Book 2 Chapter 10.4

Book 2 Chapter 10.4 - Chosen's Battle

When the Glock’s muzzle aimed at Malim’s head, Su immediately saw Martham’s pupils contracting. The blood vessels that were exposed on his skin also seemed to have swelled quite a bit. Meanwhile, when the Glock was moved away slightly, Martham would relax slightly. These were actually extremely slight changes, but Su possessed an astonishing memory and analyzing abilities. Not even the slightest change in Martham’s appearance would avoid his detection.

“It seems like his head is the crucial point.” Su inwardly made this deduction. 

Su and Martham stood in opposition, and this persisted for close to a minute. This minute felt incomparably long, and the cold winds of night seemed to have frozen still as well. 

Martham’s body was...

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