Book 2 Chapter 10.5

Book 2 Chapter 10.5 - Chosen's Battle

The Glock roared again. This time, the recoil force caused Su’s arm to rise into the sky before it was completely neutralized. The gunshot was extremely oppressed, and what fired from the muzzle was a faint blue flame. Only, before the gun was fired, Martham was still able to hurriedly cover his face with his arms, and the area Su aimed for was between the space between his brows!

A small hole suddenly emerged on Martham’s left forearm that was covered in leather-like skin. His muscles quickly bulged, and countless cracks appeared on his skin shortly after. It abruptly exploded, sending flesh and blood flying everywhere! When the bloody mist cleared up, a large, ten centimeter wide wound could be seen on Martham’s forearm. The dark blue bullet had already completely deformed after inserting itself deep into bone. 

Su continued to smile, but the green flame deep within his eye...

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