Book 2 Chapter 11.4

Book 2 Chapter 11.4 - Disappointment

“No way! I can still get money from you every month, but after becoming a dragonrider, I still have to make my own money. I’m not that stupid. I’m too tired, so let me go back to sleep.” Li moved back inside the blanket and wrapped it around herself like a cocoon. 

While looking at Li who claimed to not be stupid, Su smiled and once again pulled himself together. There were too many reasons for Su to continue struggling. 

Inside Persephone’s private hospital, Helen stood within her central laboratory that was several hundred square meters. Several dozen screens of various sizes were suspended in front of her that were currently flickering with dazzling images. 

Helen’s eyes didn’t seem to rest on a single point as she took in the information on all of the screens. However, there was still one area her attention was more fixated on, and that was the screen that continued to flicker with white points. The screen originally displayed Su and Li’s passionate and stimulated scene, but after Madeline appeared, all of the cameras were destroyed without a single one remaining. 

Helen didn’t mind the small loss of these recording devices, for she had long predicted that these small things couldn’t avoid Madeline’s detection. All of the scenes were already recorded and saved in the laboratory memory block, so Helen could slowly study these precious materials later. Not only did she acquire the data on Su’s physiological response, she also received the entire love-making process. Those installations contained all types of magnetic and biological scanning functions. Together with the data Helen already had about Su, there was quite a great chance of her unraveling the secrets in Su’s body. 

At this moment, the screen next to Helen flashed, and Persephone’s image appeared. Helen tapped on the screen to accept the communication. 

“Helen, how is your research going?” The current Persephone appeared extremely tired, to the point where even Helen had to admit that Persephone’s current state was just too charming. 

Helen revealed a rare smile and said, “I was just able to receive crucial data, so there should be progress soon. I have to say that your Su is quite formidable.”

Persephone laughed in a manner that wasn’t modest in the slightest and said, “My foresight has always been good! What kind of data did you obtain?”

“This data might be quite interesting to you.” While speaking, Helen tapped a few times on the screen and sent over a segment of Su and Li’s intense battle. 

Persephone clearly did not expect that the data would be this. She released an ah sound, and then she immediately calmed herself down. However, as she watched Su and Li become more and more passionate as they wrapped themselves around each other, her expression clearly became a bit unnatural. 

Persephone slightly frowned and said indifferently, “Helen, what are you trying to imply by sending me this? I know this woman is called Li, and that she is Su’s subordinate, moreover one that is quite useful to him. A dragonrider playing with their subordinates is a rather normal thing.”

Helen adjusted her glasses and said, “Of course I knew that you wouldn’t be happy after seeing this. However, towards my research, all of Su’s data on his sexuality are extremely important. The other crucial point is that there was another person that saw this scene, and she was present when she did so. She should be even more upset than you.”

Without waiting for Helen to finish speaking, Persephone released another low cry. “Madeline?!”

Helen lightly sighed and said, “You really are always smart.”

This time, Persephone’s face became truly unpleasant. She asked in a somewhat cold voice, “Why did she go to Su’s place? Let alone the fact that this matter has nothing to do with you!”

“I was the one that tried to inform her where Su was, and I was also the one that told Li where Su lived. Due to the times matching up, this only took a bit of skill to accomplish.” Helen calmly admitted.

“Why did you have to do that?!” Persephone’s face was already covered with a layer of frost. 

Helen’s reply was extremely direct, “For you and for me. I need the data from this side of Su, but he always refused to cooperate, so what is more fitting than to let Li accomplish this? The one that was originally most suited was you, but you definitely wouldn’t let me collect data, so I could only let Li go. In addition, by letting her see this scene, it would get rid of her delusions towards Su, and as such eliminate one of your greatest enemies.”

Persephone looked calm, but the pencil that spun around in her hand was immediately snapped into several pieces. She couldn’t keep her voice calm anymore, and with undisguised anger, she said, “Helen! I do not need you to interfere on the matters between me and Su! Let me tell you that me and Madeline aren’t enemies! Even if I can’t defeat her in the end, there is still no reason to use these types of methods to hurt her!”

Helen adjusted her glasses a bit again. With her sweet-sounding yet mechanical voice, she said, “However, based on my analysis, the probability of you not being able to defeat her later on is higher. That is why for your future’s sake, it is better to dispel her fantasies earlier on. I am thinking for your sake.”

“You’re lying!” Persephone said without any trace of politeness. 

Helen made an ‘oh’ sound, and with a consistent voice, she answered, “You know that I’ve always spoken the truth with you.”

Persephone coldly said, “Helen, there is one matter that I have never spoken to you about before. Ever since I met you when you were five years old, you always had a habit that you’ve never gotten rid of, which is that whenever you aren’t speaking the truth, you would always adjust your glasses!”

Helen’s hand that was about to adjust her glasses suddenly went rigid!

After ten whole seconds passed, Helen still decided to complete the motion of adjusting her glasses, and only then did she lower her hand. Her eyes also developed a completely emotionless coldness. In an indifferent voice, she said to Persephone, “If you truly didn’t want to hurt her, why didn’t you tell her after you discovered traces of Su, and instead decided to sneakily bring him back first?”

Persephone stared blankly. Only after a moment had passed did a hint of sadness flutter past her eyes. She didn’t say anything, and instead directly cut off the communications screen. 

When the screen grew dim, Helen’s face suddenly lost a bit more color and became even more pale. She seemed extremely exhausted. She sat down on the chair beside her and closed her eyes. 

Before a minute had even passed, Helen opened her eyes. She first fiercely scratched at her hair, and then her standard, machine-like expression returned. She reached out a finger, and one of the screens moved towards her. The screen once again produced Su and Li’s struggle, and beside it flowed an endless torrent of data. Helen concentrated her attention on this. Her pale lips did not contain any color. 

However, the scene only continued for three minutes before it abruptly stopped!

Helen was immediately stupefied and couldn’t help but stand up. Her pale white and slender fingers quickly flew across the screen, and soon after, she discovered the reason. Turns out that most of the data that had been sent back had already been damaged! It wasn’t that they were damaged during the transmission process, because everything had been properly sent back. Instead, when Madeline lashed out while full of complex emotions, a large part of the corresponding data here on Helen’s end had unexpectedly been destroyed!

Helen’s eyebrows quickly locked together, and she immediately entered a state of thinking. In terms of common sense, Madeline’s attack should be completely unrelated to Helen’s data storage here. Helen was quite confident that the firewall definitely wasn’t something that those so-called powerful intelligent brains could break through, and this area wasn’t Madeline’s forte. There was even less of a chance that she would challenge Helen in the field of data war. In that case, how could most of Helen’s data be destroyed under a single strike?

Helen’s face was already quite unpleasant to look at. She thought of a possibility, a possibility that she truly didn’t want to confront. 

Helen suddenly produced a set of tools and pulled apart a corner of the laboratory’s outer shell to carefully inspect it. As expected, on the external memory, there was a rather inconspicuous burn mark. From the damage traces, this should be some type of small bug that had inadvertently climbed into the intelligence brain’s computer case. Then, when it crawled over the memory block, it might have created a leak in the memory block’s surface, or maybe due to the computer case’s static electricity being too great, regardless of the reason, this little thing was burned, and the high temperature that was produced destroyed this portion. However, was it truly that much of a coincidence? Did it really perfectly destroy the data that she had just acquired regarding Su?

This type of damage was already beyond the point of recovery. Helen still had several minutes of data to research, and that was the only silver lining in all of this. 

Helen stared foolishly at this burn trace that was almost impossible to detect with the naked eye, and then she closed the computer case. When she stood up, she stretched out her body. She felt extremely tired. 

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