Book 7, Chapter 58

Awaiting Freedom

The hummingbird fell silent for some time, the broodmother thinking of something far away. A moment later, she said casually, “I’ll be advancing very soon.”

“To level 10?” Raymond immediately grew serious.

“Yes. Master has already chosen the direction; I have to strengthen myself as much as I can.”

A profound smile appeared on his face, “He thinks that’s what is best for you? Amazing. A war machine should focus on strengthening her drones over anything else.”

“I was surprised as well.”

Raymond stood up and circled around the yard a few times, “You should awaken your truename then, which means you can try my method to free your soul. There have been successes in the past.”

“It will consume a large volume of resources,” the hummingbird responded.

‘Wait, is she really considering...

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