Book 2 Chapter 10.1

Book 2 Chapter 10.1 - Chosen's Battle

When the bullet left the chamber, Su did not hesitate in the slightest. As the muzzle shifted to the side, it made two slight stops, sending out two fire bomb bullets flying outwards towards the two fuel vehicles at the outermost region. Then, three more muffled gunshots rang out, and the specially made bullets, meant for targeting the intelligent mechas already left the weapon towards the three quietly resting reapers. 

The male in front of the window collapsed. The bullet landed on the back of his shoulder, causing blood to splash across the window. The two fuel vehicles also punctually ignited with light blue flames. These were all within Su’s expectations, but the reapers’ reactions were rather unexpected. 

From the experience he gained after several battles, the reapers’ chest armor possessed the highest level of defense, so it was extremely difficult to directly blast it apart with a weapon attack. Meanwhile, apart from a few sensor units, its head didn’t have any crucial components. If its attacker lacked information and concentrated their firepower on its head, only a few electronic eyes and assistance processors would be destroyed. There were more than enough installations like the electronic eyes within its enormous body, so even if its head was completely blasted flying, it still wouldn’t affect how it acquired information from the surroundings much. This was why Su aimed at the area between the head and body, because this was where the reapers’ weakest point was. If the special bullets entered the body from this area, it might produce an unexpectedly good result.

After being struck by the bullets, the reapers’ neck immediately burned with deep blue light. Then, a blue sphere of plasma unexpectedly floated in the air. The deep blue lights made a few circles downwards before entering through the cracks of the armor, streak after streak. 

The reaper seemed to have begun rumbling at the same time. All of the hidden electronic eyes in its body extended outwards and flickered with different types of radiance. Its chest armor, rib armor, and other armor pieces that could move continuously opened and closed. The weapon systems inside roared incessantly, frantically sending its ammunition flying outwards. As for the target, those disordered and blindly shot bullets didn’t seem to be aiming at anything. It was to the extent where even when the outer armor closed, the machine gun cannon continued to roar until the safety device forcefully switched it off. However, the howling torrent of bullets already blasted the outer edges apart and even blasted the insides until flames gushed outwards. 

The three reapers all began to move, smashing their bodies about within the camp while completely oblivious to what they were crushing. There was even one that smashed into a building and ended up completely stuck within the ruined walls and pillars. It still frantically increased its horsepower, as if it wanted to forcefully push down the building in front of it. 

They were going crazy; this was the first thought that entered Su’s head. Could even mechas go crazy? Or was it because they were already developing the first signs of intellect?

When Su saw these reapers, he began to feel more and more like they were mutated creatures that were suffering from extreme pain and unbearable suffering. However, they couldn’t immediately die, and as such suffered from this endless torment. 

Su never thought that Helen’s bullets would actually produce this type of effect! They brought endless suffering to the mechanical beings. Apart from making Su develop a bit of doubt towards her innately cold nature, it didn’t seem to have any other use. Based on normal reasoning, intelligent mechas shouldn’t know what fear was. Being able to make them go crazy like this could only be explained by Helen’s unique tastes. 

While thinking these thoughts, Su had already left his sniping position and ran towards a different direction, something all seasoned snipers would do. However, all of his perception abilities, especially his long-range perception, were raised to their limits. Since it was a trap, the other party wouldn’t end up in a chaotic state after this anticipated attack and would instead attack one after another. 

Sure enough, before he even left five meters, Su felt the air behind him become a bit disorderly. However, this wasn’t the feeling of being aimed at by a sniper. The feeling of being aimed at was one that felt like being pricked at by needles, and it was the core of the third level long-distance defense ability in the Mysterious Fields. After strengthening this ability, Su became even more sensitive towards the feeling of being targeted. 

Su’s body momentarily stopped, and then he suddenly flashed to the side. At the same time, he moved the Glock pistol to his left hand. The moment his figure flashed out, several indistinct shadows passed by his body’s original position. Large amounts of sparks splashed everywhere, and then several deep holes were left behind on the roof.

Su then backed up several meters. A dark figure flashed by his face. Even though he didn’t know what it was, he could feel its terrifying destructive power from the sharp whistling sounds and the hints of coldness.

In the darkness, there seemed to be an extremely weak shadow flickering about that was running around Su at high speed. Su was also moving about quickly, changing directions from time to time. However, towards this opponent that was similarly moving without any patterns, Su couldn’t take aim either. 

Under these high speed movements, the wind that assailed their faces was cold and hard. The two chased after each other like flashes of lightning, flashing from one roof to another, and even when they entered the abandoned houses in the ruins, they still continuously weaved about. While pursuing and dodging, the two individuals continuously attacked each other. Su didn’t purely dodge; while avoiding his opponent’s attacks, he was always trying to lock onto his opponent. The Glock in his hand was already adjusted to rapid-fire mode, but it didn’t fire. However, the opponent was clearly quite apprehensive towards the Glock, because as soon as the crosshairs hovered over this individual’s body, it would abandon all attacks and quickly dodge, not giving Su the chance to fire at all. From time to time, there would be one or two Scorpions of Disaster who entered the battle between these individuals, however, they would suddenly stand still. After standing still for a few seconds, they would fall onto the ground and release a spray of blood like colored silk. 

The pursuit had already lasted more than half a minute, but Su still could not see what this terrifying opponent looked like, to the extent where he wasn’t even able to clearly see what type of weapon his opponent had. He only knew that its build was extremely small, seemingly like a human shaped creature. Su didn’t know if it was iron chains or something else, but there were four five to six meter long long and thin weapons. From the attacking style, the weapon his opponent was using could be considered cold weaponry. 

When fighting at such a close distance and in such high-speed combat, the disadvantages of a pistol were extremely evident. From the moment the trigger was pressed to when the weapon fired, both sides could shift overt ten meters outwards, so rifles were even more useless. Su already moved the rifle to his back. With the Glock in his left hand, he lowered his body and shifted outwards like a demon. Meanwhile, the body of Su’s opponent was bent even lower, and sometimes, both his hands and feet would be used, making him look just like an extremely nimble reptile! Apart from just attacking, the four long and slender weapons had climbing functions and also greatly increased this individual’s flexibility. Su already pressed the trigger of the Glock pistol to its critical point; as long as he moved his finger down a slight bit more, it would fire. This was what made his opponent feel apprehension. Otherwise, no matter how great the power of the pistol was, a pistol that couldn’t hit its target was no different from a useless lump of metal. 

Su leapt up from the ground and landed on the outer wall of a building. Then, on the wall that didn’t seem to have any place to draw support from, he quickly moved several meters horizontally to make his way around the corner. At this moment, his opponent was like an artillery shell that shot over from the roof of a building more than ten meters away. With a light pa sound, it tightly latched onto the outer wall of the building. It moved horizontally, and then like a gecko, it climbed along the outer wall with a speed that was much faster than Su’s, immediately rushing towards the edge of the building. A string whose shadow was almost invisible shot out, and after making a turn in the air, it hacked down towards the other side of the wall that was outside of this individual’s field of view. This thread that was incredibly difficult to see actually possessed extremely great power, able to easily leave behind a ten centimeter deep cut in this building made from brick and wood. 

When the thread lashed out, he already rushed out from the corner. It seemed like he was extremely confident in the power of his own weapons. 

However, what welcomed his confidence was a deep and bottomless muzzle!

It released a strange cry. The thread trembled in the air, and then it pierced towards Su’s arm like a flash of electricity. Then, its body borrowed this force to bounce backwards. This was the most optimal reaction under this type of situation, containing both offense and defense. It was clear that the attacker was well aware of the Glock’s power, understanding that this type of corner wall couldn’t block the Glock’s blast at all. Retreating behind the corner was definitely not a good choice. As for the thread it sent out before, it never placed much hope on it landing on Su’s body. 

Unexpectedly, the thread easily pierced through Su’s arm and deeply embedded itself into the wall. However, it didn’t have the time to become happy at all, because Su’s arm held the Glock pistol without budging, and the front sight perfectly lined up with his opponent that was bouncing backwards. In addition, Su’s right hand already grabbed the thread that had pierced through his right arm!

A tremendous bang sounded. This was the first time the Glock fired tonight!

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