Chapter 21: Saving the Ladies

Chapter 21: Saving the Ladies

Xue Wei was unaware of whatever the citizens were speaking about. He did not know that they were aware of him consuming Primordial Beast blood, and even if he knew, he would not pay it any attention.

Xue Wei was in the concoction for a full week this time before the water turned crystal clear again, and during this whole week, his entire body and strength seemed to multiply.

The Qi within his pearl-like dantian was growing denser by the minute, and he felt how his body was strengthened. He could feel that his body contained an explosive strength that it had not had before, and he knew that although some of this power came from the Primordial Beast blood, some of it also had to come from his own body.

He was aware that his strength was superior to others at the same layer as him, but it was not until now he realized that he could enhance it further by absorbing Primordial Beast blood.

Having finished the concoction in the bath, Xue Wei could feel how his body was revolving with energy. It was as if he was a rocket ready to explode, and he knew that he needed an outlet for some of this energy or he really would damage his meridians.

As a result, he quickly dressed and went to the back of the mansion to the training field where he started training.

He felt as an overflowing fountain of energy, and he could continuously release one Azure Light Finger after another. He then tried the Shattering Mountain Palm, and the result was the same.

One attack after another flew around Xue Wei as he attacked the dummies time and time again.

The dummies were broken but restored themselves in a continuous cycle, and it was not before the night turned to morning that Xue Wei felt how the energy finally started to ebb out of his body.

Although some of the energy was vanishing, a lot was staying within him, and he felt a power unlike any he had ever felt before. He had broken through to the sixth layer of the Ordinary Warrior rank just by absorbing a fourth of a drop of Primordial Beast blood!

It was going to take a bit of time before Xue Wei could once more consume the concoction or his body would not be able to handle the sheer amount of medicinal properties released in his body, so instead, he returned to his old schedule of fighting the dummies and training his Qi the same steady way.

After spending another week doing nothing but training, Xue Wei decided to go to town. He had no actual purpose for going, but he wished to see the Wayfarers. He had a hard time forgetting about the young miss Wang Xiaoyun that he had seen there.

As he left the mansion, he saw that a lot of people were looking at him strangely. As soon as they saw him, they started whispering together, and some even tried to stretch their necks further to get a better glimpse of Xue Wei.

Some looked depressed while others seemed excited, but everyone was looking at him as if he was a maniac.

Although Xue Wei did not care about what others thought of him, he noticed the glances, and after a bit of time did their whisper enter his ears.

"So he consumed Primordial Beast blood, but why is it that he seems perfectly fine?"

"Do you think that his meridians are broken now? Do you think he has gained some severe injuries that cannot be cured?"

"I hope he will be okay even though it was rather reckless to consume Primordial Beast blood at such a low cultivation level."

From these whispers, Xue Wei quickly understood that the city had found out about him buying Primordial Beast blood, but he just shook his head and continued forward. It was not like he had ever planned for his purchase to be a secret.

As he reached the Wayfarer's camp, Xue Wei's eyes roamed across all of them, and he found the group of seniors he had purchased the book from previously.

Seeing them, Xue Wei instantly walked towards them and cupped his hands and once more bowed deeply. "Greetings Seniors," he said sincerely.

Xue Wei had always had great respect towards the seniors that had been hunting Primordial Beasts, and these Wayfarers were no exception.

"If you are looking for the little miss, then she is out looking at the city with a few of her friends," one of the old ladies cackled with a high pitched voice that rung of laughter.

Hearing her, Xue Wei was slightly stunned, but then he gave a wry smile. It was apparent that these experts could see through most of what others were hiding, they were great experts after all, and thus he just bowed again, "thank you for your help," he said before he turned around to leave.

"He is a good boy," the old woman said after he had left.

Xue Wei had come to town for the sake of seeing Wang Xiaoyun. He was not sure of what he wanted to say to her, but he wished to see her again. There was something about her that had made him unable to forget her, but at the same time, he also knew that they would have to part soon.

Wang Xiaoyun was a Wayfarer. It was in her blood quite literally. She was the same age as Xue Wei which meant that when she turned sixteen, she would not be joining the army, but she would have her bloodline activated, and become a fierce cultivator that lived for the sake of hunting Fierce and Primordial Beasts.

Xue Wei, on the other hand, had no other option than to enter the army. He was a regular human being, and although he was a young master, it was his responsibility to join the military and fight for humanity.

Being painfully aware that the two of them had no future together, Xue Wei felt depressed, but he still could not help but want to see her.

Xue Wei was wandering around the marketplaces, the restaurants and the different sightseeing places in town aimlessly, trying to figure out where perhaps Wang Xiaoyun could have gone to when he heard a familiar voice.

A commotion was going on in one of the edges of the marketplace, and Xue Wei was drawn over by the commoners who were looking anxious and the voice that was so familiar to him.

"Listen up girls, it is your honor that I have taken a liking to you," Li Jian sneered as he and his group of henchmen were standing in a half circle around three girls.

Xue Wei had never seen the three girls before, but he could see the fear in their eyes, and he could easily guess what exactly was going on.

Although Xue Wei was no hero, he was not capable of just walking away when he saw Li Jian treat these girls as he were, and although he knew that he was not the opponent of all of these henchmen and Li Jian at the same time, he knew that he could at least escape unscratched.

After having reached the sixth layer of the Ordinary Warrior rank, Xue Wei was now capable of unleashing a full eight attacks before he ran out of energy, and these attacks were with a strength that far exceeded his cultivation level.

Although this was the case, Xue Wei knew that his benefit lay in his element of surprise, and thus he activated the Forbidden Rush technique and vanished into the wind only to re-emerge right behind Li Jian.

Shattering Mountain Palm!

The attack was instantly unleashed and landed right on Li Jian's back. The latter was utterly unprepared for the strike and was slammed straight into the ground, his clothes dirtied, and blood was trickling in a thin stream from his lips.

Xue Wei did not stop there. He pointed his finger towards the side of the half circle and released two Azure Light Finger attacks that landed on two of the experts.

"Run!" he yelled to the girls that instantly ran away while the henchmen started to understand what had happened at the last moment.

Xue Wei did not hesitate, he merged with the wind once more and followed after the three girls. Two guys had chosen to chase them down, while the rest had split into two groups, one chasing Xue Wei and the others trying to assist Li Jian back onto his feet.

Xue Wei fluttered here and there; it was impossible to fully see where he was as he was just moving too fast for the trained eyes of his pursuers.

Xue Wei released another two Azure Light Finger at the two experts that were chasing the girls. He aimed at their legs and tore open their muscles so that they could no longer run.

Those who followed behind Xue Wei sucked in a cold breath of air. If these two did not get assistance fast, then they would end up crippled. Although battles were ordinary in the younger generation, it was truly rare that one would cripple others. Still, Xue Wei had attacked without a care in the world for the consequences.

Many of the citizens who were watching was snickering. Although they would never dare to say anything out loud, all of them were happy to see the young nobles suffer.

The girls they had been hitting on were commoners, and no commoners would dare to go against the will of a noble if they wanted to keep living a peaceful life, but to be forced into becoming a concubine, or only just a lover, was something that the citizens of Tiankong City loathed to see.

Still, Li Jian was as overbearing as always. He did not care for the views of others, and he did what he wanted to do. His father was a Heavenly Warrior, and his older brothers were all doing heroic deeds in the army which allowed for him to act unbridled.

Xue Wei did not care for such people. To him, these people who wished to harm him should die or be crippled for life. There was no such thing as mercy in his dictionary.

So far he had been unable to do anything because he had not had the strength to back him up, but now things had changed. The people he was fighting was at most the eight-layered Ordinary Warriors, two layers above him, and they had the usual strength of an eight layered Ordinary Warrior while Xue Wei had enhanced strength.

Also, the ones he had attacked had not been prepared for it, and thus his attacks had been able to cause some severe damage.

Xue Wei stopped using the Forbidden Rush technique. He went to the girls and looked at them. Tears were flowing down their faces, but they seemed relieved.

"Thank you!" one of them exclaimed. "Young Master Li will never come after us again because seeing our faces will remind him of the suffering you made him experience! Thank you so much, I am sorry for having called you trash in the past!"

Seeing the girl so happy, Xue Wei was about to go when she threw herself at him and started crying. Right at that moment, Wang Xiaoyun came walking past, and her eyes landed on Xue Wei who was being entangled by three crying girls.

Wang Xiaoyun's face turned solemn and then red from anger. She said nothing but turned straight on her foot, her friends utterly unaware of what had happened, but they hurried to follow behind her, and Xue Wei, who was standing on his own, was completely at a loss for what to say.

He had never expected that going to town to look for Wang Xiaoyun would have such results and he could not help but feel a slight headache.

Looking at the girls he slowly managed to get her to let him go, and after giving them a gold coin each, telling them to spoil themselves, did he rush after Wang Xiaoyun.

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