Chapter 118: Spiritual Power

"Fight me!" another person stepped forward. This time, it was a sixth layer Earth Warrior. 

Xue Wei glanced at him with disinterest. Although the expert had a strength similar to his own when one looked at their layer, Xue Wei felt as if he was looking at a dead man. 

"You want to fight me?" Xue Wei asked with a snicker. "Sure, why don't you try to see if you can make me lift my arms."

Hearing this, the entire audience gasped, and glares were sent to Xue Wei. He was ridiculing the youngsters of the Chaos Vulture Tribe with a smile on his face, and he was making all of them feel insulted and frustrated.

"Beat him up!" 

"Tear him to pieces!" 

"Show him that the experts of the Chaos Vulture Tribe are not to be made fun of!" 

Everyone yelled in support. The young man snickered and felt as if his strength was soaring. He had support. He was strong. He was not someone to be looked down upon!

Mind Infestation exploded forth. The moment it was used, the young man was standing still, his eyes vacant, and his body turned limp. It made him instantly lose consciousness. 

Once more, everyone was quiet. "What happened?" someone finally asked. Even the Sky Warriors frowned. 

"He did not move," someone finally said. When everyone looked at the speaker, they saw that it was one of the strongest experts in the younger generation. 

"It couldn’t be just another one throwing away his face for this stranger’s sake, right?" someone asked hesitatingly, but his words caused the others to frown. 

"Every member of our Chaos Vulture Tribe are filled with pride," the elite who spoke before said seriously. "They would never let their pride be trampled over by someone they do not know. I imagine that he is using some sort of secret technique to defeat his opponents!" 

"Well said!" an ancient voice sounded out and everyone turned around to see Elder Zhang and the other elders moving towards the training ground. 

Seeing these elders, the faces of the youngsters turned serious and reverent. They bowed deeply. 

The Little Tribe Chief hurried over to walk by their side, and the group entered the training field. 

Elder Zhang looked at Xue Wei with eyes full of interest. "Spiritual force!" he exclaimed with a grin on his face. Everyone was silent as they looked at this elder curiously. What was spiritual force? 

"This young man has a soul much stronger than other experts at his level, and he is using a martial technique that allows him to rely on his soul's strength rather than Qi. As long as you have a soul that is weaker than his, you will succumb to him."

"Soul? Spiritual power?" They were all puzzled. They knew they had a soul, but none of them had ever trained it before. Was there a reason to having a strong soul? 

Hei Gou remained silent, but a smile spread on his face. He was a Primordial Beast, and Primordial Beasts were known to have very powerful souls. There were also many Primordial and Fierce beasts that specialized in their spiritual energy and their soul force. 

He had been surprised as well when he saw Xue Wei use the ability at first, but he had quickly understood what he was doing. Despite the surprise he felt in his heart, he still felt it was plausible. This was the man who had caused a mutation to occur in his blood and body; he clearly had no limit to his secrets. 

Whereas Hei Gou was not too shocked any longer, every other person on the training field was shocked. Even the other Elders were surprised. 

"Martial techniques which rely on spiritual power are incredibly rare, especially in our part of the continent," one of the other Elders added with surprise.

This Elder had also looked at Xue Wei with a slight bit of disdain in his eyes before, but that changed to a slight bit of terror when he realized what Elder Zhang had said meant. 

"So he had good luck and had a fortuitous encounter," someone pitched in, snorting. No one saw exactly who said it, but many had the same thoughts. 

"Fortuitous encounters and luck are also part of someone's strength." Elder Zhang smiled. "Also, even if you were fortunate enough to acquire such a skill, would you be certain that your soul is strong enough to launch an attack of this level?" 

The speaker was quiet. No one stepped forward to disagree with Elder Zhang. However, this was not because they agreed with him, but because they respected him boundlessly in their hearts. 

Even though they respected him, the same could not be said for Xue Wei. And all of them were more eager than ever to put him in his place and look good in front of Elder Zhang. 

"Young hero, can you come here?" Elder Zhang asked as he looked at Xue Wei. The boy nodded his head, and made to approach Elder Zhang. 

When he started walking towards the elder, Hei Gou followed behind him. He still felt uncomfortable about the strong experts that were looking at them. 

"Don't worry, I won't harm him," Elder Zhang said consolingly, laughing when he saw how on edge Hei Gou looked. Xue Wei smiled too.

"If a senior of your strength wishes to kill me, even this good brother of mine would be incapable of saving me," Xue Wei said flatly. This was not flattery. It was a statement of fact. Hei Gou's face turned ugly. 

Elder Zhang looked at Xue Wei with surprise. "You know my strength?" he asked curiously. He knew that Xue Wei was merely an Earth Warrior,  which should make it impossible for him to figure out the older man’s cultivation base, but he felt that Xue Wei still had a grasp of how strong he was. 

"If I am not mistaken, you have moved beyond the Warrior realms," Xue Wei mused out loud. "As to whether you are an Ordinary Knight or an Earth Knight, I am not completely sure."

When Xue Wei mentioned ‘Knight’, all of them were shocked. The members of the tribe looked at Xue Wei as if he was silly, while the Elders seemed surprised.

"This kid has gone mad," someone said in the group. "What is a Knight?" 

"Maybe ‘Knight’ is realm above ‘Warrior’? We all know that Elder Zhang is superior to a normal ninth layer Heavenly Warrior, so could it be that he is aware of the realms above the Warrior ranks?" 

All of them had different ideas, but most of them looked down on Xue Wei. Only a few, the more intelligent ones, appeared contemplative. It was as if a new world was opening up in their heads.

Even Elder Zhang was taken by surprise. When he heard Xue Wei's response, he started laughing out loud. "Youngster, you are definitely not ordinary!" he exclaimed.

"Not many know that the stages after ‘Warriors’ are referred to as Knights universally. We here in the Flowing Blood Prairie call the rank above the Warriors for Prairie Monarch," Elder Zhang said. 

"This Flowing Blood Prairie has seven Prairie Monarchs that have strength above the Heavenly Warrior rank. Back when the Prairie Monarch title was established, we did not know about the Knight ranks," Elder Zhang explained. 

"The Flowing Blood Prairie has always been a deserted area far away from the center of the continent. The men and women that live here are soaked in blood, and we climb out from beneath mountains of corpses." 

"Since it is like this, it was a shock to us when the first expert from our tribes transcended the Heavenly Warrior rank, who we decided to call the Prairie Monarch."

"The Prairie Monarch was the unquestionable leader of the prairie for a long time, but it didn’t take long for a second Monarch to appear. These two Monarchs rallied people under each of their banners, which resulted in a war for supremacy that turned the prairie into what it is today, the Flowing Blood Prairie."

"Since then, more Prairie Monarchs have appeared. There are now seven of us, the highest ranked experts in the entire Flowing Blood Prairie."

"As time went on, the travelers from the center of the continent appeared in our land and informed us of the Knight ranks. For someone like you who comes from a weak kingdom like the Heping Kingdom to know about the Knight ranks is quite outstanding."

"I have some friends from the center of the continent," Xue Wei said casually, but his casual statement caused everyone present to be stunned. This young man they had all looked down upon had a great background? 

Where the upper echelons of the Chaos Vulture Tribe were shocked, the youngsters were jealous. Why did this guy, a young weakling in their eyes, have so much good luck? 

"I bet that friend of his from the center of the continent has given him everything he has on a silver platter. His talent must be very bad," someone muttered, but the silence in the field made it so that every individual in the area heard it. 

"Don't let me intrude on your sparring," Elder Zhang said. He sat down on the ground with his legs crossed, and looked at the youngsters. "We came today to see the strength of our younger generation, so feel free to spar!"

The youngsters did as requested, finding an opponent after mingling for a bit, after which they engaged in serious sparring in hopes of catching the tribe elders’ attention

A few of the eight layer Earth Warriors looked at Xue Wei like a tiger staring down its prey, sinister smiles spreading on their faces. 

They all felt that they had what it took to fight Xue Wei. Xue Wei was only a sixth layer Earth Warrior. Even if he had a strong soul, was it truly strong enough to threaten them, eight layer Earth Warriors? 

Although they wished to fight Xue Wei, they were a little hesitant. They did not think they would lose, but they thought that it might end up with them being ridiculed for using their superior age and strength to bully the weak. 

Xue Wei had acute senses, so he instantly sensed the hostility. When he turned around to look at who it was that was releasing such hostility, he saw an eight layer Warrior that was standing right behind him and staring at him with bloodshot eyes and tightened fists.

Xue Wei frowned. Had he perhaps insulted this person before? Xue Wei was not sure, but this was an eight layer Earth Warrior. Xue Wei also wanted to test just how much his soul had advanced after his constant use of spiritual energy when they were fleeing. He wanted to see if he could rely on his soul to defeat an eight layer Earth Warrior. 

Seeing the sinister smile that was spreading on Xue Wei's face, the eight-layer Earth Warrior started to feel uncomfortable. In this case, the saying that it was impossible to get off the tiger after riding it was true.

"You want to challenge me?" Xue Wei asked, the sinister smile on his face growing broader. "I would love to accept your challenge." 

Xue Wei’s words were heard by everyone present. The ones who were already sparring stopped their fights to see Xue Wei and this eight layer Earth Warrior fight. 

The eight layer Earth Warrior was unhappy, but he knew he could not step down. If Xue Wei had said nothing, he would have had a way out. Now, however, if he backed down, it would be the same as saying he did not have the courage to face a sixth layer Earth Warrior. 

Xue Wei stepped out into the field. The others made a circle around Xue Wei and the eight layer Earth Warrior.

"Dare you face me without using your spiritual power?" The eight layer Earth Warrior suddenly asked, stunning Xue Wei. 

Not only him, the rest were stunned as well. This was a question that the others wished to ask, but no one dared to ask it. 

"Fight you without using my spiritual power? Sure, why not," Xue Wei said with a shrug of his shoulders. This surprised the crowd even more. Even Elder Zhang and Hei Gou had faces filled with disbelief.

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