Book 7, Chapter 46

Breaking The Myth(2)

Once Richard gave up on his struggles, Sharon adjusted her posture slightly and adjusted him before sliding down, her mouth opening up in a moan. Richard himself grunted like a beast, entire face going red as he tried to thrust as deep as he could, but pinned down as he was his attempts were all in vain.

The experience was an odd mix of pleasure and pain. Richard didn’t have much of a problem with her taking the lead, but she started so slow that he constantly felt the urge to push faster himself. However, all he could do was watch as blue patterns lit up on her body and illuminated the entire room; his blood was pumping, but it was to no avail.

It didn’t take long for Sharon to give in to her instincts, speeding up until she was bouncing atop him at a breakneck pace. It felt like he was being crushed every time, but somehow she took care not to break him; if not for that, even lafite muscles would have been torn apart. The only problem was that his own urges didn’t subside, instead growing more powerful and torturous. It was like he was looking at the best dish in the world but couldn’t eat it himself.

Richard gritted his teeth, actively calling upon the ursa essence within him to attempt a response. The ursa warlord was a being who could reach the legendary realm, while its penis essence had been tested by countless noble ladies. It was known to be able to calm even dinosaurs down.

It was a pity that dinosaurs were reptiles of the earth, creatures that couldn’t even fly. Most common ones were smaller than a black dragon’s leg, but the legendary mage could destroy any number of black dragons without a second thought. Richard’s counter was so insignificant Sharon didn’t even seem to feel it, still immersed in her own world as she headed towards orgasm. If anything, the attempt backfired; he felt his body going limp as he lost control and climaxed violently.

While he could normally go a few times, Richard felt immeasurably hollow the moment he was done. He wanted nothing but to go sleep right away, but Sharon wasn’t done. He yelped as she continued moving, feeling like he would die, but without the strength to even move he could only let her do as she pleased. The ursa essence that he had tried to use now worked against himself.

Time seemed to pass ever so slowly as he was drained dry.

By the time Sharon let out a strange moan that was almost a giggle, Richard couldn’t even recall how many times he had lost himself. His minds had whited out on many occasions, the mythical power of the ursa essence being trampled upon completely. Of course, anything could be considered mythical depending on perspective. Sharon was someone who shattered many so-called myths casually, this one was no different.

Richard could barely even gasp as the pain and pleasure came to a halt, the very air stinging his member as Sharon went limp and laid down on his chest. Tilting his head to look at the exquisite face that was almost asleep, his heart stirred. Summoning the strength to wiggle his fingers and then his hand, he started tidying her hair. Moaning in pleasure, the legendary mage found a comfortable spot and started snoring softly.

He raised his head and planted a kiss on her nose before moving downwards and kissing her gently on the lips. Sharon responded at first, but it didn’t take long for her to grow annoyed and pin his head down with a hand before going back to sleep. Richard laughed helplessly, an indescribable sense of warmth filling his heart.

Still wincing with pain every time the snoring Sharon so much as brushed across his privates, he stayed up thinking for a few more minutes. Some part of his mind screamed the fact that her last sleep had lasted more than a year, something that caused him some concern. While she didn’t have any need for food, he still did. Although he was resilient, he would die in a mere three months even with the well of stars and Mist of Life powering him.

However, that concern didn’t really last long. Richard just brushed the thought aside and smiled before hugging Sharon tight and falling asleep.

Thankfully, Sharon only slept for half an hour before waking up, groggily floating into the air and yawning loudly. A snap caused two elven puppets to scurry in with her clothes, and as she wore them she looked towards Richard, “Get him some as well.”

These newly-built puppets weren’t nearly as bright as the older ones. They looked dumbly at each other for a moment before one spoke up, “Your Excellency, the warehouse has no clothes for men. Should I bring him a dress?”

“What? No! Just fetch some mage robes!”

“Who from, Your Excellency? Could I have their name, location, any characteristics—”

“No! Just go out and strip the first young male you see!”

While he was still in the midst of waking up himself, Richard was startled by the brutishness of the command, “No, wait!”

“What?” Sharon looked at him curiously.

He smiled, “Can’t you just send me to my residence?”

“Oh!” the legendary mage palmed her forehead, flattening her restless hair, “How could I forget?!”

She immediately drew the outline of a portal in the air, throwing Richard through. As he was spit out of the other end, he barely turned around in time to see her send a flying kiss behind him.

Back in her room, Sharon immediately flew out and landed so hard that the tower shook once more. Heading out of her residence, she grabbed the first mage she saw and told him to assemble all the grand mages in the conference room.

The youth had never even come close to Sharon before, and her mere presence caused his head to spin. However, as she sashayed away, he immediately grew delighted and thought a wonderful fate had befallen him. It was said that Sharon had ravaged Richard when the Archeron was only level 10, and he was already level 12 right now. Was she interested in him?

Only once she was a good distance away did the mage wake up from his fantasies, yelling out, “Your Excellency, what is the meeting about?”

“Stuff in Norland!” Sharon replied instinctively, still lost in her own world.

Sharon’s aloofness caused a tiny crack in the youth’s holy image of her, but he just shook his head and forced his mind to dumbly ignore it as he replaced the thought with an image of her sparkling beauty. The legendary mage was beautiful and strong, anything else was a bonus.

The dumbed youth ran like the wind, heading to the residences of every grand mage to pass the word. The professors were all confused by the message; the Deepblue wasn’t even fixed yet, but she wanted to make a decision about Norland? Had she gained a massive amount of power that could even topple Faust?

However, the more one thought of such a thing, the more they realised it was impossible. The legendary mage was lazy and miserly; she never had any great ambition like ruling an empire. Seething with curiosity, many of the grand mages put down everything and rushed to the meeting room.

It was a testament to everyone’s eagerness that Blackgold was the last to reach. Unable to fly about for now, the grey dwarf had been forced to drag his injured body to the place on foot. However, his eyes went wide as he opened the doors to the meeting room, mouth almost falling wide open.

Sharon was on her throne, head pointed towards the ceiling with her face switching through a variety of expressions and the occasional giggle. All of the other grand mages were sitting in their places with solemn expressions, but the strange gazes proved that they were worried as well.

The grey dwarf found his seat quietly and leaned towards the mage next to him, whispering, “What is Her Excellency doing?”

“She’s been like this ever since we saw her,” the man responded.

“Oh, everyone’s here!” Sharon seemed to regain her senses, “I feel so embarrassed, but hehe… I can’t contain myself! Haha! Hahahaha!”

The legendary mage used to cover her mouth when she laughed before, but now she was cackling uncontrollably almost like she’d gone mad. She even stood up and posed for no reason, testing the acting skills of every single one of the grand mages.

For their part, the mages did quite well to make it seem like they really were listening to her talking about her plans. However, news travelled quickly and before nightfall word of Sharon’s strange behaviour had spread throughout the Deepblue. A few of the astute ones quickly made the connection between her laughing and Richard’s earlier visit, although most people would have figured it out in time. Throughout the night, many people discussed this confidential topic with excitement.

Except for a single level 12 mage, who wept uncontrollably at his delusion proving false.

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