Debuff Master

Debuff Master

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Dam Hwa Gong
I was pushed to the edge of a cliff with nothing but despair waiting for me.
“I have been watching you for a long time.”
The Level 999 Hidden NPC Deus!
[Do you wish to become the disciple of the Hidden NPC, Deus?]
That’s how I became a Hidden NPC’s disciple!
“Kill them in one blow. It won't look cool if you have to hit them twice, so it has to be in a single blow.”
I was reborn as a being who killed my enemies in a single blow…
Bring it on!
One shot is all I need!
I am the Debuff Master.
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561 Chapters
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Dam Hwa Gong/Storywiz inc.


Status in Korean: Ongoing

Editor: Veela

Original work copyright 2018. Dam Hwa Gong & Storywiz inc. all rights reserved.

40 Reviews
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a year ago
Not recommended
As of chapter three this novel is generic and lazy. Surprise it's another VRMMORPG novel with a down on his luck yet hard working protagonist. Surprise he has a sudden encounter with a hidden named NPC who solves all his problems. Surprise he's in crippling debt and has a loving family he should really be supporting instead of going into debt to play a video game he knows he sucks at. Surprise his first interaction with a woman makes him look like a total incel. Surprise there's no character development or buildup. Surprise the first two chapters are a repetitive info dump that feels the need to tell you the same thing three times just to make it absolutely clear that the MC is in fact a total fucking loser. Surprise the MCs superpower is plotarmour luck! Surprise the foreshadowing is so blatant and lazy that they really should've bought me dinner first before they repeatedly shoved it down my throat. Honestly I was expecting it to be like this but damn is this terrible beyond my expectations. I don't suggest reading this unless you're into having your intelligence insulted on a regular basis.

a year ago
My first look at this novel - latest chapter (ch 24)

The novel so far, is similar to a lot of the VR translated novels floating around. This might be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it. For me, it's good because while others complain of cliche this, and cliche that - I can immediately relate to and understand the underlying flow of the story. Afterall, there are only so many things you can write about VR. That is, they all start the same way - for the first 50-100 chapters at least. MC plugs himself in > experiences a different reality > adventures > level up > then the plot unfolds > etc.

Apart from the similarities between this novel and others of its genre (namely OG, DIO, GG, etc), there are also very clear differences. This is of course where the foundation of the novel resides. The MC's backstory, character fundamentals, and future development are unique in its own right.

Without dropping spoilers, I can only say that although the VR element is tried, tested, and in the multitudes, this story (so far) does feel quite unique. It strays away from the "I will become the strongest" to "I will make everyone else weaker than me" path. I've never seen another novel try this before, so it's quite unique to me.

The progression also feels a lot faster than other novels. At chapter 24, the MC is already in double digit levels. This might be fast, or slow depending from which angle you're viewing it. It seems fast to me, because the story wasn't dragged out or boring while getting there. Other novels of this genre I've read, tend to overhype the complexity of reaching levels: 5, 10, 20, and 100. It always feels like a struggle to reach any of the above levels.

I won't mention too much about the class or skills of the MC, since they are pretty obvious. My one concern about this novel, is that the MC's development path pretty much goes against the other VR novels. The fundamental reason, is that in almost all the novels of the same genre, they all have one thing in common (Legendary skill: You are immune to all debuffs and negative status effects). This skill is a staple in every single one. So how will the author handle that?

Anyway, it's been an enjoyable read so far. I definitely recommend giving it a go. Let's see how the story unfolds, maybe then I'll drop another review.

a year ago
Not recommended
Too boring and underbaked to even deserve the minimum wordcount of the review system on this hellsite. I can't even say it has bad characters because there ARE no characters: Everything is as generic and two-dimensional as possible. There's no interesting mechanics or systems to the world, there's no description or visual interest to the setting, there's no reason to give a shit about anybody involved in either its creation or the "narrative" it is trying to tell, which is even 30 chapters in just an endless series of ass-pull deus ex machina without satisfying resolution or purpose. Fuck it.

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Please wish Tokki a speedy recovery!

a year ago

Tokki's Back!!

a year ago

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