Book 7, Chapter 43

A Silent Change Of Heart

Sharon’s original plan was to place Richard in the laboratory alone, giving him the entire focus of the facility. Ensio was hardy and hadn’t suffered nearly as much damage relatively; once the initial treatment was completed, he could recover no matter where he was. Even spending all the money she had, she would only shorten his recovery period by a month. However, with Apeiron having used the word lover in public, she suddenly felt conscious of such favouritism and tried to avoid it,

She had boasted freely about imparting the “trauma” on the night of destiny to anyone who would listen over the past years, but after listening to the Empress she suddenly felt an urge to deny it. It confused her. Was she not the greatest mage of Norland? Since when was she accountable to anyone?

However, she had begrudgingly decided to put Ensio in the laboratory as well. There was no need to spend...

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