Book 2 Chapter 11.1

Book 2 Chapter 11.1 - Disappointment

When Su returned to Dragon City, his mood had already returned to normal. These types of struggles happened often in the wilderness, and there would always be lives lost in the process. If the situation was too harsh, having injuries that were slightly more serious would mean death. Su had experienced countless battles in the past, and each time, the purpose of the battles was for victory and survival. Those battles could not be considered righteous, nor could they be considered important. 

However, this battle was a bit different. Regardless of whether it was the Scorpions of Disaster or the Black Dragonriders, they all broke free from the predicament of survival and began to fight for the sake of expansion and domination. Su, inside of this type of war, was just a small corner. The Scorpions of Disaster were ants that simultaneously pushed and retreated, while Black Dragonriders’ fighters could continuously grow within the blood and flames. From the perspective of one’s destiny, it was obviously better to be on the Black Dragonriders’ side....

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