Book 2 Chapter 1.4

Book 2 Chapter 1.4 - Foreigners

Li Gaolei seemed as if he already made it big, while Li released a sigh. When faced with such advanced equipment, the foot soldiers under her were just like sheep. Even though they were brave, they couldn’t even survive a single blow. After paying the price of a hundred men, they only received the deaths of six enemies in return. This type of situation was mainly due to the Blue Scorpion tanks’ armor being too advanced. Practically all of Roxland’s weapons were useless against these tanks, and even if the Blue Scorpion soldiers were hit by a sniper’s bullet, as long as it landed on their armor, they would only be injured and not killed. 

Li seemed to have exhausted all of her ability as she led the Blue Scorpions into her ambushes one after another with great difficulty. However, whether the conclusion of this battle was brought by Blue Scorpions, or whether Roxland can successfully counterattack, it was still unknown. 

At least until now, the Blue Scorpion soldiers relied on their weapons that were an entire era more advanced to assert their dominance over Roxland and did not reveal any outstanding close combat skills. However, this didn’t mean that they were ordinary people without any combat domain abilities. When firepower took precedence, few people would choose to engage in a physical struggle, and this was the same concept when Roxland dealt with the mobs in the wilderness. The difference between eras of technology was not something one could overcome purely with abilities. Even though Li possessed four levels of ability in the Combat Domain and she was proficient in close combat fighting, the following deathly struggle still only pointed towards disaster. 

“Hey…” After a period of silence, it was Li Gaolei that spoke up this time. “It’s already been so long. I want to ask you, why are you constantly thinking about Su? Of course, if you don’t want to talk about it, you can choose not to.”

“Su? I already forgot about him a long time ago!” Li blurted out. However, after staying silent for a few seconds, she then said, “Alright, I still remember him. I don’t know why either. If there is something good to say about him, then it’s that he fucked for an entire hour and made this old woman feel rather good, to the point where even now, whenever I see another man, I don’t feel anything.”

Li Gaolei laughed a few times and said, “An hour? Even I can do something easy like that! Did you see my magnificent thing just now?”

Li released a snort and said, “Alright, if you can do it, then come right now. I promise I won’t retaliate.”

Li Gaolei immediately released a few hollow laughs before saying, “Ah, this… How about we talk about it after we fight?” Even though his physique was robust, after his lower body continuously suffered more than ten cuts, he couldn’t give it power no matter what was said. Li was quite clear on this point as well. 

The shaking in the cave became more ferocious. . 

Li suddenly released a light sigh and said, “If we don’t die after fighting, then let’s do it once.”

“Good, good!” Li Gaolei immediately became happy and said, “Just for this, I won’t die!”

A Blue Scorpion soldier used a life detecting system to sweep through the hill. Within a range of a hundred meters, there were only two extremely weak signs of lifeforms. The soldier next to this individual gave the screen a look and said, “Don’t worry, we released anti-infantry bullets here. These two are just some fellows that haven’t completely died yet. It seems like they might die off at any time, so they don’t even have any value as captives!”

The one using the life detector expressed his agreement. After putting away the probing apparatus, he walked towards the hill while waving towards the tank in back of him. The tank rumbled with sound before continuing its ascent, and the other Blue Scorpion soldiers followed it up. They began to consolidate their formation to prevent being shot at upon reaching the peak. Even though their armor could protect them from the bullet of a sniper rifle, being shot was still not a good feeling, especially in places like the arms and legs where there was no protection. If they were unlucky, they might be shot in the neck just like the one wrapped up in the corpse collecting bag. 

A Blue Scorpion fighter climbed up the high peak and surveyed the scene. Before he was able to completely survey the scene, a faint figure suddenly shot out from a cave several meters away, one that was quickly rushing towards him!

Li smashed into the Blue Scorpion’s chest, the tremendous force sending him flying several meters away! Li’s left hand tightly gripped his neck, and the two individuals were stuck closely together. Meanwhile, the short blade in her right hand already pierced through the chinks in the armor, entering through the Blue Scorpion soldier’s ribs and fiercely twisting about!

Li released this soldier shortly after. Her short hair flew about as she once again rushed towards the group of Blue Scorpion soldiers ten or so meters away! Behind her, the Blue Scorpion fighter was still standing there with a stupefied expression. He tightly clenched the wound in his ribs, his mouth open but unable to say anything. 

Li Gaolei then appeared at the top of the hill, the submachine gun in his hand howling as it sent a rain of bullets down on the Blue Scorpion soldiers’ heads. The bullets seemed to brush past Li’s body as they shot past, yet not a single one of them brought her the slightest bit of harm. However, the power of the light firearm was truly rather limited, and only two Blue Scorpion soldiers received light injuries. It seems like not only the vehicle armor, but also the military uniform they wore contained quite a bit of defensive strength. 

Li seemed to have smashed straight into the Blue Scorpion soldiers!

She suddenly threw herself onto a soldier’s body, slamming him onto the ground. After tumbling a few times, Li bounced up like a leopard, while that soldier continuously rolled on the ground. His hands were tightly clenching his throat, and blood continuously poured out from between his fingers!

Li Gaolei tossed the light firearm that had ran out of ammo aside, and while running forward, he pulled out the high powered pistols. Both pistols simultaneously roared, and the tremendous power of the weapon sent one of the Blue Scorpion soldiers that was slamming the butt of his gun down on Li flying to the side! However, of his two quick shots, one landed on his shoulder armor, and the other on his helmet. Even though sparks flew everywhere, the Blue Scorpion fighter only struggled a bit on the ground before crawling back up!

Li overturned another opponent, but she had been kicked in the waist by an opponent that clearly possessed high levels of combat ability. The force of this kick was great, actually sending her body flying several meters away!

Li Gaolei roared, and as he ran, the pistols in his hands continuously fired forwards. Two of the soldiers that tried to surround Li fell. However, he didn’t have enough time to stop one of the Blue Scorpion soldiers that brought the butt of his gun down on Li’s face. At this moment, Li Gaolei was already completely ignoring the dark black muzzle a sneering Blue Scorpion soldier was aiming at him!

Bang bang bang bang! Muffled gunshots rang out in succession that was as concentrated as a stream of fire. 

The butt of the gun that the Blue Scorpion soldier was slamming down was only ten centimeters away from Li’s face, and at this moment, the corners of his lips revealed an especially sinister smile. He liked girls with faces covered in blood the most, and this attack would directly knock her unconscious. As for the grenade in her hands? This type of olden era useless thing had a detonating time of three seconds, so he had more than enough time to throw it ten meters away. 

However, he suddenly felt as if he was smashed in the back by a full speed tank, and his body couldn’t help but fly outwards. In his field of view, several pieces of dark blue fragments could be seen. As his consciousness quickly slowed, this Blue Scorpion soldier discovered with difficulty that these fragments seemed rather familiar, as if they were just like his own armor. Only after slowly lowering his head did he noticed a terrifying hole that was over ten centimeters in depth. His breastplate was completely shattered, and at the edge of the armor were fragments that had his own internal organs hanging from them. 

“What is this? How could it even pierce through a bulletproof vest?” This was the final thought that passed through his consciousness. 

The body of the soldier that had aimed at Li Gaolei suddenly trembled, and his head suddenly left his body! An extremely stunned expression was frozen on his face. This shot hit his helmet, and the moment the bullet landed, the helmet became deformed. It actually wasn’t penetrated! However, the tremendous force was not something his weak neck bones could endure. 

Blood splashed out from one Blue Scorpion after another. As long as the incredibly powerful bullet landed, even if it blasted straight into armor, it would still blast through their bodies together with the armor! If the bullet struck their arms or legs, this area would even more so directly separate from their body!

Meanwhile, the two tanks were ignited with raging blue flames. The temperature of this type of chemical flame was especially high. Even though the amount of time they burned for wasn’t that long, it was already enough to turn the insides of the tank into a place unsuitable for human life. At the very least, the soldiers inside the tank were clearly somewhat panicked. The cannon randomly moved about to find the hiding sniper. 

Even though he wavered a bit between the line of life and death, Li Gaolei didn’t seem to be particularly excited. He unexpectedly even had the time to loosen his shoulders and curse. 

“Fuck! Turns out even well-done steaks can fly!”

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