Book 2 Chapter 11.2

Book 2 Chapter 11.2 - Disappointment

All of Su’s attention had been focused on his own body and worries, so he was completely unaware that someone entered his room. The Black Dragonrider military dormitories were extremely safe, and even cleaning personnel would only appear during certain times. Apart from this, no one else had entered Su’s residence. 

During his surprise, he already saw that the one inside the room was actually Li, so the power he had gathered began to disperse. Li was clearly a bit startled as well. Her breathing was hurried, but she stared fixatedly at Su. 

“Li? How did you come inside?” Su asked. He walked towards his wardrobe and prepared to change clothes. 

“You didn’t even close the door!” Li replied boldly and confidently. Su did not recall that he forgot to lock the door, but in front of Li, these mechanical locks might as well not be there. 

Su first looked Li over carefully. She wore a set of standard half-casual Black Dragonrider subordinate clothes. Her short jacket, skin tight inner clothes, long pants, and mountain climbing boots outlined her figure quite well. Su wanted to see how her injuries were, but his eyes first rested on her waist and legs. 

Su immediately noticed this issue with himself and regained his attention to carefully check the state of Li’s body. When he concentrated his attention, a wave of sharp pain suddenly entered his head. In this state of absent-mindedness, the Li in front of him suddenly became blurry, and another Li emerged from within the shadows. Su was greatly startled. After looking at it carefully, he found that the woman inside the shadows wasn’t Li, but no matter what he did, he couldn’t see her true appearance, as if she really was just something made out of void images. 

The void world disappeared in the blink of an eye, not continuing to exist. Su let out a breath. Even though he didn’t understand the meaning of this white void world, at the very least, there weren’t any bad omens this time. Meanwhile, Li looked extremely healthy. Even though she was still a little bit weak, she would quickly recover. After all, she had four levels of ability in the Combat Domain, which meant that she had an extremely powerful body. 

When the illusion world and reality separated, Su became momentarily distracted. The surroundings darkened, as if this was a dark night instead of a bright afternoon. Inside the darkness, it was almost as if snow was scattering down. Inside the darkness, there seemed to be no one there except Su, as if he was alone inside of an endless world. There was only a tiny bit of light far into the distance. 

In that instant, Su felt as if he was currently sinking into the endless darkness. The feeling of danger poured down on him like a tide, as if it was going to completely drown him! The more powerful the fear within his body became, the more calm Su became. The instant he was about to react, he suddenly felt a powerful sensation attack him that completely shattered the surrounding darkness!

This was a powerful pleasurable sensation. Only when Su recovered his perception of the world did he find that Li had already thrown herself into his embrace. One of her arms was tightly wrapped around his neck, and she was passionately kissing his neck and the back of his ear. Meanwhile, her other hand was tightly grabbed around Su’s crucial area. 

Her body was releasing astonishing heat, as if she was a hot piece of metal. Meanwhile, her arms were quite powerful, making it so that Su practically couldn’t free himself. 

Su didn’t realize that his lower body was firm and upright like steel when he walked out from the bathroom, just like how it always was after a bloody battle. The inside of his body was silently crying out like a hungry and thirsty beast that needed the moisture of water. 

No matter what point of view one looked at it from, Li’s appearance was quite excellent. 

Li felt the power raging within Su’s body like a volcano, but she still didn’t see him taking action. As a result, she forcefully bit down on his neck and said in a low voice through clenched teeth, “Are you a man or not, you gutless thing!”

This sentence from Li immediately ignited the silent volcano! Su’s body bent over and then strengthened out, and the sudden force made Li feel as if she was struck by a tank! She flew into the air and heavily slammed down on the bed!

The muscles on Su’s entire body slowly swelled. He walked towards Li who had been thrown onto the bed and coldly said, “Don’t say these things to me next time.”

Li suddenly sat up and shouted, “That’ll depend on your skills!”

Su frowned, and then he suddenly reached his arms and lifted Li up. Then, his hands grabbed Li’s skintight clothes and erupted with force. It actually tore this rather sturdy tactical skintight vest in half! Su’s hand immediately reached towards Li’s belt, and Li immediately cried out, “What are you trying to do! This old woman will do it herself!”

Before she finished shouting what she wanted to say, she was forced to swallow the rest of her voice. Su grabbed one of her legs and completely flipped her over, easily snapping apart her belt. 

Li cursed loudly and fiercely struggled with almost all the combat abilities she knew. However, it was different from when they were in the jungle. This time, she almost didn’t retaliate or strike back, so in under a minute, she was already completely naked and thrown onto the bed again. 

When she was penetrated, Li suddenly widened her mouth, but no sounds came out! She felt as if she was being suffocated!

After catching her breath slightly, while biting her lips, Li’s arms and legs wrapped tightly around Su and forcefully coiled her body around him like a snake. Even though her movements were a bit shaky, her body’s astonishing strength and suppleness were enough to make any normal man go crazy. 

Li knew that this was already completely different from what happened in the forest. In terms of combat, she was already far from being Su’s opponent. However, she was determined to overwhelm Su in a different battlefield. Li had heard from the women around her more than once that women would forever be the ruler of the bed. 

The battle lasted 48 minutes, ending with Li’s complete defeat. 

Su flipped his body around and laid on a terribly messy bed while staring at the ceiling blankly. Li opened her eyes with difficulty, feeling as if the weight of tanks rested on her eyelids. Even though she was completely and utterly defeated, Li was a bit a bit confused and dissatisfied with Su’s current behavior. 

“Hey! What are you thinking about now?” She moved her weak and aching body so that her chin was resting against Su’s shoulder, staring at Su’s face that looked like a classical sculpture. 

Su softly sighed and said, “I was thinking, what kind of era are we living in?”

“What else could it be? Battle, steal food and water, and after eating and drinking, continue to fight until we die in battle.” Li replied without even taking the time to think. What she described was precisely the lives of thousands upon thousands of refugees.

“Then this era, why is it like this?” Su said in a daze. 

Li was left feeling perplexed. She scratched her short maroon colored hair, and after thinking for a bit, she could only give up and say, “There’s nothing wrong with this! Wasn’t it always like this? Either way, it had been like this for as long as I could remember. However, this Dragon City really isn’t bad. Even though your place isn’t large, it’s extremely clean. There are no places like this outside. For us, this is already paradise.”

Su remained silent for a bit. Then, he slowly said, “I was wondering why there are so many people struggling for survival in this era. Why is there so little food, why everything is changing, including ourselves. In another five, or ten years, who knows what will emerge in this world? Perhaps there won’t be any humans alive anymore.”

Li truly couldn’t shake off the fatigue and said in a daze, “What are you thinking about all that for? It’s pointless even if you think about it. If you want to change that, that’s not hard either! We just need to make an army that conquers everything, and when that time comes, can’t you do whatever you want? No matter how you change this era, others can only listen to you…”

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