Book 7, Chapter 53

Behind The Scenes

Richard had no choice but to put the issue with Venica aside for the moment, waiting for any potential follow-up. Years of war and recent political events had shown him that there were no coincidences, only conspiracies. The love-addled Venica was perhaps the only one who could believe this was all an accident.

The couple had quietly snuck into his core storage area and blocked the magic alarms, but Lucian himself was only level 12. A smile of annoyance crept up Richard’s face; he hadn’t altered the seals on the family castle, so Venica still had the same rights as himself. Just who had noticed this detail and made use of it?

The loss of the magic soul would leave anyone enraged, but it was impossible to recover right now. If only Nyra was around… He suddenly shook his head, forcing out an image of Flowsand from his mind; he had to stay on track. The magic soul itself could only be an accident, even he couldn’t have foreseen...

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