our formula library.”

“New ability?” Dr. Connor’s attention was successfully diverted from the gene lock. A new ability that the Black Dragonriders didn’t even know about wasn’t as simple as just another ability. It was quite possible that after conducting research on this ability, an entire new series of abilities would emerge. 

Dr. Connor accepted the materials the assistant handed over. He quickly swept his eyes over them and said with a frown, “It’s the Scorpions of Disaster again… Malim? This name is truly strange, but his abilities aren’t bad. Hmm, look over here, this segment is clearly dexterity strengthening ability, and there is a 99% chance that it is the same as our standard formulated ability. However, this 1% difference is rather interesting. I wonder if it is because their ability isn’t fully mature, or if there is a secret we don’t know about. There’s also this part that also needs to be properly researched…”

The assistant recorded the main points of what Dr. Connor said one after another.

“Wait, what is this?”

The assistant gave the area the doctor’s finger pointed at a look and said, “There was originally a computer chip implanted here. However, when Malim was delivered, the computer chip was completely burned. It seems like a self-destruction sequence was carried out…”

“What about the port?” The doctor cut the assistant off. 

The assistant immediately understood what he was saying. He took a deep breath and said, “It’s completely intact.”

The combination between a computer chip and the human body was always a challenging problem. If there was a complete port, then part of the computer chip’s functions could be determined. They might even be able to use it to design a new computer chip.

pa sounded. Dr. Connor closed the materials and handed it into the assistant’s hands. “This Malim is worth at least 600 thousand! You can go and handle it.”

The assistant shrugged his shoulders and said, “Seems like that Su is going to become a captain. Haha, he really is rising quite quickly.”

“What, Su?!” Dr. Connor was originally going to walk to his office table, but when he heard this, he immediately turned around. 

“Exactly. The one that brought this specimen is Lieutenant Su. Of course, he is going to become a captain soon.” The assistant didn’t seem to understand why the doctor was so stirred up. 

The doctor immediately cursed and then said, “No matter what Su brings over, it will always pass through that damn Helen! Think about it carefully. Biochemistry and abilities are her area of expertise, and she doesn’t lack facilities or funds, so why didn’t she keep it for her research and instead handed it over to headquarters?”

“Could it be that she has an even more important research subject and can’t be bothered to deal with these specimens?” The assistant seemed to have understood a bit. 

Dr. Connor didn’t reply. His face became gloomy. He heavily tossed the materials onto his office table and lost all interest in them. 

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