Book 2 Chapter 10.3

Book 2 Chapter 10.3 - Apostle’s Chosen

Malim immediately chased in pursuit. With the assistance of the long steel chains and his body’s nimble movements, his speed was clearly faster than the sprinting Su’s. The distance between the two was gradually pulled closer. 

Malim seemed to have seen something. He suddenly increased his speed towards Su while shouting with his shrill voice, “Stop! In front of you is a minefield…”

Before he even finished his sentence, his shouting voice suddenly stopped. Malim never expected Su to suddenly stop! However, not only did Su stop, he actually turned around and ran towards Malim, and even though the Glock returned to the holder, the military knife was in his hands! In addition, the speed at which he rushed out at was one and a half the speed he used when he was fleeing previously!

There were only several dozen meters or so between the two, so it was covered in the blink...

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