Book 7, Chapter 50

Magic Soul

Emperor Philip’s funeral turned out to be far simpler than most expected or wanted, but it wasn’t any less memorable for it. Richard only understood once he left the palace that Empress Apeiron didn’t think even Duke Orleans qualified to deliver a eulogy for someone as powerful as the man; it was a sentiment he couldn’t help but agree with.

However, he was also certain that these actions would be another point used to disseminate rumours about how preposterous the new ruler was. Nobles were often forgetful; with the pressure of the two other empires gone, they had already forgotten what Apeiron’s tyranny had just saved them from.

As he approached the teleportation gates leading back to the temple, he noticed Nyris hurrying towards him while trying his best to seem casual. The Fourth Prince lowered his voice as they crossed each other, “I’m coming to visit...

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