Book 2 Chapter 10.3

Book 2 Chapter 10.3 - Apostle’s Chosen

Malim immediately chased in pursuit. With the assistance of the long steel chains and his body’s nimble movements, his speed was clearly faster than the sprinting Su’s. The distance between the two was gradually pulled closer. 

Malim seemed to have seen something. He suddenly increased his speed towards Su while shouting with his shrill voice, “Stop! In front of you is a minefield…”

Before he even finished his sentence, his shouting voice suddenly stopped. Malim never expected Su to suddenly stop! However, not only did Su stop, he actually turned around and ran towards Malim, and even though the Glock returned to the holder, the military knife was in his hands! In addition, the speed at which he rushed out at was one and a half the speed he used when he was fleeing previously!

There were only several dozen meters or so between the two, so it was covered in the blink of an eye. Malim’s eyes were widened to their limit. He shrieked loudly and continuously moved about. His two claws already turned into afterimages as they grabbed at Su. His tongue swelled like a blown-up balloon, and then it rapidly contracted before spewing out a jet of thick green liquid directly at Su!

Without even thinking about it, Su already knew that he definitely couldn’t come into contact with this liquid. However, he was prepared. His entire body ducked down, as if it was sticking to the ground. The venom sprayed directly above his back. Then, Su’s right hand reached out with lightning speed, forcefully thrusting towards Malim’s clawed figure. What followed was an unknown number of metallic clashes. However, the one that released a miserable scream was Malim. Even though Su’s movements weren’t as nimble as his, the preciseness and power of his movements were much greater than Malim’s. In addition, he held a military knife in his hands! Malim’s claws were extremely tough, actually enabling him to collide against Su’s composite knife, but his arms and palms weren’t that tough. Under this extremely fast struggle, Su’s right hand and Malim’s claws arms were continuously lacerated. However, the damage Malim suffered was much more severe, with quite a few of the blade injuries cutting into his bone!

While Su pinned down Malim with his right hand, his left hand already pointed at Malim! If he was blasted by the Glock under this distance, it was possible that a smaller half of his body would be blasted apart!

He released a sharp screech. His entire body then suddenly bounced up, leaping into the air. However, even though Malim’s movements were fast enough, he found that Su was actually even a bit faster than himself! Su’s body seemed to have an invisible spring installed in it as he bounced out in a perfectly straight manner. However, Malim jumped towards the air, while Su’s feet were still firmly nailed onto the ground. 

Malim’s eyes seemed to have suddenly captured something, and his body immediately went ice cold! He noticed that the steel chain connected to his own right leg was firmly stepped on by Su’s feet!

“No!...” Malim’s screech immediately tore through the deep night sky. His scream was immediately cut short by the rough explosion of the Glock pistol!

The moment Malim’s body froze in midair, a barrage of alloy pellets already sprayed over, almost all of them landing on Malim’s body. In the night sky, a bloody sphere of mist appeared. At the center of the bloody mist was Malim. 

With a plop sound, Malim fell from the sky onto the ground. After tumbling a few times, he lay on the ground with his head facing upwards. Almost all the flesh on his body had been blasted rotten. His arms and legs were still twitching, but he didn’t even have the energy to get up. Badly mangled flesh covered his face, and his eyes were already blind. His mouth was opened wide, breathing heavily as his chest rose and fell continuously. His long tongue draped over the side of his mouth in a limp fashion, continuously spraying out dark green venom. As this venom flowed down Malim’s cheek, it burned the flesh until it released faint wisps of green smoke. 

Not even Malim’s own flesh could resist the viciousness of the venom’s corrosion. It was unknown whether it was because he already couldn’t sense pain or if it was too painful, but Malim couldn’t feel the pain from the venom’s corrosion at all. 

Su walked to Malim’s side and silently looked at him. As he walked over, his right hand continuously dripped out blood. When his blood landed on Malim’s bloody and minced flesh, it would suddenly turn into a purple black expanse, and the surrounding blood and flesh would all be dyed a similar color. Then, this purple black flesh would condense into a small sphere. The outside of this sphere would gradually turn ash gray before ultimately turning into ashes. 

He didn’t know how old Malim was, but Su could imagine that Malim had countless experiences against firearms. Just like Su, within the darkness and complex terrain, Malim’s strength would increase many times over. The various firearms were practically useless against him, and even shotguns might as well be useless. Perhaps, tonight was the first time Malim developed a fear for firearms, as well as the last time. Unfortunately, he met Su, someone who was similarly nimble, adept at hiding and detection, as well as someone who similarly enjoyed the darkness. However, unlike Malim, Su used a gun. In Su’s hands, the Glock pistol could display unimaginable might. 

Malim couldn’t see anything anymore. As he breathed heavily, his muttering was like the cries of a wild beast. “Don’t run away, Martham will kill you… apostle won’t kill you… you and Malim have a similar scent… Malim has never lied…”

Malim repeatedly spoke these words. It seemed like his consciousness already entered a blurry state. 

Similar scent… What was the scent that was similar? Could it be the scent of a wild beast? Those that grew up in the wilderness perhaps all had different scents than pure humans. 

Su tossed his puzzlement and hesitation aside and raised the military knife. This was war, and there was only life or death; there was nothing else. Malim was an important character on the other side, and he also possessed special abilities. It was evident how important he was to the Scorpions of Disaster and further battles from today on. There was no way Su could bring his entire body back, but he could bring back his head and a few other important inner organs with him. 

“Don’t!” A mad roar rang out like a thunderclap through Pendulum City’s skies. A bald giant that was over two meters tall sprinted over in large strides. 

His body contained terrifying power, and every step crossed more than ten meters of distance. Whenever his body landed, the ground would tremble slightly. The flesh on the giant’s body intertwined, developing to a stage that didn’t look like that of a human’s anymore. The veins and arteries that coiled about underneath his skin were several centimeters thick, and his skin was full of round faded spots. The giant’s skin had a coarse and rough texture to it, as if it was the skin of a water buffalo. It was completely different from the fine and easily broken skin of humans. 

Su’s pupils began to shrink. He felt another clear stinging sensation. This giant definitely possessed terrifying abilities, so he wasn’t as easy to defeat as he looked like from the outside. 

Even though the giant’s body didn’t look like that of a human’s and the two long fangs that extended from his mouth proved that his bloodline was a bit closer to those of mutated creatures, he had an extremely dignified looking face. 

“Back away from Malim, or else I will tear you to shreds!” The giant stood thirty meters away. His roar was deep and imposing. What was peculiar was that his speech was extremely precise and not like the howling of a wild beast. Su didn’t need an explanation to know that this steel tower like giant was most likely Martham. 

When he saw Martham, Su didn’t know why, but he thought of Captain Curtis. They were similarly like chunks of steel, only, Martham was heavier, while the captain had more density. 

“Martham?” Su asked. He could see the giant’s undisguisable concern, and as such, he casually aimed the muzzle of the Glock towards Malim’s body. Under this distance, with the Glock’s power, he didn’t even have to aim it. Regardless of which area of the body he shot at, it would be fatal. Malim’s figure was small like a monkey. If it suffered this shot, there was a chance that it might be directly blasted into two pieces. 

“I am Martham! Damn it! Move your toy away!” The giant couldn’t help but take a step forward. 

“Maybe I should blast him apart first?” Su calmly said. The Glock moved up slightly and aimed at Malim’s brain. 

“Don’t!” Martham first released a cry. Then, he noticed that Su had been calmly looking at himself the whole time. He immediately calmed down and said, “You piece of shit, leave Malim behind and then go. I won’t kill you this time.”

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