Book 7, Chapter 45

Breaking The Myth

The first thing Richard noticed about Sharon’s residence was the new doors. The grand gates had been destroyed by Voidbones, and in their place was some unknown azure-bronze material that felt like stone. It was quite obvious that it was neither produced in Norland nor specifically tailored to the Deepblue, and the workmanship on the edges was quite shoddy as well. The thing had likely been something Sharon had obtained in the past now put up in a hurry as a temporary measure.

The elven puppet guarding the place was dull and lifeless, a far cry from the lifelike realism of the previous batch. Even within, the Mirror of a Thousand Forms had been destroyed and all that remained was empty floors and walls that were broken apart in all sorts of places. The entire thing was practically in ruins, with scorch marks and what looked like once-melted glass everywhere. A breeze was blowing in from...

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