Book 2 Chapter 1.1

Book 2 Chapter 1.1 - Foreigners

This time, Su selected a completely new route. After departing from Dragon City, he traveled diagonally in a northwestern direction. He was going to make a detour through the northeastern Pendulum City and then reach N958. From the olden-era map, this route would pass through many village ruins as well as interweaving roads. Of course, these roads had long been abandoned and unusable. 

However, this route was still much closer than entering Saratoga before making his way through the grasslands, and passing through Roxland Company which already had a base established in Pendulum City, which made replenishing N958 much easier. Along these towns and villages, he could also build new supply points. The only bad part was that this route involved making a detour around the northern part of the grassland and mountain range before it could reach the base’s entrance. 

After the dialogue he had with Ricardo before leaving, Su already took note of the various creatures in the wilderness. Even though he didn’t notice any creatures with outstanding intellect yet, it was still impossible to get the shadow of that wolf leader from back then out of his head. Su understood what the true danger Ricardo was...

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