Book 7, Chapter 55

Cold As Night

Nyris’s face twitched, but then he smiled mockingly, “Hmm… It couldn’t be any better; I’d never be interested in a woman who doesn’t even look as good as me.”

Macy froze up, her eyes blazing with anger as she wanted to scream at Nyris to take it back. Her aura started flaring up, but she just couldn’t find any grounds to refute him. No matter how much she tried to delude herself, she had to admit that her appearance was incomparable to that of the Fourth Prince.

But she was a saint of noble blood! Was she the kind of person who needed to rely on her looks for survival? She started shivering as she almost lost control of herself, barely managing to swallow down her rage. In the end, Kimbaye had to stand up and pin her down to her seat, whispering, “For the Empire.”

“You heard it too! You heard what he said just now!” Macy snarled.

“I said: For. The....

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