Book 7, Chapter 44

The Tigress

Ensio quickly realised that there was something wrong with the situation, abandoning his fake sleep and getting out of his vessel in an instant, Cutting off the mana supply to himself, he placed his hand on Richard’s spell formation and flooded it with as much as he could to keep the vibrating array from exploding.

Catching hints of astral energy in each of Richard’s long, deep breaths, he couldn’t help but be astonished. This was a sign of the body being altered, something typical only during the advancement to the legendary realm. Richard was only level 19, why was his mana evolving now?

Richard himself remained in the dark about his situation. Advancing rapidly was rarely a good thing, especially for humans who were comparatively weak. Even though he had some demonic blood and was a half-elf, the dominant human side of him still suffered from...

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