Book 7, Chapter 46

Breaking The Myth(2)

Once Richard gave up on his struggles, Sharon adjusted her posture slightly and adjusted him before sliding down, her mouth opening up in a moan. Richard himself grunted like a beast, entire face going red as he tried to thrust as deep as he could, but pinned down as he was his attempts were all in vain.

The experience was an odd mix of pleasure and pain. Richard didn’t have much of a problem with her taking the lead, but she started so slow that he constantly felt the urge to push faster himself. However, all he could do was watch as blue patterns lit up on her body and illuminated the entire room; his blood was pumping, but it was to no avail.

It didn’t take long for Sharon to give in to her instincts, speeding up until she was bouncing atop him at a breakneck pace. It felt like he was being crushed every time, but somehow she took care...

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