Book 2 Chapter 10.4

Book 2 Chapter 10.4 - Chosen's Battle

When the Glock’s muzzle aimed at Malim’s head, Su immediately saw Martham’s pupils contracting. The blood vessels that were exposed on his skin also seemed to have swelled quite a bit. Meanwhile, when the Glock was moved away slightly, Martham would relax slightly. These were actually extremely slight changes, but Su possessed an astonishing memory and analyzing abilities. Not even the slightest change in Martham’s appearance would avoid his detection.

“It seems like his head is the crucial point.” Su inwardly made this deduction. 

Su and Martham stood in opposition, and this persisted for close to a minute. This minute felt incomparably long, and the cold winds of night seemed to have frozen still as well. 

Martham’s body was injured. His right shoulder and right back were badly mangled, and his injuries seemed much more severe than Su’s. However, from Su’s point of view, he couldn’t see just how great the injury on his back was. 

Su stared at Martham’s bare chest and became inwardly vigilant. The skin covering his chest was tough, durable, and covered in criss-crossed scars, but this thick skin still couldn’t  conceal the veined patterns of the muscles below. From the distance, it looked as if there were many earthworms crawling about. However, this wasn’t what Su was expecting to see. There was supposed to be a bloody hole that completely penetrated through. 

When Martham first appeared, Su already recognized him to be the well-built male that was sitting in front of the window as bait. An ordinary target would never make Su rashly take action. For the sake of breaking this trap, Su specially exchanged the ordinary bullet for an armor penetrating one. This wasn’t an ordinary bullet meant for dealing with with a human or living target. Su’s original intention was to deliver a shot that possessed overwhelming power to inflict an unexpected blow, and from there on throw the enemy’s plans into chaos. However, the armor penetrating bullet wasn’t even able to pierce through this giant’s body!

Su couldn’t help but reassess the strength of the enemy in front of him. 

“Your injuries are more severe than mine.” Su’s eyes began to burn with a green flame.

Martham began to become more and more impatient. “Let Malim go, and then you can leave. I won’t kill you this time!”

“Malim can’t be saved anymore.” Su remained unmoving like a rock. He simply stared at Martham, not allowing any changes in his expression to escape his detection. 

The muscles on Martham’s face twitched, and the blood vessels that coiled about continuously squirmed about. In front of this body that wasn’t particularly large, terrifying power began to gather. 

“Leave Malim, and then go away!” There weren’t many movements on Malim’s body, only an occasional twitch of his arms and legs. When he saw this situation, Martham roared. His patience was clearly reaching its limit. 

“I want to wait a bit before leaving.” Su laughed and said. 

A battle seemed to be on the verge of erupting!

Su stared at Martham, and then he suddenly pressed down on the Glock’s trigger. The muzzle was still aimed at Malim’s head!

“Don’t!” Martham released a world-shaking roar. His entire body used force, and then he shot over like an artillery shell! The ground where he landed immediately cracked apart under the tremendous force. Meanwhile, many of the blood vessels on his body ruptured from being unable to bear the sudden explosive power, causing bits of blood to spray out. 

There were several dozen meters between them, and he didn’t use a running start either. This distance wasn’t something that one could cross in a single step. When Martham’s feet landed heavily on the ground, he prepared to rushed in front of Su with just a single step, even though he knew deep down quite clearly, that there was no way he could stop the the Glock from releasing its explosive sound in time. 

Just when his foot already exerted force, Su suddenly moved, raising the Glock at a speed Martham didn’t expect at all. The trigger was then pressed all the way down! The explosive sound of the Glock was something Martham anticipated, but the muzzle was actually pointed at Martham!

Martham roared as if he was crazy, but his body was already ascending, so there was no way for him to dodge this gun that suddenly fired. In that instant, Martham’s extremely thick left foot reached outwards and heavily slammed onto the ground. The tremendous force immediately made the ground cave in, and then it rippled outwards like a wave, spreading almost to a ten meter wide circle. With this tremendous force, Martham’s body finally forcefully came to a stop. He only had the time to cover his face with his arms afterwards, relying on his powerful flesh to defend himself against the explosion of the Glock pistol. 

This shot still used a bullet that contained pellets. The alloy pellets flew out like rain, landing on Martham’s body with pu pu pu sounds. The alloy pellets’ power tore through Martham’s centimeter thick skin, causing it to continuously deform and tearing at Martham’s steel like muscle fibers. 

Almost the instant the gun fired at Martham, Su lowered the Glock and at the same time nimbly switched bullets. In tonight’s battle, Su only fired the Glock twice, so there were still enough bullets inside of this pistol. However, just from how Martham was moving to his body’s transformations, Su came to the conclusion that the pellet bullets with astonishing close-range power weren’t enough to greatly injure Martham and could only hinder him a bit. However, during the time it temporarily hindered him, Su already switched to bullets with more power. 

Martham’s arms slightly opened. After taking a look through the crack, he released his arms and assumed a charging posture. However, after crouching down, his body went rigid again. Low growls that were full of anger were continuously released from his throat. 

The Glock that had its bullets exchanged was aimed at Malim’s head again. No matter what type of bullet it was, the Glock could easily blast his head into meat paste. 

“Move back, or else I’ll blast his head apart immediately.” Su’s smile was extremely charming. His voice was as cold as ice; no one would doubt how decisive Su was. 

Martham released a few low growls from his throat, and the muscles around his entire body squirmed. Pu pu sounds continuously rang out, slowly sending pellets out one after another. His left leg seemed a bit heavy. It seemed like his body couldn’t bear the tremendous force after coming to a hurried start just now, and as a result, it injured itself quite a bit. 

Su didn’t wait for Martham to return to his original spot. Instead, when he saw his center of gravity shift slightly, he suddenly pulled the trigger again!

“Don’t!” Martham roared with all of his strength, his imposing face already appearing to be a bit sinister. He did everything he could to rush towards Su, and as a result, the ground beneath his feet once again distorted, and the skin covering his bulging muscles began to crack apart inch by inch. Crazy winds suddenly stirred up around Martham’s enormous body as he rushed out with an even greater ferociousness than previously. However, due to his left leg’s injuries, Martham’s speed and reaction ability already weakened a bit. He obviously wasn’t going to make it in time to stop Su’s shot. 

Reflected within Martham’s eyes that had become perfectly round was Su’s handsome smiling face, as well as his slowly raising Glock that aimed at Martham’s body. Things were playing out exactly as he had predicted. 

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