Book 2 Chapter 10.2

Book 2 Chapter 10.2 - Chosen's Battle

Su’s opponent already launched towards the ground with lightning speed, and then even bounced to the side. The place the Glock was aimed at was a position slanted above him. The bullet that was originally aimed at him wasn’t going to hit anything, but as soon as he bounced out a meter, his entire body strangely rose upwards. Even though his body twisted about to change directions, his body was still brushed by the barrage of bullets!

The Glock’s power was even greater than the olden-era large caliber shotguns. Even if the bullet only scraped his body, a large blast of blood still appeared in the air. 

Su’s opponent released a strange cry. Like a rubber ball, he bounced a few times against the ground and wall. He then bounced dozens of meters outwards before suspending himself on the wall of a building. 

This was the first time he stopped, as well as the first time Su was able to clearly see his opponent. 

The one hanging on the wall was an extremely thin and weak looking person. His height didn’t seem greater than a meter and a half, and he looked to be forty kilograms at most. However, his arms were disproportionately long, and his legs were warped in an extremely strange fashion. His entire body seemed to have stuck to the wall. His body was covered in semi-transparent black clothes. On his bare feet were toes that looked like those of an olden-era orangutan, and right now, they were firmly latched onto the wall. 

From the various external characteristics, this looked like a male. However, his face was covered in wrinkles, making him look more like a monkey than a human. He was baring his fangs, allowing Su to see that his canines were clearly different from those of a human’s. The disproportionate pupils were like those of a cat’s, and under the darkness of night, they released sparkling yellow-green radiance. 

He was gasping for breath and staring hatefully at Su. His eyes were full of hatred and blood-thirstiness. The skintight clothes were torn at the waist, and half of his lower back was badly mangled. Blood continuously flowed outwards in trickling streams along the wall. The injury the Glock pistol inflicted was clearly not light, to the point where it exceeded Su’s expectations. 

Even though the distance between them couldn’t be considered far, even with all of Su’s sight strengthening, the body of this monkey-like male really was just too similar to his surrounding environment. His outline was extremely blurry, and it was changing slightly from time to time as well, as if it would blend into the wilderness scenery at any time. It was quite strenuous to focus his eyes on this target, and just staring at this individual for slightly longer would immediately make one feel great fatigue. 

Even though this male’s build was extremely small, it was abnormally nimble and agile, with strength that wasn’t weak either. It definitely possessed some unknown ability that was similar to a lizard’s camouflage, allowing him to hide in the darkness. It was unknown if this ability was effective during daytime. 

Su hid within the darkness, relying on the terrain to conceal himself. He restrained his presence, making his body temperature the same as his environment to hide his body. The concealment methods of both sides were achieved through different means. 

The ends of this small yet extremely nimble male’s limbs were connected to extremely thin metal chains. The metal chain’s edges were grinded until they were extremely sharp; this was precisely the murderous weapon that penetrated through Su’s arm. 

Su spread out his right hand and looked at his similarly badly mangled palm. The meticulous chain wiring inside the tactical gloves had already been sliced apart by the metal chains, and there was even a deep opening sliced into his palm. There was a bloody hole on his left arm as well that was a bit frightening to look at. However, Su’s injuries still seemed quite a bit lighter than those of the male in front of him. As the representative of the new era’s high power pistols, this Glock wasn’t something that could be casually fired. 

When he saw Su’s wounds, the male on the other side cried out a few times like a wild beast. The hatred and resentment in his eyes lessened a bit, and a bit more complacency appeared. His upper body twisted at a ridiculous angle, as if there weren’t any bones in his body, and then he began to lick at the wounds along his ribs and lower back. 

With close to a hundred meters between them, the Glock that did not possess long-range precision already didn’t pose much of a threat to the monkey-like male. Su took off his tactical gloves that were already tattered beyond belief and also began to lick his right hand and left arm’s injuries like a wild beast. 

When the beast-like male saw Su’s movements, the vicious radiance in his eyes clearly became much weaker. 

“Su?!” he suddenly cried out Su’s name, only, his pronunciation was extremely stiff and shrill. It sounded just like the zhi zhi sounds a monkey made. 

Su raised his head and looked vigilantly at the small, monkey-like male. His left eye that flickered with green radiance seemed especially eye-catching in the darkness. 

When the beast-like male saw Su’s left eye that released radiance like a wolf, his viciousness decreased a bit more. “I’m called Malim, a powerful apostle’s chosen! The apostle wanted you, but didn’t say whether he wants you dead or alive. If you surrender now, I can bring you back alive. If Martham came, you would definitely have been brought back dead.”

“Is that so?” Su seemed to be hesitating. 

Malim’s body twisted about, removing the alloy pellets from his body one by one. It seemed like this shriveled body contained terrifying power. When he saw Su’s hesitation, he immediately said, “Martham is extremely scary, and he likes to cut people the most! Malim never lies. Even though Malim is hurt, Malim still has fifty percent confidence in killing you, but Malim won’t kill you. Malim wants to bring you back so you can become an apostle’s chosen too.”

“Fifty percent confidence?” Su seemed to hesitate even more. 

“At least half!” Malim was extremely confident in himself. However, he didn’t notice that the injuries on Su’s palm and arm were already closed, and his ribs and lower back were still flowing with blood. 

Su’s body suddenly lowered a bit. Even though he immediately grabbed the wall to steady himself, there was still a bit of weakness shown. While staring at Malim, Su slowly slid down the wall, gradually approaching the ground. 

Malim immediately jumped onto the ground. He released a low intimidating roar while closing in on Su. Even when moving on flat ground, Malim still travelled on all fours, and his joints were completely different from those of ordinary humans. They didn’t seem like those of wolves or leopards, and instead like the limbs of insects. 

“Su! Return with me. Otherwise, you will definitely die! Martham already rushed over, so you cannot escape!” Malim bared his fangs, allowing dark green saliva to continuously flow from his mouth. When it landed on the ground, a green smoke would emerge, burning open a small hole. 

Su’s pupil immediately narrowed slightly. Malim’s saliva contained shocking corrosive properties. In the wilderness, mutated creatures with these characteristics were all poisonous, and they most likely had poison shooting capabilities. Malim’s actions were a demonstration, or perhaps a reminder for Su not to act recklessly. 

Su already landed on the ground. A faint trembling could be felt from his legs; it seemed like someone was currently rushing in this direction. If this person was that Martham Malim was talking about, then he definitely possessed astonishing weight and power. Moreover, what was a bit terrifying was that he clearly possessed astonishing speed!

After hesitating for just a few seconds, the trembling of the ground became much clearer. Faced with Martham’s astonishing speed, Pendulum City truly did seem a bit small. 

At this time, Su was like a wild beast that completely relied on instinct. He clearly felt a bit of danger. He suddenly turned around and rushed out from the city!

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