Book 2 Chapter 10.5

Book 2 Chapter 10.5 - Chosen's Battle

The Glock roared again. This time, the recoil force caused Su’s arm to rise into the sky before it was completely neutralized. The gunshot was extremely oppressed, and what fired from the muzzle was a faint blue flame. Only, before the gun was fired, Martham was still able to hurriedly cover his face with his arms, and the area Su aimed for was between the space between his brows!

A small hole suddenly emerged on Martham’s left forearm that was covered in leather-like skin. His muscles quickly bulged, and countless cracks appeared on his skin shortly after. It abruptly exploded, sending flesh and blood flying everywhere! When the bloody mist cleared up, a large, ten centimeter wide wound could be seen on Martham’s forearm. The dark blue bullet had already completely deformed after inserting itself deep into bone. 

Su continued to smile, but the green flame deep within his eye suddenly throbbed! This shot that was fired from the Glock could blast straight through a rhinoceros, but it only managed to inflict this type of wound that didn’t affect the situation much on Martham! Su began to doubt whether or not Martham’s body could even be considered organic anymore. 

However, right now, Martham’s body was already covered in many wounds, which gave Su more and more confidence. The Glock in his hand pointed at Malim again, and this movement immediately caused the roaring Martham to immediately quiet down. 

“Back up, or else I will immediately blast a hole in his head.” Su noticed that his tone of speaking was completely the same as when they first met, to the extent where there was absolutely no difference. It was as if a tape recorder was playing; this style of speech was a bit too similar to Helen’s. 

Martham straightened his body. His well-built body was covered in wounds of various sizes, and every single one was flowing with blood. The wounds on his left arm and shoulder were especially terrifying. However, there wasn’t the slightest bit of pain or anger on his face. There was only sadness, resoluteness, and a dignified expression.

Martham took a deep breath, and then he suddenly released a sorrowful cry into the sky! His voice rang through the night sky, echoing through the low hanging clouds of radiation for a long time without disappearing. 

Martham suddenly tightened his right fist. With a roar, he slammed it heavily onto the ground! The ground trembled and then cracked apart. A streak extended forward that stretched towards Malim’s body. The moment the right fist landed on the ground, Martham’s left hand opened up and reached towards Su!

Su immediately felt an enormous pressure spreading to him, to the extent where even his breathing came to a standstill! He felt as if he was submerged underwater, as if a heavy pressure weighed down on his entire body. If it was an ordinary person, they might not even be able to move again. However, Su’s control and coordination over his own body were incomparable. Even though he only had a single level of power strengthening, he could instantly erupt with astonishing power. 

All of the muscles on his body bulged. His movements were clearly sluggish, as if he was moving through dried concrete, but he raised the Glock and fired in Martham’s direction!

The instant the Glock roared, the pressure around Su’s body immediately lessened. Another bloody hole appeared on Martham’s chest! Meanwhile, Su, who had his movement ability restored, immediately used his foot to send Malim upwards. He then sprinted ten meters horizontally with Malim’s body to avoid the crack that was extending towards him. 

While running, Su fired three times at Martham, but only the third shot hit its target. The other two shots were clearly well aimed, but the bullets entered a formless force field that deviated their trajectories. However, when Su's third shot fired, the force field around Martham’s body couldn’t handle the continuous explosions and finally collapsed, adding another injury to his left shoulder. 

At this moment, Martham’s entire body was already covered in injuries. He gave Malim a look, and then ferociously trampled on the ground. The ground violently trembled, causing the surrounding earth to crack apart. Large pieces of cement flew into the air, hiding Martham’s body. He decisively turned around and sprinted towards the depths of Pendulum City. 

Su’s heart was ice cold. He raised the gun, took aim, and fired. Only when he heard a pained groan from Martham did he put away the gun. He then picked up Malim’s body and then ran towards the boundless darkness outside Pendulum City. 

While running through the darkness, Su’s smile disappeared without a trace. For some reason, he just couldn’t smile, and he didn’t even have the interest to maintain the smile he was used to showing. Su’s heart felt extremely heavy. 

Su didn’t want to silently run, because this would only bring about many details that he wished to forget. As such, he made a simple report of this battle while running and also sent it out.

Less than a minute after this report was sent out, Persephone’s image appeared on Su’s tactical board. This time, there was a rare peaceful and beautiful background behind her, to the extent where he could even see silver moonlight seeping out through the cracks in the clouds. 

“The battle this time wasn’t bad! Moreover, your strategy was extremely beautiful! My Su is quite a smart one!” Persephone seemed extremely happy. Regardless of whether she showed her excitement or anger, she would always appear exceptionally charming. 

“... was just a bit lucky.” Su found that even when he found Persephone, his heart still felt heavy, heavy to the point where there was a bit of pain. 

The attentive Persephone immediately noticed the gloominess on Su’s face. “What’s wrong? It seems like your mood isn’t that great? Your strategy this time was quite excellent, and there is nothing I can pick at regarding your way of maintaining superiority. You should be happy.”

“... it’s nothing much. I just feel…” After hesitating a bit, when faced with Persephone, Su finally changed what he was used to doing, opening his heart a bit. He sighed and said, “... that even though I was in control of the situation, I should still maintain a bit of modesty and respect.”

Su’s last sentence clearly left Persephone a bit shocked. She became silent for a few seconds, and then she said that they would chat again later. Then, she cut off communications.

As such, Su carried this burden and continued to run through this endless darkness towards the brightly lit Dragon City. 

The place where Persephone was located at was a quiet little valley. There were more than ten military tents of various sizes. This was the temporary camp for her and her subordinates. 

She quietly stood next to a small brook that had not frozen over yet and watched the trickling water. Unexpectedly, this water was still rather clear, but Persephone’s mind was not on this. Her heart continuously fluttered back and forth, continuously thinking about Su’s final sentence. This sentence was something she was extremely familiar with, as if she had seen it somewhere before. In addition, when Su spoke this sentence, it left her with an extremely strange feeling. This was a completely unfamiliar feeling, one that made Su change into someone else, someone who Persephone had never met or came into contact with before. 

In fact, no matter how she thought about it, she couldn’t figure out where Su seemed different from how he was in the past. His movements, expressions, tone, and way of speaking were exactly the same as the Su Persephone remembered, but from her intuition, she felt as if it was a different person. Perhaps it was also Su, but it wasn’t the Su she recognized. 

Even Persephone herself felt as if this type of feeling was extremely absurd. After all, her memory was extremely astonishing, and she shouldn’t have this type of confused feeling. She laughed, and then prepared to make use of this natural creek water. There was no way she was going to waste this rare peaceful night on some strange thoughts. From the half year after she first saw Su on the screen, she had already experienced too many strange things. 

Just when she removed the pencil from her hair, her entire body suddenly went rigid! Persephone immediately returned to her normal appearance, and after crying out, a young and pretty woman immediately sprinted over. This was her new confidential assistant. 

“Bring one over to me!” Persephone instructed.

The young lady was extremely agile, and in just half a minute, a well-preserved ‘Revelation’ was already delivered in front of Persephone. 

Persephone was extremely familiar with the black cover of this ‘Revelation’. She drew out a light streak with her pencil, and then flipped through a few pages to find the passage she was looking for. Then, her smile froze before disappearing. 

Persephone flipped to that page that was under ‘Revelation: Good News’. Below that page, there was a sentence:

The apostle said, “Even if I have absolute control, I will still maintain modesty and respect.”

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