Book 7, Chapter 48

The Empress Takes Charge

The first thing Apeiron did after returning to Faust was to throw Julian right into the palace’s cold storage room which had several hundred tonnes of dragon meat. He awakened from his sleep the moment he smelled the flesh, grabbing a large foreleg the size of a table and chewing into it ravenously.

“Your Majesty, should I get a chef to cook this?” an aide asked timidly.

“No need,” Apeiron shook her head, “He’s fine as long as he has any meat at all. Let him eat as much as he wants; he’ll come out on his own.”

“Of course, Your Majesty!” the aide bowed.

Apeiron then headed towards her bedroom with the man in tow, “Did you prepare my chambers?”

“Everything was prepared as per your instructions. The list of every member of the family is complete as well.”

Apeiron slowed down for a moment, her voice turning cold, “There aren’t any fakes or omissions?”

The man immediately started sweating, “This...

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